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    posted a message on Can anyone tell me the best graphics card for the shaders mod? (Laptop Not pc)
    Quote from maxushero

    anyone? ps tell i have an amd HD 7990
    i get 40/30 to 60 frames i want aleast 80/90/110
    or less
    oh and my specs:
    laptop: toshiba sattelite c850-b819
    intel: I7
    GPU:amd 7990 HD
    ram: 16
    thx! oh and im also a youtuber my link is down below!


    Wow that's a pretty good gaming laptop, much better than mine for sure. There are better graphics cards of course, but i think your's should be good enough to run the shaders mod. If you still want a better one here are some suggestions in order fastest to slowest, but bear in mind that some of these can get very expensive. And these are all laptop graphics cards.

    GeForce GTX 780M
    GeForce GTX 770M
    Radeon HD 8870M
    GeForce GTX 765M
    Radeon HD 8850M
    GeForce GTX 760M
    Radeon HD 8830M
    GeForce GTX 750M
    Radeon HD 8790M
    GeForce GTX 745M
    Radeon HD 8770M
    Radeon HD 8750M
    GeForce GTX 740M

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    posted a message on Spider nests now POPULAR and HOT!
    Cave Spiders have spider nests underground in the Abandoned Mineshafts
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    posted a message on Who or What Inspired You To Play Minecraft?
    I was at Gamestop and I had $20 left to spend so I bought the Xbox Edition and later on I tried the computer version.
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    posted a message on What would you rather fight?
    100 Creepers because if one blows up the others die.
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    posted a message on Father - looking to add mod safe and easy for son
    Quote from Ericwillo

    Yes that is it.. So I down load the zip file and the forge program and then drop it in the mods folder? Where is the mods folder? Thank you
    Press the windows key and r and then type in %appdata% to the run command. It should bring up a bunch of files. Open the top one that says .minecraft and there should be a folder that says mods.
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