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    Hey. First post :P

    Tried contacting you MinecraftTNTstuff to try and fix a MP version. Just want to help out if you're short on time :)

    I found that the eventregistration in the mod is the only place using sound, so i took out that one class file, recompiled it with that line commented out, and it runs on the server.

    I didn't want to repost the mod here, cause I think all honour for making a great mod is yours.

    But I did make a binary diff patch for version 2.9.


    Place "TooMuchTNT v2.9.jar" in the same folder as that, run "patch.bat" (it uses bsdiff), and creates a patched file that should run on a server.

    I have no idea if it works, but at least it doesn't throw the error :)

    Oh, and just give me the word, and I'll take down the link if you want.

    Thanks for a great mod! :) Was exactly what we needed to play battleboats :P
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