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    Simple Sound Muffler


    This is a Minecraft mod for the Fabric Modloader, currently compatible with 1.16.2 and 1.16.3

    The mod adds a single item and block to the game - the Sound Muffler. When placed, this block mutes all noises that originate within 3 blocks.


    The recipe is one note block surrounded by 8 wool (any color)


    The block can also be right-clicked to open up a UI where you can configure it further.



    DENY mode - do not muffle any sounds except for the selected ones

    ALLOW mode - muffle all sounds except for the selected ones

    Muffle % - how much the sounds should be muffled by. 100% = muted, 0% = no effect

    Radius - radius to muffle sounds in


    Demo Video

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