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    Very cool! I've been looking for an update of this mod to 1.12.2 and just happened to see the thread. I downloaded the mod and it works on my install :)

    I'd also be interested in some information about the project, such as if it is planned to be open or closed-source. I can also see that it the new race system of 1.0.4 of Sim-U-Kraft 1.7.10 and was wondering if it is based off of the code for that version or rewritten? Simply curiosity as a programmer :)

    Thanks for the updated version!

    Glad to hear it works! And I have used small bits and pieces from the 1.7.10 code, but overall it is mostly a rewrite. I have a GitHub repository that's currently set to private, I will be making it public in the near future and sharing the link on this thread!

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    Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded

    Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded is a mod that was extended from the old (open source) Sim-U-Kraft mod by Scott Hather/Satscape.

    Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded implements features from SimCity and The Sims to Minecraft. It adds hundreds of Buildings, NPCs to do many jobs, such as Builders, Bakers, Butchers, Farmers, Lumberjacks, Cheesemakers, and many more.

    The mod is suited to different play styles. If you want to make a quaint little village, go ahead. If you want to build a sprawling city, knock yourself out!

    There are multiple gamemodes for the mod. Normal mode allows you to grow an economy, and build your city from the ground up. Creative grants you unlimited money and building materials.

    Now with multiplayer support! The mod will continue development on 1.12.2 until enough features have been added to warrant an update to other Minecraft versions.


    Alternatively, click here.

    Getting Started

    Crafting recipes are the same as older versions of Sim-U-Kraft, and can be found on the old Wiki. In order to start the mod, you must first craft a Constructor Block and place it. Interacting with the block will allow you to pick your gamemode and continue with the mod.


    To install, simply download and install Minecraft Forge, and place the Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded jar file into the mods folder. Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded no longer requires ResourceLoader as a dependency.


    This is a complete rewrite of Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded and as such there will likely be bugs and crashes. Please report any bugs you have to ensure they can be fixed ASAP.


    If you would like to see a new feature in the mod, then please suggest it here


    Join the Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded Discord!


    Other Notes

    You may not repost or redistribute the mod file or the thread above without my given permission.

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