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    Okay, so has anyone else had this problem: you find a nice place, a cosy shore by some savanna or jungle; the place is great, all around there's only more jungle, some deserts, badlands maybe, more savanna. Feels tropical. You're aesthetically pleased...

    And then, there it is. A piece of useless ice by the shore. No one asked for it, no one needed it, but it's there. Again.

    Seriously, the biome generation seems to have been fixed, at least to some extent so it's now rare to find e. g. a tundra biome adjacent to desert, or something, but the frozen ocean seems to have been omitted and it's generating really randomly. And it's like 10 times more common than the actual snowy biomes.

    I get it, most people don't care if there's some ice where it shouldn't be but for these few that actually do - couldn't frozen ocean generate only next to snowy beach? It would make much more sense. Maybe cold beach or in the middle of a cold ocean, if you don't want to make it super rare. Just not literally everywhere. Since Mojang is planning to fix the mountains biome, why not fix this one as well?

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    Since always I've been annoyed by the fact that your pets can only either sit in one place or follow you everywhere. You can build an enclosure, but every time you go away, the pets will just get stuck at the wall/fence, ceaselessly trying to teleport. I guess this has already been proposed but since I couldn't find it anywhere, here I am: let's just add the third option - wander. That's it. Simple.

    I know many questions can arise, like "how do you get your pets back once they wander off too far?", "how do you know if your pet is wandering and not following you / what would indicate that?", "wouldn't the pets become wild again if they got lost for too long?". I won't pretend I know exactly what to do, nor that my ideas are good, but here's what I guess could work:

    - animals, especially dogs and cats, could claim carpets as a kind of their "bed". They would only wander in a specific radius around their "bed" so they wouldn't get lost. To prevent them from claiming any carpet they can find, it can either be a new carpet-based block or they can do that only near the player, when he's falling asleep. A similar thing could work for parrots, but with a fence (or something else like that), or maybe also with carpets or beds, why not. We have similar mechanics working for villagers already.

    note: it wouldn't be necessary for animals to wander, it would simply prevent them from wandering off, so you could just build an enclosure without any petbeds, if you prefer, and your pets could still be happily running around

    - alternatively, pets could simply wander in a radius around player's bed - cats already sleep there, so why not give it a second use. This wouldn't make it possible to create separate enclosures, though

    - if petbeds or restricted-area idea doesn't sound good, there could instead be a way to "call" your pets, with a whistle (that could, for example, work when renamed in the anvil for the same name a name-tagged animal has) made of bone or with chat or maybe with a stick or something else (but, to me, it seems like a bit messy idea)

    - whether an animal is sitting, following you or wandering could be indicated with a sound i.e. a cat would make a specific "meow" when he we make it sit, a different "meow" when we make it follow us etc. I think it's pretty simple and non-intrusive (chat info, particles or change in the model are also optional but I think the sound is much easier and/or less annoying).

    - to avoid making our pet wander when we don't want it to, it could only be made with a stick.

    - as for the "becoming wild" factor, I honestly don't know but I think it shouldn't be a thing; pets could actually come back after, let's say, two-three days, when a player goes to sleep. Imagine waking up to your lost pet doggy.

    Let's give our pets, and ourselves, some freedom.

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    posted a message on how about a chest boat

    yeah, good point, too (though personally, I'd prefer a simple backpack instead, but that'd be too easy, I guess)

    (I mean, the shulker boxes, sorry, thought "reply" would quote that, too ;-; my title says it all, guys)

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    posted a message on how about a chest boat

    okay, so I totally forgot about animals with inventory >.< that's a fair point
    if only they weren't so rare... but I guess Minecraft shouldn't be easy, huh

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    posted a message on What Might Be The End

    Huh, kind of similar to mine, kind of different. It's funny how we both saw the Endermen the "best" ancient civilization and the pigmen as slaves. Some things just seem to be obvious xD

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    Okay, so I know there is some story to Minecraft, we can read the dialogue after killing the Enderdragon, so a "plot" already kind of exists.

    But I had like this pretty neat idea so I'll share it because why not.

    In the beginning, there were three Realms - the End, back then known as the Aether, the Overworld and the Nether. Each was inhabited by intelligent beings. The Aether was home to some long-forgotten race, known as the Aethermen, whose remnants are the Endermen - mere shadows of a once-great civilization. The Overworld was inhabited by Players and Villagers, first being great builders and explorers. The Nether homed a race of the Wither People, aggressive and fierce warriors.

    The Aethermen were... distant. They didn't interact much with the other Realms, minding their own aetherial business. It is not known how they looked, but my impression is like the opposite of the Endermen - white skin, golden eyes. Their world was inhabited by all sorts of flying beings, possibly dragons as well. The Aethermen themselves could not fly but were capable of teleportation (an ability extant in the Endermen). They did, however, build flying ships and created wings, know as Elytra. They might have been quite powerful, but never felt the need to share it with the others. They might have appeared occasionally in the Overworld to seek some resources or knowledge.

    Players and Villagers lived in a kind of harmony. Villagers weren't the greatest hunters, miners or builders, so they relied on the Players to get resources and shelters in return for the food they grew and items they crafted. Players also provided defense against the Wither People and other dangers, like creepers, who has been in the world since, like, always (the Iron Golem may be a later invention of the Villagers left without any Players to guard them or an independent invention all along; the Illagers appeared fairly recently, so they may be descendants of normal Villagers who played with necromancy or simply... changed as the world became more hostile). The Players would then be the ones who created mineshafts, ships and temples (this gives a lot of space for more of abandoned structures to be added in the future versions of the game; I did not consider the water temples so it's an open topic).

    The Wither People were most of all, warriors and raiders. Using the obsidian portal, they entered the Overworld to attack and raid for resources or simply as a form of entertainment. They often waged wars against each other, too. The enslaving of Villagers and Players was attempted, numerously, but neither could withstand the barren conditions of the Nether and therefore, the Wither People created Pigmen, a race of slavers, modified so that they could survive in the Land of Fire (possibly an act of humiliation as well - the people being combined with pigs, animals farmed for meat, living in the dirt). Zombie pigmen are remnants of those slavers (the Wither People knew and used necromancy, so it would make sense). The blazes might simply be remaining guardians of the temples, so a creation of the Wither People as well. The Wither, now a boss, was back then a weapon of destruction, crafted with heads of their own people. How gore.

    What happened to all those races was a Player that craved the ultimate power. I think you all know who'd that be. Herobrine. Or at least that's what he's been called since he changed.

    He somehow managed to create the End Portal (let's remember that to craft the eye of ender we need to murder the Endermen and use blaze powder, gained from the Nether; kind of a combination of both) to enter the Aether, possibly accessible only by Aethermen teleportation (unlike the Nether and the obsidian portal, which we can simply craft ourselves). The strongholds probably would be his creation, too. What he attempted to harness must have destroyed the Aether, turning it into the cold, dark End, leaving nothing but shadows, rock and abandoned cities. It would explain the Ender Dragon (a guardian made to destroy any Player that goes through the portal), as well as the Endermen behavior (wandering around, gathering resources to rebuild their lost world and attacking, once they recognized the Player, as the Player equals Destroyer). Herobrine's actions affected all other Realms as well, as the undead and other monsters started to appear in the Overworld. It could also technically explain weird Minecraft physics (the result of merging with the Aether) and wandering farm animals (leftovers from the previous civilizations).

    And Herobrine disappeared. We don't know what happened to him, do we? He could have just died, vanished or maybe hid somewhere, that's another open topic.

    So yeah, um, I wasted so much time on this >-<

    Hope anyone finds it interesting or sth.

    ps. I guess similar concepts had already emerged in the past, but why should that stop me from sharing, idk.

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    posted a message on how about a chest boat

    We have minecarts with furnaces, chests and all kinds of functional blocks, so why not make boats with them as well? Or at least with the chest. It would make moving and saving one's equipment much more convenient.

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