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    posted a message on Which should I enlist to?
    if you truley wanted to be in the Marines you wouldn't ask what should i enlist in
    you would state im going to spend time to follow my dream
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    posted a message on .jar is missing
    find it
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    posted a message on Total miner vs fortresscraft discussion
    im going to have to go with minecraft XD
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    posted a message on Ravine Cliff Base - Blank Canvas
    that looks ****ing awesome
    but i cant use it :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Looking for a partner
    Quote from NoSuPie

    I rented a server a while back and it was going pretty well. Once school finally caught up with me I couldn't dedicate as much time to the server and it kind of went downhill.

    What I'm looking for is a player who doesn't necessarily have experience being a server admin, but just someone who can look after the server when I'm not around. This might include recruiting for the server, white-listing people, resolving in-game disputes, hosting in-game events, helping me test plug-ins, etc... The server I'm renting is fairly cheap so I plan on having it for a long while.

    Some plug-ins I have in mind are factions or clans, shops, lokkit, and some others I know I haven't even found yet.

    Right now I'm working on designing a walled spawn-point with room for shops and an inn. I've got a design right now, I just need to enlarge it.

    A little about you:

    In-game name:
    Tell me about yourself:
    Favorite quote:

    im having the same exact problem XD
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    posted a message on I prefer 1.8 instead of 1.9
    just saying.... snow golem/men arent completly useless
    1. if your have low health and a creeper wants to kill you or something snow golem/men will attack them so you hav more of a chance to live
    2. get a lava moat around the snow peoples and then then snow peoples with attack bad mobs and the mobs will walk into the lava
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    posted a message on Need a new recording software besides Fraps
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    posted a message on so can anyone actually update yet
    Quote from Kyronami

    ive been trying for like 5 hours to get the 1.8 update, just keeps saying login failed. How did some people get 1.8?

    well i got it by logging in and the update came by itself i just clicked yes
    if you have a mod installed try hitting a force update right before you log in and see if that works
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    posted a message on Cubeaism - A Minecraft Religion
    Quote from ArchebuS

    -- ןǝʌǝ4ן – ʍɥǝɹǝ ɐɹǝ ɯʎ sɥoǝs --
    oqsǝssıʌǝ ʇǝupɐuɔıǝs: oqʇɐıu ouǝ oɟ ǝʌǝɹʎ ıʇǝɯ ɐʌɐıןɐqןǝ ןǝbıʇıɯɐʇǝןʎ ıu ʇɥǝ ǝuʇıɹǝ bɐɯǝ. ıuɔןnpǝ ʍooן qןoɔʞs. ɔɐnsǝ ʇɥǝ ʍoɹןp ʍıןן soou ǝup. ʎon uǝǝp ʇo qǝ dɹǝdɐɹǝp.

    TEXTURE PACK = DokuCraft: Gloomy
    Dark : Gloomy and desaturated with demonic decoration.


    level4 - where my shoes? hahahaha no wheres my ****ing head
    oh found it awkwardly upside down and crooked XD
    totes doing this one my server
    totes gonna do all 3 and start with net
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    posted a message on Server full already, sorry
    this looks intresting
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    posted a message on redstone powered boats
    Quote from skyace66

    well how does that work?

    -.- dont over complicate it and youll see
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    posted a message on Looking for 1.8 pre release partner
    Ingame name: artel
    Ability to host:(I will host if not possible): nope :/ but tommarow il be able to host for 1.8
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    posted a message on Friends not able to log onto my server with 1.8 pre-release
    Quote from mhafen

    My Minecraft server has worked fine in the past, but it's having issues now that it's running the 1.8 pre-release. I can get on it just fine, however one of my friends got on for awhile, but now he can't get on it. He said he is getting a "failed to connect to server" message. The server has never done this. Has this been happening to anybody else? Is it a problem on my end or his end?

    its a problem on his end
    tell him to close out of minecraft then get back on
    somtimes that helps
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    posted a message on SWAGTOPIA (basiccraft)- pvparenas/non-grief environment / 24/7 / whitelisted (sorry more griefers then players) / dedication / p
    Quote from DJ_Monkey

    Hah, I can't wait for it. I was thinking about testing out the 1.8 pre-release, but I might as well just wait for tomorrow :tongue.gif:

    On another note, is the server going to remain whitelisted forever? I have a few friends who would love to join the server.

    oh sorry XD im thinking about keeping it whitelisted
    can you get on skype? il try and set up a subusers account so you will be able to add people to the whitelist
    add me on skype mansway20171
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    posted a message on Need help getting my mods working..
    did you delete meta inf?
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