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    Though i suppose I have to >_>
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    Take your time Ris, we appreciate your hard work :iapprove:
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    Some friends of mine have been playing adventure maps together, and we were looking for some reccomendations.

    We have played The Redmurk Mystery, and The Gourd Avenger, and are looking into Gourd Avenger two, which requires bukkit to get portals working.

    We don't really want things like escapecraft, with very difficult puzzles. Moreso things with epic structures and lots of exploring.
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    Would you be willing to take a stab at any pokemon themed ones? Growlithe in particular, maybe houndour
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    posted a message on [V1.3] Optimine (FPS Boost) [OPTIMIZATION] *UPDATED*
    Quote from fear technition »
    I dont know if its just me or what but every time I install this all the letters for the game combine into one jumbled mess. singleplayer turns int sglper

    I have this same issue, i am using Misa's Texture pack, which has new, smoother fonts.

    Even after disabling the high res fonts in the texture patcher, the letters are still very messed up.

    Not sure if this is an issue you would need to solve or Misa :/
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    did you cheat? or gather everything yourself?
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    posted a message on [128x][1.5] SANGUINE v 4.2 - Ultra Realistic pack
    Quote from copperdomebodha »
    Quote from JeffBro »
    I'm not sure if it's just me, but I actually do not want to see any more wools changed. I like having the colors to work with, and it seems like you are slowly taking those away. I won't download the next version if the wools get changed again. Everything else is great <3

    Hey I understand. But here's the deal I offer.

    I make Sanguine exactly like I like it. I listen to people who offer me their opinion and then I go and make Sanguine exactly how I want it.

    There really isn't any reason for me to do any different. No one offers me any incentive to do anything other than whatever I want. And, even if people offered me money to do what they want I wouldn't take that deal. This project has so much time in it that offering control of it to someone for any reasonable donation would be cheating myself.

    So, I'm more than thrilled that some folks like what I've done. I'd be pleased and proud if it was wildly popular, but I won't be sad if no one else out there likes it at all. That would be silly. It makes me happy to make it, and I like playing with it, so it just doesn't matter to me if someone else likes it or not. At least not more than the above-mentioned pleasant moment of swollen pride.

    What I DO offer you is whatever version of Sanguine you want of all those that I've ever made. I never remove a previous version from the server and you can find a list of them at the bottom of the original post. It's a little outdated, but the sequence of versions is obvious, and you can just alter the url to whatever version you want a part of. If you're not sure what each one looked like, just click the terrain.jpg in the OP and alter the url to look at every version. I never remove the terrain.jpg preview files either.

    Knit wools are all available in version 3.4.

    I hope you continue to enjoy Sanguine. Whatever I choose to do with it.

    I agree with the above guy, but also feel that you should make the pack however you want, and i find using the wools for extra block types is pretty clever.

    I am perfectly fine using the old versions, and splicing in the old wools myself but i cannot get the download for 3.4 to work. I can see the preview jpg fine, but i get 404'd when i try to change the dl URL to 3.4

    Help a brother out?
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