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    I need some help choosing a host for my friends and I. We have been using Multiplay (basic 8 slot server for 3 people [600MB RAM]) and for the most part have been happy with the service they have offered but have noticed that we have severe lag when we start making more complicated redstone circuits. I am not sure if this is a consequence of too little memory or poor processing power but we were trying to learn whether or not we would be able to get better performance on another service. Would a VPS with more memory perform better? Is there some way to get better performance out of the Multiplay server? We don't run any mods.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thus far I have checked into Minecraft.cm and Linode, we are aiming for something under $40 per month.
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    This seems like the perfect solution for me for starting a server. I have a old computer I had installed Ubuntu on to run a server but I am a Linux virgin (and a server running virgin too) and am getting very lost trying to get it running. This seems like a much simpler solution but I have a few questions. First of all, do I need to wipe Ubuntu off my hard drive and install this or can it run atop Ubuntu? Do I log into the web interface from the server or from another computer? How do I take a map from single player and use it here (is it possible)? And, last but not least, do I need to forward the port on my router and make the IP for the server static still?
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