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    Oh My God! That is awesome. I just found the biggest island EVAR! The squid keep falling through and dying, and there is so much surface coal! Spectacular world generator as always Seibai!

    Update: I have 3 full stacks of coal, 24 more, 45 iron, 16 gold, and 25 redstone. Still no island deep enough for diamond, or maybe its just yet to be found. Wow, I might make a lets play on this.
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    Oh, I meant I can't pick them in the gen if I want it to work, but I just had the game open, so that's probably it.

    Edit: It worked and I am currently copying it over... Doh! I'm just losing mah mind. It woulda been faster if I jsut moved it!
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    Quote from Seibai »
    What's the last thing it outputs before it fails? Does it finish defining islands? That combination works fine for me.

    Generally, the problem people seem to have with these generators is that they must have the GZip folder in the same folder as the generator .exe, otherwise it fails when it tries to call into it to compress the chunks.

    Hmm... Possibly I should write in an error handler for that case that tells the user what to do.

    Edit: Ahh, ok, good.

    Yea it'll go to saving and then it says it stops working, but it does take a LOT longer than usual. Just reached 98.375%. Weird, it now says 'Waiting on file compression: 4097 files to compress.' and my GZip is in the same directory as the folder. All I did was extract it to the .minecraft folder, exactly where my Primodial map gen is at, and that worked fine.

    Edit: For some odd reason, I can't use the lamps on Half and Half. Do you have FancyPack in the gen or something?

    Edit2: I think I just became the worlds stupidest MineCraft player. I had it open while generating a map. This gen must be very taxing as its taking forever. It makes 1,073 islands in a 64 by 64 with stairs, so all I can say is DAMN!
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    Hey, it says it stopped working and all I did was a 64 side length. Should I wait? I am running Win7 OS and I have run all your other gens without a problem. I did half and half, lamps, stairs. Any clue?

    Edit: Wait, I think its still going. Yep. Sorry if i didn't read your whole OP, but it usually works fine. Nice job!

    Everyone, let it still run if it tells you it has stopped working.
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    Notch claims to be creator of MineCraft yet he is listed as a coder in Mojang, in the GDC.
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    Quote from creativecoding »
    I have seen videos on youtube where some guy made a 16-bit processor using redstone.

    With enough time, redstone, and space, do you think it would be possible to create a fully function computer?

    Nope, not enough space as the redstone would turn of after so many blocks. It won't work from, like, 100 blocks away (correct me if I'm).
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    Quote from msmit71 »
    Quote from assasseon »
    Or until he stops f---king with the world gen. Not cool brosef.

    You do realize it doesn't mess with world generation unless you edit a text file that comes with the mod?
    Nice reading skills.

    Okay...? So what? Its not like I read the whole damn wall o' text. I looked at the screenies only because I wasn't entirely sure that the mod was worth it at version 0.1.

    Edit: Some people said it was impossible to integrate it during Beta. Beta is not for recoding the game, its for bug testing and, in this case, to release new content. Notch will make a API for mods so that anything with the coding can be done with mods and DLC. You guys need to read before you type, just like me!
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    Quote from Foamythepuppy1 »
    I just saw a thread talking about how it would be impossible for it to be done, and yet heres this mod.

    Uh-uh. No one said it was impossible, we just said it was probably impossible for Notch to do it. It was too late, and we weren't talking about increasing the height limit is impossible, but generating vertical chunks.

    In any case, this is an awesome mod that I will bookmark and watch until version 1.0 comes out. Or until he stops f---king with the world gen. Not cool brosef.
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    Quote from smurfsahoy »
    Quote from Ocelot60 »
    It would take too long to load it all, and lag when it is loaded.

    Not if it ONLY generated chunks vertically in places where you exceeded the height of 128...

    Yea but who makes a building only 16x16 that tall? That would be a MASSIVE waste of the height limit, and the world generated would all have to have the limit raised when it firsts generates. Otherwise clouds would be higher in some spots but not in other ones, unless Notch doesn't raise clouds. Even then your 256 meter tall building would have a cloud right smack dab in the middle of it.
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    Quote from letspoint »
    Would be interesting to see what people would do with it though. But at the end of the day, what NEEDS that much height? Game gives you plenty to work with, to the point where it will probably outlast games released a year from now.

    Oh definitely will outlast any game out there. The light "oddity" makes the game lag like a crazy hell full of angry pregnant women. It is more than a legitimate concern, its a total cock-block.Even if a modder were to dedicate his life to it, all your saves would be trash, it would lag, and it would be outdated by a multitude of updates before the first successful line of code would be done.

    And if you need that much room, just make a hollow bedrock cube, and make it all flat and near bedrock floor using MCEdit.

    before post Edit: Oh yeah! I forgot its LengthxWidthxHeight. This would be impossible. I sorta just got ninja'd!
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    It can't be done because too many vertical chunks will cause the lighting bug. This bug broke the map SkyLands because the light would go through an infinite loop. Notch made it terminate after so many intervals but it would still be a significant problem given an infinite sky. What he could do though is give us an extra 25 blocks or so. This would be easy and quick just like your mom.

    just joking chillax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from hunted4live »
    the house turned out cool =D

    http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fb ... 06&theater (dont know how to get the image working =s hack here is the link ))

    1. Upload pics to imgur (Goggle)
    2. Provide direct link in simg tags
    3. click post
    4. ?????
    5. Profit!
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    Well fatso the tree puncher, did you try searching? There is a search bar in the upper-right-hand corner. Its there for a reason! Or, if you are herp derping right now, you can just google it.

    Or you can just download it, open it using winRAR, and rename it to an open world slot, and copy...paste. simple. I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable. I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.I will now copy this one line to make this noticeable.
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    Quote from Darvince »
    I thought this already had a thread revamp...?

    Like I thought I explained, this is the TRUE revamp. That one utterly sucked, so I re-revamped it.
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    All right, well, after seeing the last revamp, I decided it did terribly. It kept needing bumps and that shouldn't happen to a thread like this, so I re-revamp'd it =P.
    I have reposted, word for word, the original thread, and will add to it every night with your updates.
    Recently, I've been thinking about what features should be in the perfect infdev base.

    Obviously things like a Storehouse and a Workshop are a necessity for any base, but what about a more complex stronghold?

    Simple Structures

    A simple structure just intended to supply a safe place to spend the night, away from the mobs outside.


    A workshop is where at least one permanent crafting table and furnace should be stationed (more if a certain aesthetic effect is desired). All tools will be crafted here, and all ores will be smelted here, so it should located somewhere that is easy to access in your settlement.


    A storehouse is a small amount of useful items will be stored in case of emergency. It consists of just 1 or 2 large chests, containing things like 1 or 2 stacks of dirt, cobblestone, and wood. Some emergency stone tools are also stored here along with some food, in case of emergency.


    This is where mass storage takes place. Basically a warehouse is a much larger storehouse, containing all of your more valuable, and larger quantity items (diamond, dirt, stone etc). It should be positioned in a safer and well guarded location, to stop the possibility of creepers destroying your chests.


    Usually you'll have a few chests full of pork and bread after you've gotten yourself established, and it's nice to keep it all in one place. Build a pantry, which is just like a storehouse only it's purpose is solely to house food.


    A forge is a large group of furnaces, installed for the sole purpose of smelting large amounts of smooth stone at the same time. My personal forge usually consists of 10 furnaces, to cut down drastically on smelting time.


    Many players simply strip mine to acquire stone and ores, but More intricate and personalised structures can be created. Just remember the purpose of a mine is to get ores and stone, so I wouldn't waste precious diamonds making pickaxes that will probably only fetch stone.


    Helpful to save yourself from getting lost. Simple structures that are well lit and usually point in the direction of your base.


    With the addition of flowers and mushrooms to the game, why not harvest some and plant them together to make a kind of garden. Maybe add some saplings, but don't supply them with enough room to grow, that way, they will stay small and remain in-keeping with the size of all the other plants.

    Complex Structures

    Wheat Farm
    Some form of crop growing area to supply a steady supply of food. It can either be above or below ground, so long as it is irrigated and well lit. Ideally walled, with a door, to prevent sheep and pigs from trampling your crops.


    Tree Farm
    Used to provide a steady supply of wood and saplings. Can also be above or below ground, just so long as it is supplied with plenty of light and growing space.


    Treasure Vault
    Hidden room used for storage of all things valuable. I usually hide mine in the bottom of a decorative fountain, so that it is hard to gain entrance accidentally.


    Infinite Water Fountain
    Supplies a constant amount of water pump tiles. Dig a 2x2x1 hole somewhere in your base and place water pump tiles on the diagonal corner blocks. Extract water from any block and it will always regenerate.


    A means of finding your base if ever you get lost. A thread about lighthouses can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=14607


    Mob Farm
    A few types of mob farms have been made by the community. One uses a dark chamber to spawn mobs and then kills them with sunlight, delivering the drops with a water current, whereas the other drowns mobs instead. After The mob spawn rate is adjusted again (I'm encountering none at all at the moment) these could become very handy tools. They can be found at: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=14982, viewtopic.php?f=35&t=14638 and viewtopic.php?f=35&t=15282


    Lookout Post
    Many lookout posts are just a really tall ladder to a platform around cloud level, but with a little work a more desirable appearance could easily be added. This could also be combined with your lighthouse to save on space.


    That crummy house you built right back at the start of your explorations must be getting boring now. It's time to replace it with a much larger fortress. Usually a fortress is much stronger than the initial house, and often comes complete with complex traps, and a maze of tunnels and staircases. Everyone's fortress' are different (mainly castles) so built it to your heart's desire.

    Perimeter Wall
    It would be a shame if all of these nice structures were destroyed by mobs or greifers, so why not protect it with a perimeter wall? It's simply a 3 or 4 block thick wall of cobblestone that encompasses all of the buildings in your base. If desired you could have underground paths to outside the wall, but make sure they are well hidden.


    Tunnels under your territory that connect various structures like mines and lighthouses to a central hub. Build cart tracks in the tunnels along with mine carts and you have what is essentially an underground train system.

    Train Yard
    Effectively a meeting point for all cart tracks. Some tracks lead to various mines while other lead to building sites. Useful to combine roads and resource transport into the same structure.


    Similar to a train yard but utilising water instead. Provides transport between different areas of your base.


    Log Flue
    A single channel of water down a purpose built path that leads from a forest up in the hills down to your base.

    Trash Compactor
    All those single blocks that you want to get rid of can now be disposed easily, just empty a bucket of lava into a trench in the floor and throw them in. Bye bye crummy blocks of gravel :biggrin.gif:


    Renewable Cobblestone Factory
    This one is a little more complicated than the others. It's purpose is to supply cobblestone, but without having to strip mine and scar the landscape. To construct a cobblestone factory you must first dig a 3x3 pit, and one level above the pit build a canal which will allow a lava spring block to flow into the 3x3 pit. Now, above the 3x3 pit you need to make a small ledge, which will allow a water spring block to flow over the lava in the pit, but DO NOT let the water spring block touch the lava spring block, or this will no longer be renewable. Once the lava and the water combine, you will have 9 cobblestone in the pit. Simply remove the spring blocks and mine the cobblestone, then rinse and repeat.


    Dive Pools
    A fast way to get down from that lookout post or maybe just a sheer cliff face is to built a dive pool at the bottom. A dive pool is just a 2 block deep pool of water that you land in when jumping from a great height, and come out unscathed!. I'd recommend making the dive pool at least a 3x3 square, so you don't miss, and make absolutely sure it's 2 blocks deep. If a dive pool is constructed on a snowy map, ensure it is surrounded by torches to prevent it from freezing over.

    Drop Zones
    A drop zone is similar to a dive pool, but dry. Its a few walls raised from the ground, with a 2 block wide gap in the middle. Place ladders on the raised walls, so that they face each other, and when you land in the 'drop zone' you are perfectly safe. Alternatively you could place the drop zone at the bottom of a 1x1 shaft into the earth, with a ladder just off the floor at the bottom. Just be sure to hold 'w' AWAY from the wall with the ladder on when dropping down the shaft and you'll be fine.

    Pig Farm
    With the pig spawning blocks you get in the dungeons, you could easily build an infinite bacon farm! Just build a sealed chamber and put a few spawn blocks in there. Every now and then jut wander in and slaughter a few for some meat. Maybe you put some saddles in there and have yourself a ranch :smile.gif:

    Water Elevator
    If your base has many floors and you don't want to spend time getting sticks for ladders, put in a man made water fall that flows between floors. Provided you make sure the water column ends in a 1 block deep trench at the bottom, there will be no flooding, and it will all stay neat and tidy.

    Transcontinental Railroad
    An above ground version of the subway. Build railroads that run between major landmarks on your map, like towns and cities. At each 'stop' build a station, complete with a platform and ticket office, so it has that real railroad appearance.

    Archery Range
    You need to practice those bow skills somewhere, so build yourself an archery range. Aim for the shooting range style of building, with a counter which you shoot over, to hit different targets of varying difficulty. Maybe add moving targets using minecarts, to really test yourself.

    Game Reserve
    Plant yourself a rather large forest, and insert some pig spawners in hidden locations (mainly just so they are out of sight, ugly little things aren't they?) so that your new forest is swarming with pigs. Now build a minecart circuit around this forest, maybe even through it if you're feeling adventurous, so that you have a track to ride on. Now mount up into your new cart, equipped with your bow and arrows, and ride around the forest shooting the pigs that are in there, just as though it was deer hunting, only with pigs instead :biggrin.gif:.

    Papyrus Farm
    A designated area designed for the sole purpose of growing papyrus, for making bookcase blocks. All that is required is dirt blocks, next to a water source. Any papyrus you plant here will grow to being three blocks tall, and then it will need harvesting.

    Artificial Delta
    An artificial delta is a man made structure, consisting of many canals in an area, with small patches of land in it. This land is best used for farming, as it is very well hydrated, and isn't really a pain to look at :smile.gif:

    Why not build yourself a library to house all of those fancy bookcase blocks you have? You might want to split it into sections, so that when it's possible to write on books, all similar information is kept in the same place. Keep it well lit, and it's a good idea to make it out of wood, as it's in-keeping with the bookcase blocks themselves.

    Hiding Your Base

    Underground Escape Route
    One day, its likely that you will have to make a speedy escape from your base, be it to prevent death by mobs, or maybe to escape bandits in SMP. A hidden underground passage is always easy to build, and easy to hide. Just make sure both ends are sealed so that people cant get into your base without you knowing.

    Moon Pool
    This is for bases built by the ocean. A moon pool looks like this: http://www.lostisagame.com/photos/321/moon_pool.jpg
    It is essentially just an underwater entrance, that ends with you surfacing in a pool inside your base

    Inverse Moon Pool
    A single tile hole in the bottom of a lake. No light should escape from the hole. Use ladders and/or a door to defeat gravity and water physics. Connect to a tunnel system.

    Waterfall Entrance
    Place a few spring tiles of water somewhere above the entrance of your base. That way you have to go through the waterfall to gain entrance, and it is much harder to spot from outside.

    Cavity Wall Paths
    Try building the rooms of your fort with a one block thick gap between them. Invisible from the outside, this gap can be used to move around your base undetected, especially if you line the floor with sand or wool, to minimise the sound from your footsteps.

    Every self respecting mincrafter likes to build recreational structures that don't have a 'purpose' as such. These are just some ideas.

    Art Gallery
    With paintings being so easy to create an art gallery is a must. Just a simple display room with a bunch of different paintings in. I like to keep mine well lit to make it easy to see.


    Swimming Pool
    So easy to make now we have buckets to use. Simply take water from your infinite fountain, and create a cool swimming pool. For those who have access to lava, why not put a layer of lava at the bottom and cover it with glass then put the water in. That way you have a heated pool :laugh.gif:


    Simply dig a small hole in your base (preferably a stone base of this is dangerous) and place a log in there. Set it on fire and there you go, you're own fireplace.


    Wondered what to do with all those gold and iron bars you have? Why not make them into blocks and build a cool looking temple

    Water Fountain
    You may have an Inf Water Fountain, but after a long day of mining why not enjoy watching the water trickle down a Normal Water Fountain. Just make the base a hollow circle of any size(make sure its big enough so water doesn't fall on it and spill over) without any water in it and create however many layers you want the water to fall down. On the top layer place a water source and watch as you're water fountain comes to life. This can be combined with the infinite version, just make the base of it bigger.


    Water Slide
    Why not add some water park fun and create a water slide. Just create a pillar with a ladder on it however high you want the slide to be. Create each segment of the slide similar to how bowls and buckets are crafted. Once done, place a water spring at the top and if built correctly the water should only follow the bottom of the slide down. The slide isn't as fast as a real one but its something to bring your inner kid out.


    With flowing water, you could now make a sewer system under your base, which exits into a nearby lake. This could even be hooked up to a toilet, just for realism. If built correctly, miniblocks should flow from your toilet, outside to the exit by the lake.


    A lodge is built entirely for aesthetic reasons, and as a place to relax. Usually built out of wood (planks as the are easy to get, or logs for a better image) and have a wool floor (gives the impression of a carpet). Fill it with paintings and big glass windows to give it a calm image, and maybe add a cobblestone fireplace if you're feeling adventurous.

    An underground area of your base shaped like a dome (based on the eden project biomes for any of you that have been) full of grass, trees, flowers, mushrooms, and maybe a stream. Just a place underground which houses a lot of above ground features.

    This is one of the most ingenious ideas I've seen thus far. It's a large structure that you have to position yourself in to get the sun/moon inside the circle on the roof. Depending where you stand on the bottom 'bridge', you'll be able to work out (roughly) the time of day/night. The pictures below may help explain this a little better.


    Mountain Spa
    This one requires a bit of a precise building location. First you have to find a mountain that goes up to the level of the clouds on the 'fancy' graphics setting. Now build a wooden lodge and install a small 'hot tub' in one of the rooms. Because of how high the spa is, you'll have the occasional cloud passing through your spa, and it will make it appear to be steamy, like a sauna!

    Roller Coaster
    Build your roller coaster out of mine cart track, and build a mine cart to ride on. There is a thread which discusses various games which could be played on minecarts, including jousting, which can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=15035

    Giant Tree
    What is cooler than having your very own ridiculously large tree. You have to hand build it from log blocks, and then plant sapling on the 'branches' to give it leaves.

    When multiplayer finally arrives, why not have an auditorium so you can speak to a large audience of clan members or just friends? A difficult structure to build, an auditorium is a quarter circle shape, that steadily gets higher the farther away you get.

    Something else that may be helpful is a nice little 'circle chart' that was posted on this thread. There is a link to it here: http://i50.tinypic.com/2lj71c7.png

    This is a combination of my opinion and your suggestions as to what a should go into a perfect base. If there's anything else you guys can think of that I haven't included, just let me know and if it's a good suggestion I'll add it in :smile.gif:


    Edit: Oop need to fix the images! I will fix it in 20 minutes... soz.
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