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    Iberia v1.0-18_HcA_v2 has been released, adding a config option to disable setting time to day on respawn. Useful if you want a bit more challenge, or when time resets could cause issues.

    It looks like Metamorph and McLib just updated! The good news: thanks to DominionLib, Changeling is unaffected by the big changes to McLib and thus will continue to work correctly! The good/bad news: It's a big update, which means I'm a bit worried about how difficult it will be to integrate the new code. Hopefully it works out, though.

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    A new modpack version is up! 0.3.13 fixes the Nether crash. Since the crash was built on top of some work intended for the next release, you get those nice improvements as well! Some highlights:

    • Brand-spanking new LWGL2 build! Thanks to the awesomeness of MultiMC, I am allowed to do this. This should make the gameplay experience more pleasant, particularly for Linux users. Windows users should not experience any difference. For more information about how you can use this updated LWJGL version in your own MultiMC modpacks, see my comment on this MultiMC issue: https://github.com/MultiMC/MultiMC5/issues/2669#issuecomment-586794835
    • The Potion of Water resistance has been added, craftable with the new Drowned Ender Pearl. No entry for this in the guidebook just yet as I wanted to get this hotfix out, but should be pretty self-explanatory!
    • Particles disabled for your morph in first person! Another nice improvement for blaze players
    • Some morphs no longer have to eat

    As has been the case for the past few releases, users with limited bandwidth are encouraged to just update the capstone mod.

    Read the full changelog here:


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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.3.13 - Morphs, deaths, diet, and crash fix!)

    If you are experiencing a crash when visiting the Nether, please download and replace the capstone mod:


    A new modpack version with the fix will be uploaded later.

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    posted a message on The Book of Dreams [Part of the Convergence] [Ch69: Absence]

    I am pleased to announce Chapter 69: Absence! Three things remain missing, and we still do not know why. A professional explains one, but their actions are resented. Is Two a sign of something bigger? Or just a coincidence? There is much to learn, yet much is still misunderstood...

    I hope you enjoy the new chapter!

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    Hello everyone!

    I have just uploaded a new release of Changeling to github. Curseforge may take a while, because I will need to wait for DominionLib to get approved before I can even upload the new Changeling release there.

    DominionLib is the new library mod I mentioned! This version is more or less interchangeable with McLib, but future versions may not be! Make sure to download DominionLib and remove McLib!

    In addition, Iron Golem morphs no longer have completely unbounded exponential gravity. Thanks to James103 for contributing this fix.

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    Heads up!

    McHorse, the creator of Metamorph, has announced they are now focusing on 1.12 only. This means that McHorse's mods, including Metamorph and McLib, will no longer receive updates for 1.10 and 1.11.

    What does this mean for Changeling? Currently, Changeling depends on McLib. But McLib will only focus on 1.12. For this reason, I will have to create a new version of McLib, released under a new name, and have Changeling depend on that instead. That way, I can continue to keep all versions of Changeling in-sync.

    You may already know that Changeling uses the same mod ID as Metamorph ("metamorph"). This is to make it easy for the player to substitute one mod for the other. My new fork of McLib will be the same way. It will use the same mod ID internally as McLib ("mclib"), so it's theoretically compatible with anything that depends on McLib. Emphasis on "theoretically," though.

    Because this is a new library mod, you will have to make sure it's downloaded in order for Changeling to work correctly. You will also have to make sure McLib is removed, or your game will complain about a duplicate mod ID "mclib".

    Anyways, the current version of Changeling ("1.2-1.X.X_command-fixes") still depends on McLib, so this is something to keep in mind for the future!

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    Oh yea, I forgot I edited this thread a while ago.

    Anyways, where are my manners? Hi, I'm asanetargoss! You may know me as the mysterious non-human avatar helping to maintain the shapeshifting mod Changeling, a survival-oriented fork of the excellent mod Metamorph by McHorse. You may also know me for Hardcore Alchemy, that one modpack where you can get stuck as a chicken for the rest of your life, or perhaps for various other endeavors both contemporary and literary. I originally created this thread to showcase my one-off Tinker's Construct coremod, Mattock DireSlime Fix, but since them I've moved on to other things, and felt it best to update the thread to include a bunch of mods I felt didn't deserve their own separate theads.

    Most of the mods I maintain mainly to help improve the Hardcore Alchemy modpack, although I always post standalone downloads of mods I have changed when I have the rights to do so. The main exception is Changeling, which may have other types of changes. If a mod update is mainly relevant to Hardcore Alchemy, I probably won't post about it here, to avoid coming across as spam.

    Anyways, Changeling has been updated!

    • Various crash fixes are included, mostly courtesy of McHorse
    • A health-related fix courtesy of McHorse, although I haven't tested it to figure out which fix
    • There is now a config option to disable morph idle sounds!
    • Morph commands now respect when a command sender does not want command feedback. This has implications for ContentTweaker items running commands.

    Like most recent releases, this new release of Changeling includes the tippy top of the latest Metamorph github code, and comes with a complimentary, totally arbitrary version number and name.

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    posted a message on What version of Java do I need in order to run my modpack?

    Oh yea, 16GB should be plenty even for modern packs, but for 1.7.10? Yea, Java 8 64-bit is still the way to go.

    Edit: Also, maybe press F3 while in-game and see the RAM usage. You may be allocating a lot more RAM than you need for that version and mod count, but then again it varies a lot depending on what kind of mods you have installed, settings, etc.

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    posted a message on What version of Java do I need in order to run my modpack?

    The MultiMC wiki should answer most of your MulitMC questions. In a nutshell, you need Java 8 64-bit. Yes, java is independent from your mods:


    For Forge 1.13 and up, the process of installing Forge in MultiMC is harder. There is an unofficial way to do it here, although the instructions do gloss over some steps:


    For 1.13+, there are also Fabric mods. They are not compatible with Forge mods. Visit the Fabric website for more information on how to use Fabric:


    Check these out. If you are confused, it helps to know: what version of Minecraft you are using, and what modloader you are using (Fabric vs Forge). How much RAM your computer has also matters; later modded versions and more/bigger mods need more RAM to run properly.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.3.13 - Morphs, deaths, diet, and crash fix!)

    Hello everyone! Thanks to all who participated in the 0.5 interest check poll! I've taken a look at the poll and did some analysis on it. You can see the results and analysis here:

    Hardcore Alchemy 0.5 Interest Check Results and Analysis

    The bad news is that the poll didn't do a very good job of helping me narrow down what feature(s) to focus on for the 0.5 release. But I do have an idea of how to proceed, so here are my thoughts on Hardcore Alchemy development going forward:

    1. Work on the features leading up to 0.4 will continue as planned. All the features on the github issue which have a checkbox associated with them are still considered planned. The rest are all things that are neat, but I've decided I'm not going to work on them right now. The instinct system still needs some refinement and additions, so there's still quite a ways to go.
    2. Because the 0.4 release has been really ambitious game design-wise and dragged on quite a bit, I have decided that 0.5 will be a smaller release. It will likely not focus on any really hard-to-implement features, and instead some smaller ones, while also probably addressing some bugs that have been postponed for a while.
    3. While I haven't decided what features I want to work on just yet, I think it would be cool to pick and choose a few small components of some of the features I mentioned in the poll.

    That's pretty much it for now. I hope you all are enjoying the new Instinct system and other changes to magic/survival. If not, then please let me know! Merry Morphing, and Happy New Year!

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.3.13 - Morphs, deaths, diet, and crash fix!)


    I'm so sorry. I uploaded the 0.3.12 modpack download, but then accidentally moved it to the "old" folder! It should be in the correct place now!

    If you're reading this and you have already downloaded 0.3.11, there's no need to upgrade the entire modpack to 0.3.12. You can just upgrade the capstone mod from 0.3.11 to 0.3.12. This is mostly helpful for players that are new to the pack and don't know how to morph/use morphing abilities yet.

    I should also mention that I removed the link to the poll for 0.5 features. Thanks to everyone who participated! I don't know yet how much this poll will influence plans for 0.5. Later, I may talk a bit more about the results and perhaps the future of the modpack more generally.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.3.13 - Morphs, deaths, diet, and crash fix!)

    In light of an early-game guidebook issue, I have updated the pack to 0.3.12 with a fix. Basically, since Hardcore Alchemy's custom Metamorph fork is now called Changeling, the heading in the controls options menu is called "Changeling" too. The guidebook has been updated to reflect that.

    Normally, with small updates like this, I recommend just downloading the capstone mod and adding it to your current instance, but since this affects new players, I have also put up a full modpack download on the wiki.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Alchemy (0.3.13 - Morphs, deaths, diet, and crash fix!)

    I am pleased to announce modpack release 0.3.11 - Reluctant Relocation!

    This release gives the first glimpse at the homesickness instinct. In particular, it introduces the "nature" variety, which affects overworld land animal morphs. Players stuck in such morphs will now feel the need to be in a certain environment. Depending on the morph, the player can engineer their environment with grass blocks. In other cases, the player will need to relocate to a different biome. It depends on the mob's natural spawn conditions. If the player does not comply with this particular instinct, they may get a visit from a hungry predator. Let's just say I was reluctant to test this feature in my Eclipse development environment!

    Along a similar vein, various land animal morphs now have a special ability: primitive sustenance! Drink directly from a pond, and in certain cases even eat grass! The use of this ability is restricted for balancing reasons.

    The third notable feature is magic inhibition. This feature was built to replace the previous mechanic that caused players to be stuck in human form after casting a spell. When the player now does certain magical things, a magic inhibition meter counts upward. If this meter exceeds humanity, the player is temporarily unable to morph.

    Here are some more highlights from the changelog:

    • The custom Metamorph fork is now called Changeling and now has a more public presence
    • Health modifiers no longer screw up player health when morphing
    • Small morphs like silverfish no longer suffocate in ceilings
    • Bales and wands from Alchemic Ash are now more challenging to obtain. I hope you like the Nether!
    • Griefing by mobs in villages was reduced
    • Guardian mobs no longer attack morphed players they are not supposed to attack
    • More tiny quality-of-life and immersion recipe tweaks as usual
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    posted a message on Alchemical Darkness

    This is the start of a story I wrote approximately two years ago and never finished. It was inspired by an idea for Hardcore Alchemy, that I never got around to implementing. I dusted the story off from my hard drive and made a few additions to make it feel like a whole chapter, although I'm not sure I'll ever make a second chapter.

    If you are familiar with some of the magic mods from modded Minecraft, you may enjoy this. The story technically takes place in the Book of Dreams universe, but on a different continent in the far west, where modded Minecraft is a thing.

    Alchemical Darkness

    The house of cards had fallen. They had seen the writing on the wall. But they knew not how to react.

    In all of the known history of equivalent exchange, not once had this anomaly ever been recorded. But if this anomaly truly represented a fundamental shift in the fabric of existence, why did it happen here? Why did it happen now?

    The confused alchemist probed the pocket of darkness with their arm once again, observing how quickly the light turned to shadow on their skin, as if passing through some invisible shell. Within that shell, for reasons the alchemist could not understand, light seemed to be drained from the very air.

    Of course, the alchemist had a theory as to why this was happening; they just refused to believe it. A row of four tier one energy collectors? No condensers? No relays? That meager energy flow, displaying the long-unproven energy conservation theory which all the covalence scholars feared to be true?

    The alchemist, Cyanite, turned toward the younger alchemist, Stareye, who was responsible for crafting and managing these collectors.

    "How long has this darkness been here?" Cyanite asked.

    "Fifteen hours at most," said Stareye. "Everything was fine when I left last night. I rushed to tell you about it the first time I saw it."

    "So it's expanded this fast..." said Cyanite, "in that amount of time. That is worrisome indeed. There are no other options, then. You must destroy the collectors."

    "Understood," said Stareye, nodding and bowing as they walked toward the transmutation tablet, a colored slate engraved with runes and overlapping lines, and waved their hand erratically above it, causing an iron pickaxe to materialize onto the tablet. Stareye gripped the pick in their hand, and marched into the darkness. Shattered glass could be heard as the energy collectors ceased to function.

    But the region of darkness remained.

    Stareye's form became bright again as they walked outside of the shadow. Pickaxe still in hand, Stareye turned toward Cyanite, a look of concern in their eyes.

    "What are we going to do about this darkness?" asked Stareye.

    "I don't know," said Cyanite. "In all my years of alchemy, I've never seen anything like this before, nor has anyone else. But the scholars predicted it."

    "Predicted it?" echoed Stareye. "I don't understand. What were they predicting?"

    "The conservation of EMC in light," said Cyanite.

    "Conservation?" said Stareye. "But that's preposterous! The light energy from glowstone is negligible at best! The EMC from collectors is generated from nothing."

    "So we alchemists have assumed throughout millennia," clarified Cyanite, "because it was convenient. But not because it was true."

    Stareye turned toward the darkness with a look of fear and confusion. "Will the darkness stay here?"

    "It should have receded once the collectors were destroyed," said Cyanite. "You are right to be concerned. I am too."


    "This is preposterous!" said Wandering as they sat behind their desk. "For all we know, a blood mage could have snuck in during the night and pulled some sort of prank! I simply refuse to accept that a patch of darkness appearing near such a small collector setup could be anything other than a coincidence."

    "It's not a light source collection ritual," said Cyanite.

    "What difference does it make?" said Wandering. "Which is more likely: a blood mage discovering another darkness ritual, or a tier 1 collector array ripping a dimensional hole in the fabric of existence?"

    "If you saw it, you would understand," Cyanite insisted. "It's an unnatural darkness. Not only have all the light sources within it vanished, but all the light sources outside of it cannot illuminate it. Its boundary layer is abrupt. It fills half of the room. And klein stars within it are drained of their energy. Just like the theory predicted."

    Wandering's eyes became wide. "Why didn't you say so in the first place? That's huge."

    "So, do you believe me now?" asked Cyanite.

    "'Belief' is the wrong word," said Wandering, standing up from their chair. "I know enough to take your situation seriously. I will send word to some alchemists more skilled than I to investigate it."


    "The situation is serious," said Primrose in a military suit, standing up at their council table. "There are already dozens of reported cases of this spreading darkness, all originating from covalence energy collectors. We can't let this branch of magic continue unabated. We have to take control."

    "And deny the mages their passions?" reasoned coalition council leader Cynder rhetorically. "Mages hate to be controlled. All attempts at coercing their behavior have ended in chaos. We must reason with them."

    "And if they refuse to be reasoned with?" said Primrose.

    "I refuse to discuss that with you at this juncture," said Cynder. "We should consider ourselves lucky that the mages in question hold high regard for logic and reason. I believe a meeting with the leaders in the field should be arranged at once. Are there any objections?"


    The sun itself seemed to be dimmed by its light. The grass and shrubs within it were soft and rotting. The deeper one stood inside it, the darker it became, until it felt like the darkness was squeezing the air out of your lungs.

    That is how the sphere of darkness appeared to the visiting high alchemist Kane as they stepped inside of the shadow, and then back out.

    "How big did you say the region of darkness was when you first saw it?" Kane asked.

    "Five meters deep," said Stareye, the younger of the two alchemists who witnessed the anomaly for the first time. At this point, the sphere had encompassed Alchemist Cyanite and Stareye's home and much of the surrounding cleared land. If the darkness expanded by just a few more meters, then it would start to kill the trees.

    "And how long ago did you say that was?" asked Kane.

    "A week." Stareye responded.

    Kane looked at the sphere of darkness. Stareye was surprised to see no fear in Kane's eyes.

    "It must be a dimensional rift," Kane concluded. "An aural disturbance caused it. And it caused the others too."

    "Spoken like a Thaumaturge," Stareye remarked.

    "Well, I wouldn't be High Alchemist of Impsblood if I hadn't studied many schools. But this certainly isn't going to be easy to fix. The other side of the rift may have an energy debt of thousands of years of covalence alchemy. And the aural diffusion constants of EMC have never been studied."

    Stareye's face increased in its level of worry. "Supposing there was no way to close the rift... would pumping the rift full of energy be a viable option?"

    "No, it absolutely would not," Kane said.


    "Why don't we just hire some Southerners to build reactors and charge the rifts with energy?" Cynder, head of the coalition of Pan-Xenic defense, proposed as they stood in front of their chair at the roundtable.

    High alchemist Kane rolled their eyes. "Because that will destroy the aura we have tried so hard to preserve and all depend on. And that in turn will destroy our economy and our way of life."

    "I thought aural pollution was a Zalthoran problem," Cynder countered. "And unlike Zalthor, the nations we represent have full electric grids."

    "Well, strictly speaking, we don't need aural energy in the form of vis to power our machines and our magic, but we need the aura nonetheless."

    "This is unacceptable," Primrose countered. "The rifts are multiplying in number and the existing ones are continuing to grow, with no signs of abating. Magi have yet to provide an alternate solution -"

    "The best alchemists in the region are searching for a solution to the problem as we speak," Kane countered.

    "My point still stands," Primrose countered. "By the time they find another solution, it may be too late."

    "We need to establish a deadline," Cynder proposed. "Some period of time that matches the risk we're willing to take. If the alchemists don't find a solution by then, our Elor friends flood the rifts with electricity."
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    posted a message on The Book of Dreams [Part of the Convergence] [Ch69: Absence]

    Chapter 68: A Bitter Reminder, has been released! How will Iris respond to the reminder?

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