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    posted a message on Found this, what is it?
    Quote from Maroon_Walker

    Obviously you HAVEN'T seen a skin then. I make them, I know what they look like.

    *cough* It is a skin, and it looks like this when applied...

    any other questions?
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    posted a message on About how much Money does Mojang make from Minecraft
    Quote from Rilesthegiles

    Minecraft only has around like ten staff members so they are earning millions.

    Only stakeholders with an ownership share in the company like Notch would be earning "millions" any employees would just be earning a normal salary...

    ...And since they are based in Sweden which has close to the highest taxes in the world they end up paying a little more than half of every dollar they make to the government there.
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    posted a message on Help, .shp files and Spawn Setting
    Sorry but I can't help you with most of your problems, what I can help you with is moving your spawn, use MCEdit.

    Go to where you want your spawn to be and then save/quit minecraft.

    Start MCEdit and use it to open your "level" file (level.dat in your world folder for the server).

    Change to "chunk view" instead of "Camera view."

    On the bottom toolbar there will be a spawn point tool that looks like a player head in a spawner cage, place it where you want the new spawn to be.

    Press Ctrl and s on your keyboard at the same time to save the change and then close MCEdit.

    Congratulations, you have now moved the spawn. :)
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    posted a message on Anvil wont work with enchanted books
    Are you sure it was an enchanted book and not an enchanted written book? If you hover your cursor over the book in your inventory so that the "Item info" displays is the text blue or is it yellow?

    A book with blue text is an "enchanted written book" as in the book itself has been enchanted, it is not a transferable enchantment (well, maybe to another book?).

    A book with yellow text is an "enchanted book" that can be used to enchant other items.

    The difference is that "written books" can be enchanted but that the enchantment then attaches to the book itself and is not transferable to other types of items. Only plain books can be enchanted if you want the enchantment to be transferable to another type of item.
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    posted a message on I Feel Rather Accomplished about Myself at the Moment.
    Quote from SwaggaBackNZ_2

    Please write in paragraphs, it makes your writing so much easier to read, otherwise it's just a big confusing wall of text.

    Technically you are not allowed to say that. I got an infraction for saying pretty much the same thing only in a bit more detail on a fan fiction story that the author published here in discussion and invited people to comment on as to how he could improve it. I figured I was allowed to tell him a giant wall of text was bad and that he should write in paragraphs since he had asked for criticism of his writing...but I was wrong.

    I appealed it to the admins and all I got in response was...

    • Grammar Harass
    • Please do not correct or insult other members grammar/spelling. Grammar harassment does not add to the discussion, and is not tolerated.

    So yeah, don't ever comment on another persons writing style, even if they ask you to do so, it is still apparently against the rules. :(
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    posted a message on Minecraft not compatible with windows 8 whattt?!?
    Quote from hayz0425

    should I take my laptop back and get a windows 7 or just buy windows 7 or just keep my windows 8 and hope for the best?

    In the vast majority of these cases the problem can be fixed by updating your graphics driver, all you need to do is to identify your graphics processor correctly and then download the appropriate driver for it. cestislife who posted above is pretty darn smart (for a moderator :P ) and extremely tech savvy, listen to him and hopefully he will get you patched up and running.
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    posted a message on looking for a communist/socialist server
    Sure it all sounds fine in theory, but in reality...well...some Steve's are more equal than others... ;)

    I really wish you wouldn't tie communism and socialism together like that as if they were the same thing, too many Americans already cannot give you the definition of either and tend to think of them both as being bad and basically identical.

    Society could not function at all without socialism to a certain degree and ever since we left the caves and moved into villages we have practiced it to some extant. Socialism is everywhere, you get your water, sewer service, police protection, the roads you drive on, your schools, the armed forces, and many other things in your daily life because of socialism. It is not a bad thing at all unless pushed to idiotic extremes...
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    posted a message on Minecraft not compatible with windows 8 whattt?!?
    Quote from BC_Programming

    Absolutely NO Included Drivers for ANY Version of windows has OpenGL Support.

    If you say so, but then why did all these these "Bad video card driver" errors only start popping up when people upgraded to windows 8 or got a new computer with windows 8?

    Windows 7 (or earlier versions) may not have had "native support" for OpenGL either but seemingly all of the drivers for the graphic cards and chips did because you almost never heard of this problem until Windows 8 came along.

    So what changed?
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    posted a message on Minecraft not compatible with windows 8 whattt?!?

    I think what you're trying to say is "Windows 8 is not compatible with Minecraft".

    On some computers, mostly laptops, this can be true unfortunately. But in probably 95% or better of these cases it can be fixed simply by adding the proper drivers to Windows 8.
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    posted a message on Minecraft not compatible with windows 8 whattt?!?
    Quote from wilfrerocks867

    I've been experiencing the smame problem too, it says ''the video card drivers are bad'' or something like that. It just won't work, in both desktop and browser.

    Windows 8 does not have any built in support for OpenGL, it only has support for Microsoft's proprietary WDDM graphics driver. (kiss "open platform" support from Microsoft goodbye, they are turning into Apple now :( )

    Minecraft needs OpenGL to run and since Windows 8 has no OpenGL drivers included you are going to have to go download some from either your computer manufacturer or the maker of your graphics card/chip. If neither of them has an driver update that has OpenGL support then you are out of luck, unless you can add or change out a graphics card and in some laptops that isn't possible. :(
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    posted a message on What would you do if you saw Squids kill Skydoesminecraft
    Should I just start a request in the Forum Info and Discussion section of the forum to have the name of this forum changed to the "Youtuber Discussion (BTW, We Hate Sky)" forum?

    Maybe if they did, then they would give us another discussion forum where I didn't have to read these idiotic anti-sky threads every day. :(

    The people jumping on the "yeah we hate Sky, Up with squids!" bandwagon have now become every bit as idiotic and annoying as the Sky fans with their "Butter!" references. The two groups deserve each other if you ask me... :P
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    posted a message on How many diamonds is too many
    When your house is standing all alone on top of a pillar and is the only thing left in the world because you have strip mined the entire rest of the world down to bedrock. Then you may have finally gotten "too many diamonds." ;)
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    posted a message on Explain to me the new Minecraft username change?
    There is no such thing as a username change yet, 1.6 has not even been completed yet, and Mojang has said nothing about the ability to change your username being included as part of the 1.6 update anyway.

    Mojang has said several times that they want to make it possible to change your username and that they were looking to incorporate that ability "at some later date." (not as part of the still unfinished 1.6 update)

    Whoever told you that there was such a thing already was mistaken, sorry.
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    posted a message on bukkit server
    Have you used an external port check to see whether the port forwarding was done correctly?

    There are many sites that will check a specific port for you (like 25565 for minecraft) and tell you whether they are closed at the router or open so that a response can be gotten from the linked computer. Like these ones...



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    posted a message on Mod Problem, Please help
    Quote from MineCraftBiz

    This would be better in the section that clearly says "Mod Help". Sorry to burst your bubble though.

    Please don't do this again.

    If your going to tell a member that they posted in the wrong section and then ask them not to do it again could you maybe try to be helpful by giving them a link to the correct section? Or perhaps at least try to get the name of the correct forum section right so that the person looking can find it? The forum you are talking about is the "modded client support" forum, not "mod help."

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