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    Changeling is now v1.3.1 and DominionLib is now v2.4.2. This brings them up-to-date with the latest upstream Metamorph/McLib changes as of a week ago. Yay!

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    Changeling and DominionLib have been updated. This includes upstream changes from Metamorph/mclib as they existed approximately two years ago. But Changeling now includes some nice survival and configuration improvements. For example, the notoriously fast-moving squid bug has been fixed. Players morphed as undead are now properly undead, and there are new config options to fully disable some morphing features.

    A lot has changed in the upstream Metamorph mod. In particular, McHorse has retired. The two codebases have been diverging for some time for understandable reasons on both my end and theirs. I did manage to get sparse morph settings merged upstream, which was probably the most invasive change. Special thanks to Chryfi for his review while maintaining the quality of Blockbuster for users.

    Next step is to merge upstream Metamorph and mclib back into Changeling again. That should put me in a good state to begin contributing survival changes upstream again as desired.

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    Hello, I am back with a security hotfix.

    If you are thinking of running the Hardcore Alchemy modpack in multiplayer, my advice to you is: Please don't!

    However, if you attempt to do so anyway, please upgrade to 0.8.2 or later, keep your server in whitelisted mode, and read this server security guide.

    Update: A 0.8.2 changelog is now available.

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    There is a new report of a modded server exploit affecting versions 1.7.10 through 1.12.2 . There are currently conflicting claims of how to fix the issue. At this time I am not able to verify that either suggested fix is adequate or safe for the Hardcore Alchemy modpack, or 1.10.2 more generally. At this time, I strongly advise that Hardcore Alchemy players do not play multiplayer until I personally confirm the issue is fixed.

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    Part 9

    Chapter 75: A Choice to Live With
    We don't know what we're dealing with.

    The seriousness of my cousin's near-death imprisonment is still sinking in. Dan's health is in an uncertain state. But even if Dan's freedom wasn't contingent on a demon hunt, our chances of catching the demon would be pretty slim without him.

    Chevron says to cousin Dan, "Indeed. If we charge headfirst at the demon, it will be like we are walking barefoot into a room blindfolded, which may be covered with spikes. And Fristad's life would not be spared. But we are not going to fight the demon in that way. We will study the demon from afar, as one does when fighting any sort of powerful mage. And only after we have understood it will we attempt to defeat it," Chevron nods with approval toward Dan, "and with your intuition for the minds of many beings, I have no doubt we will succeed."

    Dan's brows furrow. "This demon is running away from us. It doesn't want to be followed. If we chase it, it will most certainly respond with agression."

    "Precisely. I'd like to avoid that as long as possible," Chevron says. "Avoid direct contact, and approach discreetly when needed."

    Dan smiles knowingly, "Such an effort will require a large set of skills. How many of your trusted Arch-Mage friends will join us?"

    "Did I say they were Arch-Magi? I may have fibbed a bit to get you out of that cell. Why don't we talk somewhere more private? We wouldn't want to attract prying ears..."

    We scout out a narrow alleyway and continue our conversation there.

    "So they aren't Arch-Magi?" Dan inquires. "Now I'm curious! Because no ordinary miners or magi would be up to this task. And given my void magic, the city guard is out of the question. You wouldn't happen to have a secret life of crime like I do, perhaps?"

    Chevron grins. "Strictly publicly speaking... I am but a law-abiding Arch Mage with ties to the city's Mage Guild. Crime, subterfuge, and dark magic are not on my resume."

    "Oh, that's right, I forgot! What a shame," Dan smiles knowingly. "I don't suppose you know some high-ranking necromancer in the city, then? Preferably one with a specialization in souls."

    "I do, actually," Chevron grins smugly. "Not with a specialization in souls though, I'm afraid."

    "Ah yes, what a shame..." Dan laments. "Wait, come again? You know a necromancer?"

    "Yes, I've known the Overseer of Bluesteel for many years. He's quite the character."

    "'Quite the character?'" I echo. "Now THAT's a euphemism if I've heard one. I'd thought that you, an Arch-Mage of Fire, bound by honor, widely renown in the city, and admired by my former human self, would have better tact, and surely better moral options."

    Chevron and Dan look at each other knowingly, then burst out laughing.

    Chevron takes a deep breath. "Indeed, we have been dealt an unfortunate fate, which requires the expertise of a servant of Herobrine, of all people! If only there were mages of Void in the city guard! Ah, an old woman can dream."

    "Okay, why were BOTH of you laughing? Have you two been keeping Chevron's relationship with a necromancer a secret from me this whole time?" I ask.

    Dan smiles mysteriously. "The best-kept secret is a secret that you don't know."

    "So... you guessed?"

    Dan's arm swipes across my face. Before I can process the danger, he's torn off my goggles and is staring straight into my eyes.

    "No, Jonas. I simply asked a question."

    I frown indignantly. "I could have killed you!"

    Dan hands me my goggles back.

    "Huh. I guess you could have. My apologies."

    I re-equip the goggles. At this point I'm not sure if Dan has gone crazy or is just showing off. Maybe I'm not as Ender as I thought I was, but even so... I'm not taking chances.

    "Let's go find the necromancer," Chevron declares. "He has a hideaway in the Sprigs, which is not far from here."


    I still can't believe that my grandmother knows a necromancer. Given my past misdeeds in the Red Aether, I am not exactly welcome there, and I've seen firsthand the terrible things they do. Nevertheless, we are proceeding with the plan. Given our circumstances, recruiting Chevron's alleged necromancer friend is our best shot for saving Fristad. I just hope my new halfblood appearance is enough to absolve me of suspicion.

    I teleport us to a market where Chevron buys Dan some more well-fitting clothes. He is indecisive, but eventually chooses some grey pants and a buttoned white shirt, similar to his old outfit although not as high quality. Chevron makes the purchase, and Dan then gets himself dressed in a loo. As he emerges, we see that his new outfit fits him much better, although the sleeves are a bit short. Wearing smaller clothes and being deprived of his grey mage's cloak seems to have hurt his confidence a bit.

    Chevron then buys materials for an iron sword and a sheath, and gives them to Dan.

    Dan frowns. "Only a few iron?"

    "Sorry, Vrendan, I know you prefer diamond. I was in a rush to pack, and as such I'm a bit light on credits at the moment," Chevron admits. "We can equip ourselves better later, with armor as well."

    Dan crafts himself a new iron sword. He gives it a few swings and nods with approval. He then crafts a sheath which fits his new sword, fastens it to his waist, and slides his new sword halfway into its sheath. He then presses his hand against his hilt, muttering one of the Imbuement spells. When his spell ends, a faint orange glint hovers over his sword handle, evidence of fire magic, enhancing the sword with a temporary enchantment.

    Dan's grin grows. "I must say, it is good to have a sword again."

    Nervously, I recall that I left Sunshine and the hogs behind when I left Cubit's apartment, and our supplies and money are in those bags. I set this guilt aside, to avoid delaying our trip any further. They're as good as gone at this point.

    Chevron then guides us toward the secret hideout of the necromancer.


    We soon enter the Sprigs, the neighborhood in which Chevron's necromancer friend allegedly lives.

    It is not an area I know too well, and I find it surprisingly charming. Thick moss lays upon the old stone brick roads. Unkempt senior oak trees and thick bushes loiter in the alleys of the narrow apartment lots and mildly trespass onto the streets. The roads are on the quiet side, just occupied by the occasional lone pedestrian, keeping their head low or straight ahead. On a roof, a kid and a teenager spar with wooden swords, a nostalgic sight that takes me many years back. I remember when I used to teach Fristad how to sword fight in sparring matches like that. Fristad was like my godson to me back then. He was very different as a kid. Restless, never stopped talking, a troublemaker out of boredom rather than boldness.

    I pull myself out of my reminiscence.

    "How much further until we meet him?" I ask Chevron.

    "Go to this tunnel up ahead."

    I teleport us to the entrance of a tunnel, and we walk inside. The world on the other side of my goggles becomes dark. Torches are few and far between. Chevron and Dan unsheath their glimmering swords.

    "This way," says Chevron, turning left toward a stone wall.

    Chevron puts her fingers on the wall, and whispers in the traditional dialect, "Daggers and malice out, friends in."

    Chevron's voice faintly echoes with power. Falling dust hisses as a portion of the wall carves into the shape of a stone door. Chevron pulls the stone handle outward. The door creaks as if it is made of wood.

    Our grandmother Chevron enters and beckons us inside.

    The room is sparsely lit. Along the walls of the room are shelves with boxes and sealed barrels, covered with dust.

    Chevron turns around and waves her hand, and the stone door closes and morphs back into the wall, trapping us inside.

    "Don't be deceived by the appearance of this room," warns Chevron. "The entrance is here, just not in this physical space."

    "I had a feeling it was too easy to get here," says Dan.

    "Kara?" Chevron says. "Are you here?"

    After a moment, a male voice speaks out. "Kara is no longer here."

    "Who are you?" asks Chevron. "What happened to Kara?"

    Chevron and the voice exchange a few questions. The voice's responses are evasive, and don't reveal much. But Kara was most likely turned into a zombie as a form of punishment. Zombies face an agonizing and unfulfilling existence that lasts for eternity. The servants of Herobrine know this best of all. That's one thing that makes them especially cruel.

    Then, a man walks out of nothingness and stands in front of Chevron. His clothes are, surprisingly, quite reasonable. Business casual, actually. I was expecting something more fierce or monastic.

    "The outer ward is activated. You can speak freely now," says the man.

    "I am Arch Mage Chevron Ti'Drannes." She points toward Dan. "This is my grandson and apprentice, Mage Vrendan Ti'Drannes." She points toward me. "And this is my assistant, Marth."

    I nod agreeably and give a shallow bow, trying my best to absorb the new temporary identity. I'm now Marth, Arch-Mage Ti'Drannes' loyal assistant. Relationship strictly professional. Got it.

    "I don't trust creatures with purple eyes," remarks the man.

    "Don't worry, I will make sure he's well-behaved." says Chevron. "We are here to see the Overseer, Whiteriver. We have important business to discuss."

    "Few outsiders know the Bluesteel Overseer's name and live," the man says. "Evidently, you are no stranger to the servants of Herobrine. But I would advise against bringing others with you, especially not Ender. I can bring you to him. But I guarantee nothing."

    "I would expect nothing more," Chevron says. "Please proceed."


    The Herobrinian assistant in business casual clothing walks away and fades into red mist, and returns with three metal rods. He hands one to each of us. The length of my rod fits just within my palm.

    "Hold on tight to these," says the man, "or you will die."

    The rod within my hand begins to glow red and shake, and my entire body is suddenly rippling along with it. I can feel it compressing my bones. This isn't the sort of teleportation trick you want to teach to your grandkids.

    The first thing I notice on the other side is the incredibly overpowering smell of coal soot and rotten flesh. It is a hard smell to forget. This is the Red Aether, the dimension of ever-present red smog, the land of the dead, the place I had tried so hard to escape in a desperate attempt to preserve my memories. Even worse, we are in the heart of an "administrative building," where necromancers and the undead of the Aether Guard roam in abundance. There are few places more unfitting for a soul criminal like me to be. Here's to hoping my new halfblood form hides my name. There's no point in praying here, since the other gods will not hear me.

    Beneath our feet, a fifteen meter, circular rune is engraved into the stone floor. A rune of this size is designed to teleport a hundred undead at once. No wonder it was so hard on my body! I still feel like my elbows are dislocated. That will hurt tomorrow.

    I observe Dan, worried of his age. He seems unphased by the dimensional jerk, but the true toll on his body is impossible to guess.

    I look around. This whole building is massive. We are in a hall intersection with tall ceilings, red curtains, and stone columns. Skeletons with glowing red light in their eye sockets, a hallmark of the Aether Guard, run busily past us in all directions. Many carry scrolls. Others guard the walls, wielding bows. One red-eyed skeleton is sweeping the floor.

    Most skeletons live a carefree life of carnage and evilness, free of the serious responsibilities of high-ranking necromancers, but also free from the eternal suffering of zombies. The Aether Guard is an exception. Their work never ends.

    As we pass through the hall, many of the red eyes of the Aether Guard scrutinize me. It appears the Red Aether is not a place where endermen are welcome. That is not reassuring, and doesn't help my worries that someone in this place will find a reason to incriminate me. I resolve to stay quiet when possible, and keep my head low.

    The man who led us here leads us to a door guarded by a dozen or so Aether Guard skeletons.

    "I am bringing these three to see the Overseer," the man says to the skeleton guards.

    The skeleton guards make room.

    "I don't know how familiar the other two of you are with necromancers," says the man, "but here's some sincere advice: Keep your moral righteousness and humanistic philosophies - or Ender philosophies - to yourselves. Also, my name is Erin. I am a Level 3 and my assignment to this post is temporary."

    The man opens the door for us, then leaves.


    High-level necromancers all have a different look to them, but there is an unmistakable aesthetic to them. Usually some unconventional armor, with some combination of a crazed wild look and/or antisocial demeanor. All the better to commit acts of unspeakable evil. Unlike the man who brought us here, who was dressed in acceptable business casual clothes, the Overseer of Bluesteel is in line with the common, more unpleasant trend.

    He's more on the discheveled side: messy black hair, dark eyes, and an angular face, complemented with unusual yellow-tinted iron armor, possibly for shapeshifting. He sits with his elbow on a desk, holding a glowing redstone sphere in his hand. His posture conveys effectively that we should know better than to mess with him.

    The man then spots us, and sets the sphere down onto his desk. His eyes fall upon me and narrow in suspicion, and I wonder with fear if he recognizes me somehow. Then, as if bored with me, his face turns toward Dan, and his expression morphs into contempt.

    His eyes then focus upon Chevron, his expression cynical.

    "Why are you here?"

    Chevron says, "Overseer Whiteriver, a powerful void mage demon is on the loose in Bluesteel, and a dear friend of ours, Fristad, is under the demon's direct control. I request your assistance to help us hunt down the demon and save Fristad."

    "Hunting down demons in my jurisdiction is certainly my business, but ensuring the preservation of human life complicates matters and breaks protocol." He sighs, exasperated, as if wondering why we bothered coming here. But then, he acknowledges without emotion, "How powerful is this demon? Where did it come from?"

    Chevron gestures toward Dan. "My grandson, Vrendan, is an expert on sentient beings of all kinds. He will tell you."

    There is on one hand a brief flash of nervousness in Dan's face, but he then collects his expertise. "The situation is concerning, to say the least. This demon was able to manipulate and influence Fristad for long periods of time. This may be a case of standard soul possession, but since the demon is also a void mage, we suspect they have used an incredibly powerful void spell instead. What is also concerning is that the demon has most likely switched to another vessel. If the vessel was undamaged when this happened, then this demon has a powerful soul. I'm not sure exactly how powerful."

    "Fristad did hit it with an axe," I add. That was after Fristad turned on me, and tried to drive an arrow into my neck. The hatred I saw in his eyes still haunts me.

    "That's a good point," says Dan.

    Whiteriver postulates, "I assume this ender halfblood is with you due to its immunity to the void. Do you have the original vessel?"

    "I have it." I supply the book to Whiteriver from my back pocket.

    Whiteriver inspects the book. He frowns with disgust. "This is not a demon's vessel and it never was one. This is a blank book. You might as well throw it away."

    Whiteriver returns the book to me. I stare at the book with fear. Did I misplace the book?

    "I'm pretty sure that's the original vessel," Dan counters, "Hand that book to me and I'll show the Overseer why," says Dan.

    I give Dan the book. Dan holds the book up, and conjures purple flames around the book. He smiles with satisfaction.

    "Fascinating, isn't it? No mundane book is known to be immune to voidfire in this way."

    Whiteriver sighs with annoyance. "Then it is Elor technology. And there is nothing "fascinating" about it. All of human technology exists to consume and deface Notch's gift of creation. How it traveled this far eastward is a problem for the WOC. Enfocement of human laws is of no concern to me."

    "I was not aware the WOC had an enforcement department," Dan remarks, mirroring my unease. Indeed, an institution bent on suppressing technology from somewhere far west seems dystopian.

    "It doesn't matter. Anyways, since I cannot sense a soul within this vessel, I have no way to know how powerful this demon is. I will have to drag other servants of Herobrine away from their very important work and into this wild goose chase, as a precaution. But first of all, let's discuss the terms."

    "Yes, and you know how this goes," Chevron remarks. "Don't insult me. My soul is not for sale, and you still owe a debt to me. And I don't want you or your henchmen killing any civilians either."

    "What you are asking is completely unreasonable. It doesn't just break protocol; it insults it! If the demon is as powerful as you say, we need all of the forces at our disposal to neutralize it. Such a weakling pacifist mission leaves me few options in terms of manpower, and is almost certainly doomed to fail. My soul will be on the line because of it. I will need you to pay in kind."

    "Do you doubt your own abilities so? That you are concerned of receiving that kind of punishment?" Chevron challenges.

    "I do not doubt them. I only quantify them."

    "Then perhaps you can quantify this dragon scale." Chevron reaches inside her red robe and pulls out a pearlescent, black dragon scale the size of her palm, attached to a necklace. Dan has one just like it, which Chevron gave to him after my death. "It is a spoil of my ancestry, a powerful artifact. And it is the only one I own. Should we fail to capture the demon, it will be yours."

    Whiteriver's face doesn't move much, but Chevron is grinning smugly, as if she knows how to play this game. Her ancestor's dragon scale is one of the most valuable things she owns. It is a hefty wager.

    Whiteriver says, "I assume you do not intend to part with that dragon scale if the effort is successful. What will be my compensation then?"

    Chevron calculates her offer. "I still know a number of dishonorable miners, magi, and businessfolk in the city, for whom societal norms compel me to ignore, but whose fates I may be willing to influence. If Fristad is returned to us safely, I may tell you one of their names."

    Whiteriver says, "I want four unconditionally, and I want my debt eliminated. Another four if Fristad is saved."

    "That can be arranged."

    Writeriver walks around us, knocks on the doorframe, and yells loudly, "SCRIBE!"

    The scribe, an Aether Guard, rushes into the room. Whiteriver dictates the contract to the scribe with droning precision. The scribe crouches on the floor, swiftly and precisely writing letters of blood.

    Chevron then reads the finished scroll. She frowns, and sighs longingly. "I didn't imagine giving it away in that sense, but I suppose it makes sense. But it is a hard bargain indeed."

    Chevron turns to Dan.

    "Grandson, under this contract, if we fail to capture the demon, I do not just give away my dragon scale, but everything it represents. I can no longer tell the stories of our ancestry, or teach anyone about void magic. All those rights are transferred to Whiteriver."

    Dan swivels his head toward Whiteriver and he sizes him up. He smirks with contempt. "How thrifty! But it's never gonna happen. Because I'm the most knowledgeable mage on souls there is in the region, and a bunch of necromancers are about to help us. Sign away!"

    Whiteriver hands Chevron the pen. I watch in dread as Chevron signs at the bottom of the scroll. Whiteriver then presents an iron dagger to Chevron. She cuts her palm, and squeezes it. Her blood drips onto the paper. She doesn't even flinch.

    Chevron then returns the pen and dagger to Whiteriver, who signs the scroll.

    "So it is written," Whiteriver declares, and throws the pen and dagger upon the desk.

    The scribe gingerly takes the scroll and pen from the desk, and departs. There is a sense of permanence to watching that blood-bound scroll contract leave the room.

    My grandmother has wagered her ancestry, and sealed the fate of several city dwellers whose morality is unknown to me. It is yet more guilt that I must live with.

    In spite of his confident grin, Dan's eyes likewise seem affixed upon the doorframe through which the scroll has fled. I can't imagine what's going through his head right now.

    In spite of the harsh scorn Chevron gave Dan in her Sparrow's Bay lecture hall in the after hours, and in spite of his rebellious nature, Dan has always been the most faithful grandson, and yearns to preserve her legacy. The idea of losing a part of that must weigh heavily on him.

    Table of Contents

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    I am pleased to announce that version 0.8.1 of the Hardcore Alchemy modpack: An Alchemist's Gamble, has been released!

    This release adds the Seal of Form, an item that stores knowledge of a morph. It also adds a new block crafted using Dimensional flux crystals, that allows you to stay in a morph for up to 10 times longer without long-term consequences. However, you will need to backtrack to the block in order to demorph again.

    Anyway... as you may know, I broke timefrozen crafting, so you couldn't actually timefreeze things. Sorry, it's fixed now.

    The combat damage system has also been overhauled, so player attack no longer depends on experience levels, and instead depends on what morphs you have acquired. Player defense is no longer impacted anymore, so armor is more important. Since the new combat system doesn't depend on experience points, you can now store experience points using the Tome of Peritia from Blood Magic.

    Another nice QOL feature is that when you break Harvestcraft gardens, they will no longer clutter your inventory with a bunch of seeds. It was previously possible to prevent this by sneaking, but it is easy to forget to do that by accident. Now, you can use the sieve from Ex Nihilo to break the gardens down into seeds on demand. Seed drop rates have been increased as well, to keep the grind from sifting to a minimum.

    Aside from that, there's a lot of other nice tweaks and fixes in this release. Feedback is welcome, particularly on the new block. Is it balanced? Is it too hard to use? Are there any bugs?

    I hope you enjoy this new release! And as always... don't forget to drink water.

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    posted a message on asanetargoss' Miscellaneous Mods (Changeling and more)

    The Ars Magica 2 fix is now available on the official Curseforge page. Also, I've backported the 1.12 version of the Keyboard Wizard mod to 1.10, which will be available on the official Curseforge page soon. As such, there are no reasons to use my forks anymore. Just use the official versions from now on. (but, for the sake of completeness, I've also released these mods on my GitHub fork pages)

    I am also experimenting with Modrinth as a modding platform going forward. The first experiment was uploading the Hardcore Alchemy modpack. Each new modpack release, I may attempt to upload a new mod used by the modpack, starting with mods that are low-maintenance and rarely updated. Aspect Tweaker is the first mod for the Modrinth experiment. If all goes well, you may see it on the site soon.

    The general pattern for Modrinth for the near future will be: upload mod -> if that goes well, upload the modpack -> if that goes well, upload another mod and so on.

    As usual, I generally release my stuff on GitHub pretty reliably these days, and mods released in such way are mostly suitable for use in modpacks, provided you follow the license terms.

    Edit 2023-06-08: Apologies for prematurely declaring a security breach in Curseforge's login system; the false statement was in the OP description in this thread for a brief time. I had forwarded information from a modder who I view as technically competent and therefore I believed to be a trusted source on the malware situation. Apparently that was not the case. Still, I don't regret sounding the alarm early with imperfect information, as the malware ended up being pretty serious (you can read about it here).

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.8.2 - Security Hotfix)

    I am pleased to announce that the Hardcore Alchemy modpack is now available on Modrinth.

    Hardcore Alchemy's presence on Modrinth is currently experimental. However, it is highly likely that the upcoming Hardcore Alchemy modpack version 0.8 will be on Modrinth. The MultiMC version of the modpack, as posted on the Hardcore Alchemy wiki, is still first priority.

    The upcoming 0.8 modpack release is a work in progress, and focuses mainly on improvements to survival morphing.

    A new craftable item will be added, the Seal of Form, to allow you to store your knowledge of a morph. Changeling will also be updated with some bug fixes.

    Last but not least, there is a more ambitious, experimental morphing mechanic in progress. It involves a block which is unofficially called a morphing apparatus (final name subject to change). By using a Seal of Form on the apparatus, you can stay in a morph for much longer without getting permamorphed. The downside is that your activated apparatus is tied to a specific location, so you will have to return to that location to regain your shapeshifting abilities.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.8.2 - Security Hotfix)

    Version 0.7.3 of the Hardcore Alchemy modpack has been released! This fixes a bug where the player could rarely get stuck as a morph after switching dimensions. This release also updates some mods! As such, updating the modpack is recommended!

    You all should expect to see some mod changes in the coming months, but hopefully not as drastic as this update. With Curseforge piloting Linux support, I have been exploring the possibility of making Hardcore Alchemy available on the Feed the Beast launcher. So, I'll be busy doing a bunch of administrative stuff in the meantime. If you're curious about the details, there is more info here.

    Edit: FTB launcher plans have been canceled, so the modpack will stay MultiMC-only for now.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.8.2 - Security Hotfix)

    I am pleased to announce version 0.7.2 of the Hardcore Alchemy modpack has been released!

    The most notable change: there is a brand new health upgrade mechanic! You will acquire broken hearts by performing various tasks. These can be used to craft health upgrades. Unlike the Tough As Nails mechanic, these upgrades are temporary, with a chance for you to lose one heart upgrade upon death. Gameplay feedback is welcome, especially with regard to difficulty and ideas for new hearts.

    Also in this release, some unfair death bugfixes: Wither skeletons can no longer apply the wither effect through your shield. Also fixed were cave spiders, husks, and fire arrows.

    Be sure to check the 0.7.2 Upgrade Guide this time, as it has some especially useful info.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.8.2 - Security Hotfix)

    This isn't a modpack update, but nevertheless a notable change.

    The Hardcore Alchemy capstone mod has been split into a bunch of smaller mods. The capstone mod was very broad in scope and integrated with over a dozen different mods. The split aims to make things a bit more maintainable, so that one mod interacts with survival mods, one mod interacts with Changeling/mob mods, etc.

    Therefore, I introduce version 0.7.0 of the Hardcore Alchemy mod suite, with the following mods:

    • Hardcore Alchemy (Core)
    • Hardcore Alchemy Tweaks
    • Hardcore Alchemy Creatures
    • Hardcore Alchemy Magic
    • Hardcore Alchemy Survival
    • Hardcore Alchemy Modpack (for things specific to the modpack like the guidebooks)

    Most of these mods only depend on Core, so in principle they can now be used independently. That being said, there are no new config options, as this mod suite is still intended mainly for use by the modpack. The new gradle build setup may be of interest to mod developers.

    Because these mods are just the same features as the capstone mod but split out into smaller mods, there was no reason for a new modpack release. You will see this collection of smaller mods in the next modpack release.

    Edit: Version 0.7.1 of the mod suite has been released, mainly fixing some bugs introduced in 0.7.0

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.8.2 - Security Hotfix)

    Hardcore Alchemy 0.6.1 has been released!

    The notable new feature in this release is Dimensional Flux Crystals, which can be used to craft Potions of Voidfade. The crafting mechanic for creating Dimensional Flux Crystals is simple, but something you will have to discover. I will be interested to see what people think of it!

    There are a few quality-of-life fixes as well. The bottom blocks of reeds no longer uproot due to ice, which should hopefully make reeds easier to find in new chunks. This should hopefully make it easier to purify water in earlygame. As a tradeoff, reeds and cacti no longer grow in winter (they may still grow if there are heating coils from Tough As Nails nearby, although I haven't tested this). Also, modded wood types are new usable in more crafting recipes.

    On the bugfix side, there were crash fixes for Embers and Keyboard Wizard, and Ars Magica 2 should no longer stall load time.

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    posted a message on asanetargoss' Miscellaneous Mods (Changeling and more)

    Mostly some programming/mod development stuff to report.

    First, some gradle stuff had to be updated because, sadly, parts of the internet that modding relies on are not permanent. If you're a modder for, say 1.10 or 1.12, this is the tl;dr of what I changed in the build.gradle files to make sure mods I have released continue to compile, and you should change yours also:

    Now that I know my stuff compiles "from scratch" again, I have made a mod template for those who may be interested in creating a Changeling add-on:


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    posted a message on asanetargoss' Miscellaneous Mods (Changeling and more)

    Embers 0.300.hca.4 has been released. This fixes some crashes and adds the ability to process Thaumcraft metals.

    Edit: Aspect Tweaker 0.2.0 has also been released, adding tools for modifying Thaumcraft research, and a few other conveniences.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.8.2 - Security Hotfix)

    0.6.0 has been released! Heads up: Embers has been updated! There are a few new gadgets to play with, but Embers items and blocks in your world will be converted. Consider copying your most recent backups from your backups/ folder to a temporary location, as a precaution against the (hopefully) rare case of a world corrupting crash or the need to downgrade. Please report bugs!

    In combination with the above, the Thaumcraft and Embers metal systems have been unified.

    Also, spells from Ars Magica will no longer be viable outside the overworld, due to the unique properties of dimensional auras.

    Unlike in the past, 0.6.0 is the first version in the 0.6 series. So, hopefully more random features and fixes are to come!

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