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    Life sucks. Will be back by Thanksgiving break, until then check this out. DragonCraft 2

    ..... Not for long...

    1_6_6 Patched, no new Textures...

    Welcome to DragonCraft {BETA}
    This is a (sorta) medieval style texture pack starring our favorite winged creature, THE DRAGON! (Please do not use in mixed packs or upload them to other places without my permission first please!)
    Credits for Things!
    Thank you Hal9000. He did most of the gui, the Netherstone block,smoothing textures, fixing some tiling issues. :biggrin.gif:
    Redstone wire and torches go to Glimmer!They were his idea, I just drew them out.
    The sun and moon go to Roy1589! Thanks for helping when you can so much! :biggrin.gif:

    Also, if you build anything really awesome (like a huge castle) using this pack please share it here!!

    Newest update on status: Please see this post.


    Please see here...Update on status.

    Finished a enemy mob, the Spider! Pics will be up as soon as I can hunt down a spider! (Having the worst luck! If anybody manages to get a good shot of the new Spiders please post it here!) I've also changed a few other things... *cough* heath and armor bar*cough* Check it out and post your thoughts!Hopefully will have all enemy mobs and some items done by the 20th!

    PASSIVE MOBS DONE! (as promised!) ALSO Keep an eye out for some other neat things (*hint* Mojang Logo *hint*) ENJOY AND COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!!!!!!

    Lightened Grass and Dirt are now out!!! New passive mobs in a few days!

    (Thurs. 12/2/2010)
    I'm gonna be working on mobs this weekend! I'm gonna finish the cow and begin work on sheep and pigs, then I'll be moving into hostile mobs! After that I have no idea! :biggrin.gif:

    The Download!

    Oh, if you don't know how to install a texture pack, just follow these directions!
    1. Using the built-in texture picker in the Minecraft game itself, open the minecraft texture folder (How to find this!), and place the DragonCraft.zip into that folder from wherever you've stored it.
    2. Select DragonCraft from the list of texture packs.
    3. Enjoy!

    Its ready to download! Just drop it in the texture pack folder!

    Dragoncraft.zip Download (Patched for 1_6_6 by DemonfangArun

    Download on DropBox
    Download on MediaFire~Updated File

    You can also get it off this site!
    Planet Minecraft Download!


    Most of these screenshots were taken while using BetterLight!

    The World!

    The Nether! (Also know as the Dragon's Graveyard! Check out those bones!

    Things You Might Find In Your House!

    The Passive Mobs

    Enemy Mobs!
    A poor lost dragon soul....(Ghast!)


    THANKS RIPTIDE! <3 (for the above one!) And thanks ruger392 for the ones below!

    Show Some Support!

    Also, I just made this sig banner and figured I'd share if anybody wanted it. I needed a break from thinking so I doodled this up. :biggrin.gif:



    Also, here are a few mods I like to use (and support!)
    MrMMods[Beta Compatible]
    Wild Grass[Beta Compatible]
    Zan's MiniMap[Beta Compatible]
    Handheld Torch
    (Will be adding a dragon mod at some point!!!)[Beta Compatible]
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