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    To combat your opinion, we didn’t need redstone, that’s tech in a medieval combat game. We didn’t need it, the game wasn’t missing “electrical circuitry and supercomputers” as a major, game-ruining issue and we got it anyway - and people ENJOYED it. What should be your big powerful reason for banning some magic?

    Also, I get that you’re trying to make your backing look big by going off of how many people rejected it in the past, but that’s the thing - that’s the PAST. Opinions change, and maybe people want some combat magic and different styles of battle to balance out the game. Besides - it’s more than just a combat thing, the uses are endless AND it’s not huge or game-breaking enough to upset the current system.

    I get you, and I see your point of view, but keeping the game the same because “that’s the way it’s always been” is a corrupt, invalid and outdated viewpoint. AND wanting something in the game isn’t invalid - why else would you suggest something, if the game is as complete as you say it is?

    You are of course entitled to an opinion, but so is everyone else, and you should be more accepting of that. If you want to combat it, list some problems with implementing my idea, as opposed to baselessly shutting it down.

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    draggypigeons I think you have the right idea - the spellcasting meter shall only be present whilst the spells are equipped though. A mana autoregen seems cool, but I like the idea of a faster player-invoked regen. It makes it feel much more engaging to play a spellcaster that way.

    A mana bar would have to be composed of 20 points, for fairness, and once fired above that it would damage the player (unless you'd recharged).

    But the XP idea interests me... maybe if non-magic players could use it for anti-mage enchantments it would balance it. Or, magic users could enchant spells with XP for different effects, like an increased recharge rate or lowered magic cost.

    But overall, I like the ideas you've come up with! Personally, this being a game addition would be a dream come true, especially over this worthless lockdown time - I'd really love to scare the **** out of someone with an evoker fang attack, especially without a gimmicky command block....

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    I had thought of the idea of a spell cooldown, but it didn't feel entirely right - a spell has a casting animation that takes time anyway, right? So I felt the idea of a rechargeable magic bar would work much better. It would take time to recharge your spells, but it removes the need to cool down per shot.

    On the other hand, that's exactly why the XP bar move doesn't work entirely. First of all, you'd be killing your precious XP levels, and second of all I think XP is it's own fluid material in it's own right. Perhaps it could be used to quick-refill the magic bar in a pinch, via an item, but I wouldn't want it to be our *main* spellcasting thing.

    To answer your other questions though, a spell would (as I mentioned above) behave as their own items in a hotbar, releasing a particle effect from the player's hands when held. Left-Click fires the spell, right click is to recharge the magic meter (on any spell).

    The Magic Meter would only appear while spells are equipped, and would be totally non-present for melee players, to stop complications.

    Another limit is the Armour Limits and Necrotic Damage Limits above - when a player fires without a full magic meter, they take wither debuff time equal to the spell magic cost, as well as taking other debuffs possibly. I believe that's a fair way to limit it.

    Perhaps spells could be bound to items to stop them despawning instantly on death, however. That's where your scroll idea is so useful.

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    That's a nice idea with staves, but I wanted to go for a sort of fluid, dynamic angle with this. Think of it as a reward for killing the evoker - spellcraft.

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    OMG I love it! I doubt they'll allow this kind of stuff in-game, but honestly, I think your idea and proof of concept is wonderful.

    I'll upvote anyhow.

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    I'm sure it would be easily mitigated with cave villages, which would fit the same theme and perform the same thing, robes and all.
    Again though, I don't think cults quite evoke *trader*. A cave village with a nether portal would be much more fitting than a troglodytic cult.

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    As Minecraft already contains a multitude of weapons (and ranged attacks in the forms of bows and splash potions) this may seem unnecessary.

    However, there isn't very much variety to these, and many of them are simple physical attacks or martial weapons with the same attack function (you know, up-close melee strike or ranged single damage shot, usually physical damage) and the closest we get to variety is with enchantments and tipped arrows.

    Personally, after seeing mobs like Evokers and Guardians in-game performing powerful, interesting attacks, I felt like it was only right for players to get in on it too, without the use of some finnicky commands or reskinning a bow like a magic-wand and using Harming II arrows for that death line.

    And so I present a basic idea for a magic system in-game which not only runs very smoothly and fluidly, but also is balanced enough that a melee-oriented player could take on a crazy warlock 1 vs. 1 and still see a fair fight.

    Creating spells would be almost like alchemy - you'd have your own crafting station for it, the Occult Altar. To craft, it would require some rare materials - an ender pearl and a totem of undying, along with three wooden planks, at a crafting table. It would be created as below.


    T. of Undying

    Any Wood - Any Wood - Any Wood

    When interfaced with, the alter would bring up a menu which would allow for five items to be placed into it - these would form your spells.

    One item would be a solvent - any type of potion. Potion of Harming for Direct Attack spells, Protection for Defense spells, Swiftness for Movement etc.

    The next items would be solutes - these determine the type of spell made, from specific combinations. Three solutes are added at a time.

    The final item is a catalyst, which adds an extra effect, for example - a fermented spider eye may grant damage++ against enchanted armour, whilst a glistering melon would allow the magic attack to bypass the resistance buff.

    Upon crafting a spell, a player would equip it via the hotbar. Since a spell isn't a physical item, they dissipate upon death, as though enchanted with a Curse of Vanishing. Whilst held, particles will flow from a caster's hands, similar to an evoker, signifying the wielding of a spell. A magic meter would also have to be present whilst wielding spells, so that the user cannot simply spam attacks, however it doesn't need to be even partially full to cast - whilst empty, casting a spell inflicts wither for 5 seconds, posing a danger to a spellcaster.

    To recharge the bar, a caster would simply have to hold down the right-click on any spell and the meter would gradually refill. The bar would start filling slowly, and reach a greater speed when nearly full, similar to the life-restore mechanics in Hollow Knight. Once filled, the caster may then again continue casting without impediment, or even take potions to speed up magic restoration if needed in a pinch.

    However, this all sounds a little overpowered, right? Well, what if I told you a caster couldn't armour themselves?

    For every piece of armor equipped, spells take an extra 1.5 seconds to cool down (not including Elytra). In order to mitigate this, casters will have to work with potions of resistance and quick movements to stay out of trouble. Furthermore, the ingredients and the permadeath feature make casting an expensive way to play, and so they'll have to run their build cleverly.

    Examples of Spells -

    Potion of Harming + Prismarine Shard - Redstone Dust - Dragon's Breath + Fermented Spider Eye = Astrapi left (attack spell, with the left signifying the F. Spider Eye's effect). Advanced spell. Spell casts a powerful electrical beam towards the target, 50 blocks range, deals 14 damage on a direct hit and 8 at an AOE. Costs 10 magic points. Effective against enchanted armour.

    Potion of Healing + Brown Mushroom - Red Mushroom - Goodberry + Rabbit's foot = Feast left (healing spell, with left representing the Rabbit Foot's special effect). Spell refills all hunger bars in the near area, and begins to heal everyone at 1hp per second for 10 seconds. Costs 8 magic points. left

    Potion of Harming + Stone Sword - Ghast Tear - Flint + Ink sac = Deathfang left (attack spell, with the left signifying the ink sac special effect). Beginner's spell. Summons a line of powerful evocation fangs to brutally crush the target, 10 blocks range, deals 8 damage on a hit. Costs 4 magic points. Inflicts blindness on a hit.

    Personally, I would love to see at least a basic spellcasting element for minecraft. I was inspired to write this after seeing the Evoker mob in action, and wondering why it's abilities weren't already collectable by the player for such a tough kill - it would just make so much sense, in my opinion! So I guess that idea spiralled out of control into this, eventually. I hope anyone who read this enjoyed my ideas and imagination, and any suggestions/improvements would be highly appreciated. I truly do hope to see a feature of spellcasting in the game - I'm sure it would bring about all sorts of miraculous opportunities (no pun intended).

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