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    posted a message on New 1.7.10 Pixelmon Server PokeGames (WIP) Staff Needed

    What is your ingame name?[all]

    How old are you?[all]


    What country do you live in?[all]


    Are you fluent in English?[all]


    If not, what language are you?[all]

    What is your Email[all]
    [email protected]

    What could you do to contribute to the community?[all]
    I am an experienced player who knows the ropes of all minecraft and somewhat of pixelmon, i am very experienced as a moderator and can help make the server a fun and safe place to play. I am also very active so can play alot and will hlp the comunitee grow.

    What is your previous experience with being staff in a server / game?[all]
    I have been a moderator and admin on several servers. the most notable being pheonix pvp. I was head Admin there untill THE FRICKIN DEV THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA TO BLOW EVERYTHING UP AND KILL THE SERVER. But yeah.

    Anything else that you want to tell us?[all]

    School can be a little taxing so my times may drop everyonce and a while, but other than that very consistint!

    If you feel like you need something extra to say, type it here[all]


    If you ask a staff member to look at your application, you will be denied, do you understand?[all]

    100%%%%%%%%%%%%%% understood m8

    Would you help players even if you are not a staff member?[all]

    i mean if u where to give me the ip so i could play than yes yes i would

    If you are denied, will you not argue?[all]

    Nope i wont

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    posted a message on Looking for people (especialy youtubers) for new SMP! ||| Iron Hills

    IronHills SMP looking for youtbers!(but other people as well)

    We would love sll of you to come play on our brand new smp server!

    YouTubers with 15-20+ subbs will be automatically excepted

    everyone else we will consider (not guaranteed though)


    Skype can PM if u want

    Youtbe channel link (if applicable)

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    posted a message on Rarius Network ★ Large Budget ★ Hiring all Staff ★ Huge Plans!

    *IGN: augustsworld

    *Say YES if you comprehend that we are only excepting a single Moderator for this position and that you will keep in mind that :

    YES and I would also be ok with jr. Mod if mod is taken

    *Previous IGN if you have changed it: nope

    *Age: 15

    *Skype: august.dickson

    Email: will pm if accepted

    *Timezone: PCT

    *When did you first get Minecraft: almost 8 years ago

    *Are you multilingual? (Do you speak more than one language): no

    *How are you responsible: I am very hardworking and trustworthy. I enjoy helping servers grow and work well with others. I am organized and am not afraid to ask questions if I dont understand something.

    *What makes you the right person for this position: I have past experience working as a moderator and a administrator before and HATE hackers because the ruin the game for us.

    *How can you help keep everyone organized: I can delegate roles, check in and make sure that all things get done in a timely and efficient way.

    *Explain what abusing powers is: abusing power is when a person with power over other people uses their power for their own gain or fun at the expense of the credibility of the integrity of the organization they have power in.

    *Explain what using your powers correctly is: Using power is using the power given to you in the way it is indebted and to benefit the community that you have power in.

    *SCENARIO[/b] The entire Dev team decides that they don't feel like making the plugin and they go off to Mineplex for some time. How would you handle the situation: I talk to them to figure out the reason for there leaving. IF they just need a break than i may give it to them for i little while b/ u can not work 24/7 without breaks. If after a while they still refuse to come back I notify you.

    *SCENARIO[/b] You log onto a hub and they realize that an Administrator just logged on. Suddenly you have 50+ people bombarding you with questions. How do you settle this circumstance: First off I tell them to stop spamming questions. I than say to create a forums thread if it is not urgent and if it is to ask one at a time. I than stay around until everyone's questions are answered.

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    posted a message on >Survival< Red vs. Blue >Survival<

    ign: augustsworld

    age: 15

    skype: august.dickson

    Job in MC: miner, farmer, explorer, pvper (mostly) builder, archer, organizer (somewhat)

    How often u will play: everyday

    rvb: red

    anything else: seems like a very fun concept!!!! hope to play with you all soon.

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    I got u dud

    IGN: augustsworld

    it will not let me connect :(

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    Name- august


    IGN- augustsworld

    skype- will PM

    email- will PM

    Age- 15

    pictures of builds-

    Country- US of A

    Time Zone- PCT

    Reason you want to be staff- I helping servers grow and hate those that halt its progress (AKA hackers, spammers, abusers ect.) i am very devoted and am willing put many hours into the server. I also can be on many hours that other people can not, I can responds at a moment to any situation. I also DISPOSE hackers and will do everything in my power to stop them. I know the rules of servers well and can identify hacking easily and efficiently. I have good judgment and know how and when to ban/mute/kick people.

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    posted a message on New server needs members and a mod! Cracked!

    Hi my ig:augustsworld

    I am applying for mod

    Reason: I enjoy helping servers grow and dispise those who hinder it (aka hackers, spawmers ect.)

    xp: I am a moderator on 3 servers and a head admin on another

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    Someone was I skydoesminecraft fan boy when they were 9 :)

    Moderator Application

    Age: 15
    Minecraft User Name: augustsworld
    Have you ever been Moderator on another server: yes
    How would you benefit this network - at least 3 lines:
    I am very active and hard working I never have and never will never let any rule violations slide under my notice, hackers are my least favorite kind of person in the world and i shall hunt and ban them wherever they hide. Due to this hatred I know much about many different types of hackers and hacked clients and so I can recognize them very easily and very quickly. I am also dedicated to making the internet as friendly as a place for all people as possible, so your chat would never be as clean as when I am online.
    Why do you want to be Moderator on this network - at least 3 lines:
    I enjoy watching and helping a server and its community grow and thrive. I also HATE hackers and have played on servers that do very little to moderate and stop them and would not want the same fate for this server. I also enjoy playing on these servers but can never take the amount of abusing and hacking that happens with me having no way to do anything about it.
    Have you ever been staff on another network before: yes
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    posted a message on ✯HydraFactions✯ (24/7) Hiring Staff! │Admins│Mods│Builders│Helpers│Designers│Devs│Beta-Testers│Critics│Youtubers│


    Name: Will PM
    Timezone: PCT
    Age: 16
    IGN: augustsworld
    Skype: Will PM
    Why should you be picked?
    How many hours could you contribute a day? depends on the day and time of year, minimum of 2 max of bout 9
    How mature are you? (1/10) 8/10 joke around sometimes but for the most part am very focused
    How would you benefit the server? I am very against abuse and hackers, work well with people, communicate well would keep chat very civilized and would hunt hackers down wherever they lye. Also can help people with things such as mcmmo, also am alright at building and can do shops and such
    Why are you applying? b/c I enjoy helping people and growing communities, I hate servers that seem to be lax on there hacker polonaises and want to crush the hackers
    Answer the following:
    A player is hacking but he offers you money not to ban him, what do you do?

    I am assuming that many people are going to lie about this in the application b/c everyone has there price. So on that note unless it was ALOT of money (like over $200) i would ban them anyway.

    A member of staff is abusing players in a racial/homophobic way, what do you do?

    I would kick them with a warning to plz stop, if they continued I would ban them and that inform u to make sure that it was the correct situation to do so
    Your friend wants to be OPED on the server, what do you do?

    Tell them to apply for staff on the website.

    I also may apply as a youtuber but am not sure yet

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    posted a message on Assassins's Faction SMP needs staff and {youtubers soon}

    Ign: augustsworld

    Age: 16

    Experience: I have very limited experience coding plugins and such but have a lot using them and bug fixing them, as far as staff experience i am a helper on numerous servers and HATE hackers for they ruin everything that is good about video games

    Skype: I have but do not rly want everyone to be able to see.

    Reason for join: I enjoy helping people and making sure that everyone can have a good/hacker free chance to play.

    Time: Idk wat u mean but if it is time zone that pct

    Group skype call: yes

    Rank: once again idk wat u mean, if it is what i want to be than i want to be on the staff team.

    Also I am a alright builder but have never rly tried to do anything big

    mod plugin experience: Installing and codding: 1.5 Using 5.5

    Also I cant jump on now that i am done with this b/c you have not provided the ip <3

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