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    posted a message on What you should do if a skid/script kiddie/wannabe hacker comes to your server!
    Quote from Huey_Freeman

    If I am trying to be 100% legal, I say I will report their IP and will have the feds take your computer away if you ever try anything malicious again.

    I wish i could do that but in an ex-server (Mexican server) of mine, I got a skid trying to take my server offline but my server had more download capacity that his booter upload capacity. so he started to talk trash to me so i said the same you just said, you know what he said? and i'm quoting (with a little translation )

    " dude, you cant have my IP, if you had my IP you'll know im Mexican, if the federals really showed up at my door I would just give him 50 Mexican Pesos and they'll leave me alone, you know Mexican "Mordida"

    And i had no other option but to log into my booter and take him offline, I know it was wrong but what else was i supposed to do, here in Mexico you have no support from either the police or the ISP, I tried calling his ISP (TotalPlay) and they told me literally and i'm quoting "f*ck off, Telmex user" (My ISP) :/
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 Set For the US East Coast, Details To Follow
    I really hope its in Florida, I mean Miami, Orlando, Disney, Universal, MINECON! heck Im coming.
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    posted a message on New server! RockWater looking for staff. Apply today!
    What you would like to be called:
    Your IGN (In-Game Name):
    Your Age:
    What staff position would you like to apply for?
    What do you think YOU can contribute to the server?
    a lot especially in seeking for griefers or rule breakers (i reported you a lot of griefers when you were mod of eoe creative world)
    Do you have any pictures of your work?(OPTIONAL; but will help your chances)
    not very good at building but im a good and loyal admin
    How often do you think you'll be on the server at a time
    1-2 hrs diary - 365 days a year
    Why do you want to be staff of the server?t
    cause all my other server i worked on (expect for a classic server) were shut
    DO YOU HAVE SKYPE OR SOME OTHER MEANS THAT WE CAN TALK THROUGH? (This is a necessity, please message me with your info)
    yes, artu619 its my skype
    --AND LASTLY--
    Do you have any prior experience of being a staff member on ANY other server
    yes but all servers were shut exept for hellcraft which is a classic server
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    posted a message on 100% vanilla minecraft server coming soon ,looking for players to join!
    IGN: artu165
    Age:16 ;D
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    posted a message on EOE CREATIVE [NEED STAFF] [NO LAG] [FREEBUILD]
    [Your IGN]
    [What rank you want]Admin or head Admin
    [Why we should choose you]
    cause my skills with Minecraft in general (Gameplay, REDSTONE, PLUGINS, etc) are about 9/10
    [What is your skill]:
    General rules:10/10
    EDIT:i found guys floating the whole server i coulded ban them but well the only guys i saw (there were more)were
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    i would also like VIP :) ign: artu165
    nice server btw
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    posted a message on Looking for staff for a new sever
    Minecraft User:
    Do you have Skype:
    yes, [redacted]
    Time playing Minecraft:
    since BETA 1.3
    Will you spend time on the server:
    yes, maybe 2-3hrs if i dont have hw or something maybe more
    How will the server be better with you as staff:
    im mexican, so i speak spanish so, if you have a plugin like MultiLanguage i could translate the server (after all there are A LOT of countrys that speak spanish)
    What position would you like:
    Head Admin
    Why should you be Op/Mod/Admin/Head Admin/Spawn Builder:
    cause i could search for hackers (i will put my self in survival and if someone kills me that means he/she is a hacker cause i have a client which makes me virtually invulnerable) , and i could also translate the server ;)
    Have you ever done that position before:
    only admin, but i have been moderator in A BUNCH of servers but they are usually tiny servers which disappear from time to time
    Examples of what you have done on other servers:
    none, im good at building but im usually better at administrating things ;)
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    posted a message on Selling Minecon Ticket (One)
    Quote from KevinEssence

    Does this include the cape? If so I'll buy it.

    yeah but, I THINK that in order to have the cape you have to actually attend to minecon (paris) so if you live in a place like mexico because we mexicans are going on vacation this friday (no more school :D) the tickets to go to France are about 1000 dollars so yeah only because of that i aint going
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    posted a message on Xbox 360 Survival/Hunger Games map!
    You should put a download since some of us don't have Gold.
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    posted a message on 1.8 + other update News
    Quote from Zsaas

    Guys, if you look at the tweet, it says they're replying to Felipe. That must mean there was a glitch with the tweet and it got put on the bottom instead of the top. If anyone disagrees, feel free to say so.

    Let's put this in a Simulator (Example)

    Me (Artu165) tweeter 4J at 4:00 PM

    asking "Can we change survival worlds into creative and then turn it back to survival"

    4J Studios replied "Yes" at 5:00 PM

    Me thinking "i might be able to troll some people"

    Le me replying to 4J Studios at 5:30 PM

    "is the update coming in September?"

    Now I Delete my old tweet making anyone to see it, it was a bug

    I Can be wrong though ( I hope so)
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    posted a message on Lap tops and editing software?

    No it's not.

    Your first mistake is looking at Wal Mart. I've heard good things about NewEgg, but have never used them. I would also go with a desktop, personally, laptops don't have the greatest capabilities when it comes to graphics.

    Laptops DO have good graphics I have a MacBook PRO 15" Retina and it looks GORGEOUS.
    Quote from Selfmade910

    Looking to get a new laptop next week for recording game play and video editing now i have a roxio game capture card that hooks up to a laptop and i wanted to get some advice on what type of laptop you guys and girls use or think that are good.What i should look for in a laptop to do what i wanna do. i see at walmart they have only things i want to do with it is

    :Record game play

    :Video Editing


    I Recommend you the MacPro Retina trust me, you will not Regret, it has I7 Intel Core Processor, 8GB of RAM, 512 GB FLASH storage, it's graphics are an Intel HD 4000 and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of memory
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    posted a message on 1.8 + other update News
    I dont want to be the bad cop shutting down the party but if you look closely you will notice that 4j Studios say "Yes" at 6:25 PM and Felipe asked "will come the updates in September" at 6:32 PM so that means that 4J Studios was probably answer to another question.

    I know it hurts :(
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