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    Biomes (including Mushroom Island and Mushroom Shore) are hard coded into the world, but that only effects things like Mob Types, Precipitation, and Foliage Color. If you dig out all the mycellium and place back it down as dirt you can make a dirt bridge to bring grass to the island and plant trees / flowers / sugar cane and till the ground. As long as you dug all the mycellium it won't come back.

    It will still only spawn Mooshrooms and Bats though so don't make a Mob grinder there.

    Monster Spawners will still function as normal in Mushroom chunks if you were to find a Dungeon, Mineshaft or Stronghold under them.

    I don't know about how Mushroom biome effects Slime chunks...

    Also any vegetation that you plant in the Mushroom Biome will be bright, Jungle green in color.
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    Quote from baddaspig»

    Also they'd have to add iron nuggets and diamond shards for this to work.

    How about Diamond Dust?

    Incidentally, I like this suggestion. Sometimes it would be nice to be able convert some piece of armor dropped by a skeleton, that you don't need at the moment, back into it's raw form to craft a tool that you do need. Or turn that useless gold armor/sword into a clock or a powered rail... or potion/breeding items.

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