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    posted a message on Why wont my Essentials /back and /msg work?

    Whenever i try to do /back or /msg while deopped, it says i don't have permission to do so. I have given the essentials.back.ondeath and essentials.back to the default rank and I have world-teleport-permissions set to false and it worked on my 1.13 spigot server but it doesn't work on my 1.14 server.

    im using:

    - Essentialsx

    - essentialsx chat

    - essentialsx protect

    - essentialsx antibuild

    - esentialsx spawn

    - essentialsx geoip

    - greifprevention

    - dynmap (if relevant)

    - worldedit (if relevant)

    - luckyperms


    Posted in: Server Support and Administration
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