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    posted a message on [Request] Villagers accept charcoal as coal substitue again (like pre-1.8)

    As the title says. Before 1.8, villagers saw coal and charcoal as the same thing, and would accept either. I would like to see a small mod modifying the game files to bring back that behavior. If such a mod already exists, please link it! If any modders have any hints for where to search (I might attempt to make it myself), please point the way.

    I've seen several mods for creating custom villager trades, but these still force me to choose one or the other, not to mention I play survival, so I'm trying to minimize the amount of "cheats" I'm using.

    If such a mod is prohibitively difficult, I might try using a custom trade mod as a work-around. Whenever I encounter a villager with a coal trade, I'll add a new, identical trade for charcoal. Will this work? Will it disrupt any other vanilla features (such as overwriting other trades, or counting against the maximum limit of trades a villager can develop)? Any recommendations for which trade mod would work best?

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