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    posted a message on Pocket Sand

    Thanks for clicking.

    Based on pocket sand from the King of the Hill meme, I wanted to have Husks and Strays be a bit more related.

    The basic idea is the following:

    • Sand blocks when broken (excluding Silk Touch) now drops 4 Sand.
    • 2x2 Sand when crafted makes a Sand Block.
    • Sand can be thrown with right click, which has a very short but wide range. It does no damage, but blinds the affected entities for 1 second.
    • In a shapeless recipe, 8 sand and 1 red dye can make Red Sand, which a 2x2 of Red Sand makes a Red Sand Block.
    • 0-2 Sand is dropped by Husks.
    • 0-2 Snowballs are dropped by Strays.

    Thanks for helping.

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    posted a message on Corundum Ore [v1.1.0] - 2nd Hardest Mineral in the World... Now in Minecraft!

    Maybe a spawn at y30 seems more appropriate in that case? This would make it equal in rarity to Gold and Lapis, but would effectively be (just under) twice as common as Diamond.

    Two versions was what I was getting at though. I'd be down for a new tier to the progression, and I know others wouldn't. It's simply a request from me and hopefully for a bunch of other people who'd like a new tier for a version that edited diamonds too.


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    posted a message on Corundum Ore [v1.1.0] - 2nd Hardest Mineral in the World... Now in Minecraft!

    I'd totally use a version that made Diamonds need Corundum to be mined, so it'd be like this:

    Iron -> Corundum -> Diamond

    Rather than:

    Iron -> Corundum & Diamond

    I'd recommend having them separate, because people might not like this mod if it overrides a basic principle of Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Official Unofficial DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mob Suggestions v2.0

    This isn't exactly a dog mod. It wouldn't really make sense to add huskies without adding dogs in general, and there are many more mods that do that, making it rather pointless to add them to the mod as a whole as it would be in direct competition with much better mods.

    Perhaps you'd want another mod like Doggy Style or Copious Dogs, but I can understand why you ask here as those two are out of date.

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    posted a message on Just one block to be added

    Nether Gold Ore.

    Is as rare as gold in the over world.

    I know there are plenty of mods that add this, but none of them add JUST Nether Gold ore.

    In Minecraft, Zombie Pigmen are associated with Gold, and lots of it. Where do they get it?

    I don't want a mod that adds a lot of ore to the Nether for no reason, I just want to be able to get gold there because that makes sense.

    Preferably for 1.7.10.

    Anyway, Nether Gold Ore (if possible, just called "Gold Ore" in the game) is still just your basic gold. You need to smelt it to get one ingot. I don't know how coding works, but make it as equal to gold in every way possible, except it can spawn at all heights in the Nether.

    No MCreator.

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    posted a message on Small requests, each their own mod would be nice.
    Quote from UpcraftLP»

    for the third one you can use FastLeafDecay, which just makes the leaves decay faster than usual (a whole tree takes ~5 seconds), but still drops as many / few saplings as the tree would have if it decayed normally.

    While that is fair, I'm making a modded private server and I still want at least some effort to go into getting leaf drops from my players.

    Quote from VoidBehemoth»

    Interesting idea. For the void dimension you could use RFTools Dimensions, but it would be complicated. To my knowledge there isn't a mod that resembles "Dimensional Stone Tools". Like UpcraftLP said, FastLeafDecay is the best option for your final request. By the way: What is your problem with MCreator?

    Like I said above, modded private server. RF mods are very overwhelming. My friends are new to mods and I don't want to throw them in the deep end. A simple portal that's made similar to a Nether Portal is very understandable. MCreator mods are terribly buggy and they just give off a vibe of badness. I know some stuff made with it can actually be useful but most of the time it just ends up being awful for modding. But to make a long point short, if I wanted an MCreator mod, I'd make it myself.

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    posted a message on Small requests, each their own mod would be nice.

    Preferably for 1.7.10

    Empty Dimension: Make a portal out of Moss Stone and ignite it with water. Teleports you to a portal floating in an empty dimension of the extreme hills biome (for the foliage colour). All that's in the dimension is the Mossy Portal, and 4 extra Mossy Stone blocks similar to what happens when the nether portal spawns in the air. The Portal is light blue. If possible, so it's not too important, render distance/fog should be low here. Another if possible is make the portal sound not as "warpy" like the Nether Portal. Maybe there's a light breeze sound effect that will work that's royalty free and doesn't sound terrible.

    No MCreator.

    Made by retexturing a Nether Portal.

    Dimensional Stone Tools: Now, this isn't one of those bad Endstone and Netherrack "because we can" mods.

    Netherrack should have the ability of Stone, the speed of iron, and the enchantability and durability of gold.
    End Stone should have the ability and durability of Diamond, the speed of iron, and the enchantability of gold.

    Again, No MCreator.

    Swords cut leaves half as fast as shears: It's always bugged me how there's no fast way to get saplings and apples. What if you want a tree gone, but don't want leaves? You just have to wait and waiting is boring.

    That's it really.

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    posted a message on What's the fastest way to get around with these mods?

    Aether II

    Mo' Creatures

    Extra Utilities

    Portal Gun


    Random Things

    Simple Flight

    Tinker's Construct


    I am trying to make a private server for my friends, and I want to know which of these is the fastest mode of transportation.

    Also, if anyone has recommendations for a mod that adds anything faster than these, please let me know.

    (My friends aren't used to mods, so I don't want to mods to be too scary, I know things like Minechem+Blood Magic=Faster Than Chunk Loading Speeds, but those mods are a bit too strange for my friends).

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    posted a message on Is there any way to get infinite gravel?

    Such as through a mob drop, crafting, trade, fishing, anything but glitching.

    If you can get infinite gravel, you can get infinite dirt by crafting then tilling coarse dirt.

    This would be extremely useful for something like Skyblock, however the issue is getting the gravel.

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    posted a message on Place lava on lava.

    Some of us have wanted to create oceans of still lava, however it is incredible complicated and dangerous to do so. You can only place lava on blocks, then if you want to do a second layer, you have to have a fire resist potion and have to break the block you put the first layer on, then replace it with lava.

    Too hard and very dangerous, also rather slow due to lava movement speed.

    I am proposing a mod where when holding a lava bucket, all lava blocks act solid so you can place lava on lava.

    Alternatively but less prefered, another block could be added like solid lava that "melts" like ice into lava and can be re-"frozen" with frost walker or something.

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    posted a message on Official Unofficial DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mob Suggestions v2.0

    Just as a little update to how the tournament polls are going to work.

    I am going to place the winners in the second post in the thread.

    You will be able to see which creature has won, but unless requested I see no need to show the creatures who lost.

    Anyway, Walrus won the natural selection, now the fictional is up.

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    posted a message on dimensions traveler mod vote if you like my idea

    It's kind of hard to read. You also have to remember that most of the mods in the request forum, even if they do get made aren't made well because the modders have no passion for not their ideas.

    This seems quite complicated with boss mobs and dimensions, meaning that if it was made it wouldn't look like a good mod at all.

    For a mod like this, the only way to guarantee quality is with money to professionals or learning to mod yourself.

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    posted a message on Empty Dimension

    This is a simple dimension mod. All it is, is an obsidian portal ignited with water. It teleports you to another dimension that contains 18 blocks of obsidian and the return portal.

    This dimension is as identical to the overworld as you can make it, rain, overworld music, etc. However it has to be plains biome and water must be able to exist.

    If possible, the portal spawns at sea level in the overworld.
    If possible, no mobs, not even animals should spawn but animals can be pushed through.

    If possible, beds should not explode.

    Most useless but cool request that should only be done if bored, clouds should pass beneath the dimension's y0. If that is done, no rain then.

    Portal should be blue, not as dark as the one in the picture though, I just couldn't be bothered to retexture it for one screenshot.

    Safer than nether long distance transport. (If not possible, that's not an issue).


    Empty Canvas for building.
    Wanting to build sky-houses. Possibilities are up to you.

    Blocks it adds:

    Skybox portal.

    Versions requested:



    As with most request, this should not be made with MCreator.

    I've always liked the idea of an empty world. Like as if superflat was actually dangerous to use for building.

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    posted a message on Official Unofficial DrZhark's Mo' Creatures Mob Suggestions v2.0

    Alrighty. DrZhark has updated his mod and I could finally take down his requested poll.

    So finally I can engage more with you guys and actually run the "tournament style" poll without cluttering the page.

    So I have removed Manitcores and edited several things on BigCats as they are recent additions to the mod.

    So now on to the tournament. I use a random generator to select creatures "from a hat" I'll alternate from mythical to real weekly*.

    The poll will end on Fridays-Saturdays (depending on your location) and whichever creature wins will have its name placed in the winners' hat to draw from and so on until only one creature exist. By the time there are 10ish creatures left I will combine the polls.

    *Weekly in terms that if I do not believe enough votes were submitted, I will extend the poll's up time for another week. This might happen a lot as attention to this thread is at an alltime low but I intended to get it back up with being active.

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