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    Hello! My name is aryp, I'm a Java developer with over 6 years of experience developing software and Minecraft server plugins. I do have a plugin that showcases some of my work as a sort of portfolio. I enjoy developing plugins for servers, especially new or "in development" ones, and do it for free.

    I have recently been wanting to work on a Prison or Survival server (preferrably non-op Prison) and decided to make a thread offering my services. I'm able to develop a wide range of plugins including, but not limited to, NPC's, particles, skills, interactive GUI's, and pets. I guarantee high quality and code efficient plugins with minimal bugs as I do make sure to test them on a dev server before sending them. I leave all of my plugins unobfuscated to provide transparency and the ability for server owners to make sure the plugin is completely safe (which it always is) along with the plugin.yml. I always try to complete plugins within reasonable time frames (never exceeding a month)

    So if you're interested, add me on discord! aryp#4731

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