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    posted a message on How to Break Your World: An Efficient Guide

    Materials Required

    Cheats enabled


    1. /give [your name] minecraft:commandblock 1

    2. Place Command Block.

    3. Set Command Block's first option button to 'Repeat'

    4. Set Command Block's third option button to 'Always Active'

    5. Set Command Line to say 'kill @e'

    Congratulations! All life has been extinguished! Revel in your new status as the lord of a dead world, from your lovely (dead) view of your spawn point.

    DISCLAIMER: Astrotrap are not responsible for any damage caused to the playability of your world, to the livelihood of your chicken horde, or to the livelihood of your chicken hoard.

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    posted a message on New Command: /settp
    Support. We need this command for vanilla, dammit!
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    posted a message on What if?
    Not a bad idea.

    Perhaps what this fire-mob could be: Something that disguises as an animal, but when it steps on a flammable block, all flammable blocks within a 3x3 square would ignite. These animals would also take damage from water, and would be neutral but fairly normal in terms of damaging ability. In return, they would always drop cooked meat.

    Note sure what I think of extinguishers, it could work though. Maybe, when given a redstone signal, it would search for fire within a certain radius, then put it out if it detected any. It would have 9 slots like a dispenser, and would use up a water bucket every time it activated, leaving the bucket behind.

    TL;DR: Fire pigs vs. water dispensers.
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    posted a message on Make skeletons not so hard to kill?
    The trouble with them is that they're nigh-unbeatable without gear, but given a diamond sword and some iron armor they can be slaughtered by the dozen.

    That's the trouble with all Minecraft mobs, in fact. The only way to balance them would be for them to be strengthened based on the player wearing armor, which defeats the purpose of armor in the first place.

    So, support, I guess, maybe. Okay I don't actually know anymore but whatever.
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    posted a message on A new sound effect for Starvation, please
    Why should Mojang bother? Who would actually MISS the fact that they're STARVING TO DEATH?

    I tend to notice my hunger bar having a seizure, and then get food. If I somehow can't get my hands on food, then I'll expect starvation, and not think I'm coming under attack when I start starving.

    Pointless, no support.
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    posted a message on Abandoned villages, unabandoned mineshafts
    Personally, the thing I like about abandoned mineshafts is the mystery surrounding them. The curiosity of what made them.

    Was it villagers? Humans? Aliens? Cave spiders? Is this post-apocalyptic?

    Same with strongholds and dungeons. Making miner testificates inside them would just ruin the suspense, theorizing, and curiosity.

    Abandoned villages would be alright though.

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    posted a message on The Technology Update discussion

    I don't


    Why would you even want a computer in Minecraft? Chances are if you're playing Minecraft you have a computer RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU

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    posted a message on Go through the alphabet before someone posts a my little pony picture

    That's just part of the meme. (usually it's Dear Princess Celestia, but that was more applicable I guess)
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