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    I understand the benefits of having no land and less caves, but I was thinking the mob spawns in the ocean may hamper spawn rates so it would be better to build a mob system on land with no water.

    Am I correct? Can somebody who knows more about this please shed some light.

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    Quote from tjomasofmine»
    IGN: tjomasofmine
    Age: 19
    Past Experience: I've been playing minecraft since 1.2.5 and Rember some of the earlier pixelmon versions (with the janky polygon models)
    Server Goal: I like to think I'm a builder and I love flying type pokemon so I'd love to get to the point where I could do a flying type gym in the sky (Like you'd have to have a flying pokemon to get up there and it's maybe a castle in the sky not sure of specifics.) I've read the gym leader specifics so It's a way off but I think meeting the requirements could be really fun!
    About Yourself: I'm a Uk based uni student who's just finished his education for the summer (till like october) so I've got more freetime than I know what to do with right now and have loved pokemon and mc for ages so am looking for a cool chill community to combine those together!

    Quote from graapex3»

    IGN: Graape

    Age: 18

    Experience: I've been playing minecraft for 5 years now on and off, but i've always been interested in pokemon and i've played something pixelmon in the past with friends, wouldn't say im an expert, but i really do enjoy meeting new people so i'd thought i'd give pixelmon a try again.

    Server goals: I look forward to meeting people on the server and looking to just play some pixelmon, possibly do some builds.

    About yourself: I'm from the US and some other games that i play are League of Legends and Maplestory 2, I want to get a dog, samoyed breed someday and I'm just a all around cool headed friendly guy :)

    Hello, I added you two to the whitelist. Welcome to the server!

    Due to the hiatus of our whitelisting, I haven't added anyone from before the last two weeks. If anyone who has applied during that time wants to be added now, please respond so I know you're still looking ans I'll be happy to add you.

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    Quote from fikayla»
    IGN: zanga
    Age: 24
    Past Experience: I'll be honest in that I haven't played Minecraft in a couple of years (I think my last update was around villages?), however; I used to love playing SMP servers back then and I've been brought back to Minecraft to try out Pixelmon and ultimately have a fun time within a cool community! I haven't played competitive pokemon extensively, but I am aware of the scene and have a vague idea of how things work.
    Server Goal: Ultimately, I just want to have a fun time collecting pokes, building teams, and just having fun with a bunch of cool people!
    About Yourself: Currently I'm on the West Coast in the US (PST GMT -8) finishing my degree in engineering and just looking for an excuse to procrastinate.

    Quote from tjshaw77»
    IGN: TJshaw77
    Age: 18
    Past Experience: ive been playing Minecraft for years and years but I only just started pixelmon.
    Server Goal: build a good base and have a well balanced team
    About Yourself: I’ve played the original game boy versions of Pokémon and I love Minecraft so to see them both enrolled into one made me very keen to play and meet new people, perhaps even some new friends

    Hello, welcome to the server. You've been whitelisted.

    @slapstickers, kushina

    It seems I got to you two a little late. I'm sorry about that. I monitor our discord a lot better than I do MC forums. If you're still interested, please let me know.

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    Quote from chalkyboy557»

    IGN: LegendaryJolteon
    Age: [14]
    Past Experience: I have been playing Minecraft for around 5 years, as soon as I noticed it can be modded I joined pixelmon even before it was targetted by the pokemon companies for copy right. I played as a Helper in servers like PPMC and as a fire gym leader in pokelegends.
    Server Goal: Well, in this server I hope to become an electric gym leader, shocking people to victory. I wish to surpass my friend who started before me in this server (OkayBluEz) and I really like to play on new servers so this will please me.
    About Yourself: it was my prime game at the time. I collected pokemon cards as a child and the eeveelution line really intrigued me so I played more. I really love Jolteon (as you can tell from my username) and I usually use him on my team he is a speeding power pokemon. i also have ADHD and playing pixelmon really comforts and helps me so this will be fun and I'm looking forward to seeing if I passed or if I was denied. Looking forward to playing!
    ~ Jolteon

    Hello, welcome to the server! Added you to the whitelist. I can't wait until we get some member-made gyms on the server.

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    • Whitelist has been purged of inactive members. It happens. Good luck people.
    • Our first tournament will be held tomorrow at Sunday. Check the discord for more details.
    • As of now, our whitelist is still open. While we do have quite a few active members, not everyone is active at the same time, and half of us have jobs and need breaks. Therefore, I encourage new people to feel free to apply. Competitive players welcome!

    Welcome, straitas and Nuggz4045 to the server.

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    IGN: DorisTheWhale
    Age: 20
    Past Experience: I have experience with Minecraft, playing the game since it was in the late stages of beta. Pixelmon I have less experience with however I have been playing Pokemon ever since I was a little child, around the time Ruby and Sapphire came out.
    Server Goal: Community is my main goal, if youd consider it one. I want to be able to play the game in a community of people who share the same interest as me and want to experience it along with others, i mean its better that way ahha.
    About Yourself: I live in Australia, and have now for years been a huge fan of Pokemon. I enjoy playing as a way of relaxing and therefore would love to be apart of a community to play with.

    Quote from Joffun»



    Past Experience: [Minecraft or Pixelmon]
    I've been playing vanilla/modded on and off since 2010, and I've tried pixelmon a couple of times but left the servers due to throttled spawns.

    Server Goal: [What You Hope To Accomplish]

    I'm not entirely sure which, but I'm really interested in starting up a gym. The ideas I've been tossing around so far are:

    - A fire or dragon gym nestled deep inside a volcano, the path to the main stage to battle me would be treacherous and (somewhat) tedious.

    - A ghost gym centred inside a haunted mansion, where trainers must navigate through the graveyard and approach the main building, which perhaps has traps and spooks to keep people on their toes.

    Or alternatively, I might just build a town and catch whatever pokemon I like. I usually end up procrastinating quite a bit so these big projects might not actually come into fruition.

    About Yourself: [Minimum 1 Sentence]

    I'm a UK university student currently studying graphic design, and I have a horrible sleeping pattern which means I end up playing games late into the night without realising. I'll probably end up playing the most but achieving the least, but I'll end up enjoying myself anyway. When I used to play a lot of Minecraft years ago I'd build massive projects but now I'm older I struggle to finish them, although I feel like if the community is there and I feel its worthwhile, I'll be able to create something good on the server. Cheers for reading! : )

    Quote from Hd226»

    Posting on behalf of vikings488SB since they are having issues posting

    You've all been whitelisted! Welcome to the server.

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    Quote from OkayBluez»

    IGN: OkayBluEz
    Age: 24


    Past Experience: I've been playing Minecraft Java for about 5-6 years, Been staff for 3 servers builder for 2 and Ive been part of a few whitelisted communities. Tho I can say I'm not good as a builder most of my building work on other servers were minigames and redstone things I'm pretty good at learning and figuring out things. With pixelmon I know things behind the mod that no one knows yet but I plan to keep them a secret till I make some tutorials in the future.

    Server Goal: Hoping to continue playing Pixelmon, recently I got back into the mod and I'm really looking for a nice server / community to play with and do videos on. also making friends are always a plus!


    About Yourself: I live in the Caribbean, I enjoy dealing with computers / tech and definitely gaming! I've been doing youtube since 2014 but Iv'e restarted my channel last year. My play-style in minecraft is more understanding less planning. I enjoy looking and deconstructing how things work including the base game itself or even looking into code behind the mods I play with when I do.

    Hello OkayBluEz, welcome to the server. I whited listed you. Luckily, not much building needed on a pixelmon server right. It's not my favorite thing too.

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    IGN: BeastOutFull
    Age: 22 years old
    Past Experience: I've been playing Minecraft for about 9 years now, around the time of Alpha. Pokemon experience is since I was a small kid (around 5-6) I started playing Pokemon Yellow on my gameboy, then to this day still loving Pokemon and the nostalgia I get. I also have been staff and Admin on several servers, so I'm able to follow rules and also enforce rules if needed.
    Server Goal: To build friendship with people on the server. I extremely enjoy working together whether it be building, caving, bossing or training Pokemon. I thoroughly enjoy living near other players. My first goal would be to help establish a nether hub to help keep the community of players in touch and always co-operating.
    About Yourself: I live in the Northwest, I have lived here for about 19 years, the other 2 and a half I lived in Hawaii with my grandparents. I enjoy skateboarding and longboarding. I'm extremely into 90's music, i.e The offspring, Stone temple pilots, Slipknot etc. I also thoroughly enjoy other genres. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite Pokemon is Blastoise and Greninja being close second

    Hey Beast, you're whitelisted. Sorry for the delay man. Think of it as a club. Pokemon RB+Yellow is where it's at. Welcome to the server.

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    Quote from vicktress»

    IGN: Vicktress
    Age: 22
    Past Experience: Been playing Minecraft for 6 years (actually met my husband playing Minecraft). I started playing Pixelmon when it was first released, and have been playing a bit since reforged came out for about 2 months. I've always loved playing Minecraft, but Pixelmon just makes it so much more fun for me having so many goals to create and make for yourself.
    Server Goal: Well, I love being a part of different communites. So meeting people is the first goal. Second goal is that I would like to stream when playing the server (if that is allowed). I mainly want to be a part of a Pixelmon community. Single player worlds have never been fun for me! My Twitch is Vicktress.
    About Yourself: My name is Vicky. I live in Oregon but am from Canada. Met my husband playing Minecraft 5 years ago! I stream on Twitch pretty much daily. I have been streaming for 4.5 years and absolutely love it. Other games I like are battle royale games, Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, and more!

    Thanks for the consideration!! <3

    Wow, you met your husband in Minecraft? That's pretty awesome actually. Welcome to the server vicky.

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    @ callum, cobra, mong, axiiiii, sub

    Thanks for showing interesting in the server. Your apps all look like you got something unique to add to the server. I've added you all to the whitelisted. Welcome, guys! Sorry for the delay. Been busy with life stuff, but the server is going nowhere.

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    Quote from OmegaRedstoner»
    IGN: Omega179
    Age: 16
    Past Experience: I've been playing Minecraft since 1.5 (I don't remember when that was), and for years. I've enjoyed Pixelmon, but I haven't joined any SMPs with active players. (I've been accepted to a few, but they have dead communities.)
    Server Goal: I hope to get new friends and enter a new community where everyone knows each other.
    About Yourself: I try to be funny, although sometimes I try too hard. (Lol.). I enjoy playing Pokemon, and I enjoy Minecraft, and I think this server will be a lot of fun.

    Quote from Taikachu»



    Past experience:I’ve been playing for the past 6 years playing tons of vanilla servers and built many lore based towns. I’ve played a bit of pixelmon before very nice models came out, but other than that I have no experience of pixelmon.

    Server Goal: To be the very best like no one ever was, make community builds and be very kind and friendly towards everyone.

    About myself: I’m from Canada, a Huge fan of Pokémon and love to play competitively. Also love minecraft, Nintendo games, and a few bit of Play station games.

    Hello Omega and Taikachu. Added you both to the whitelist, welcome to the server. It's worth the wait.

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    Quote from silent_consent»
    IGN: lol58
    Age: 23
    Past Experience: I've been playing Minecraft since 2010, never played Pixelmon
    Server Goal: To catch a bunch of Pokemon and build a team
    About Yourself: I've played a lot of Minecraft, a lot of Pokemon, but never Pixelmon. Im looking forward to figuring out how all of this works.

    Adsded you to the whitelist. Welcome.

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    Quote from vallinor_»
    IGN: Vallinor_
    Age: 30
    Past Experience: Played Minecraft since the beta days, but very new to everything Pokemon related; played a bit in SP to get some of the basics down.
    Server Goal: Just have fun, and learn more about the mod. Want a place to hop on to and just chill fora while most of the days.
    About yourself: Avid gamer looking to get back in to minecraft some more, got a lot of spare time on my hands right now.

    Pixelmon is a good mod to fall in love with minecraft again. Added you to the whitelist, welcome to the server.

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    Quote from Hd226»

    Didn't anyone ever teach you that ignoring someone is considered rude. If I'm rejected, a message or something telling me would be nice. I don't mind if I am rejected, I just don't like being ignored...

    And if it's because I'm English, Don't hate the player, hate the game...

    Sorry, man. I scrolled past your post. Not sure why I didn't see it. No, I wouldn't ignore you. If you're not turned off by that, we'll be glad to have you. Added you to the whitelist.

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    Quote from DragonAlbert»

    IGN: DragonAlbert

    Age: Prefer not to tell.

    Past Experience: I have been playing minecraft for roughly 6-7 years

    Server Goal: I hope to have fun on a small server where not many people play.

    About Yourself: I prefer to play multiplayer games with a small group of friends or on a smaller server. I enjoy playing with friends a lot, but sometimes you have to expand your comfort zones and go with something new!

    Welcome to the server. Pixelmon is a lot fun, hopefully you like it.

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