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    posted a message on [ADV/1.4.2]The Forbidden Dungeon of Ashndar - Open world by Arkantos War (indev, but stable)
    The Forbidden Dungeon of Ashndar

    "You live in the town of Armuskhal, inside it's protective walls, inside a large island.
    At this island, on the top of it's enormous mountain, existed a powerful city, called Ashndar, but they crumbled into ruins due to a disastrous research made inside an underground complex, just in the center of Ashndar.
    Nowadays, the remains of Ashndar citizens turned into undead, many of them wandering away from the city, in fact, even around the town of Armuskhal at nights.
    Your mission is to be the brave adventurer who will explore Ashndar and it's dungeons, be careful, it won't be easy."

    The Forbidden Dungeon of Ashndar is a map under development, right know you will play a version with only one dungeon floor. In the future, it is intended to exist greater number of dungeon floors, each one with another boss in the end.

    :ISWORD: Minecraft 1.4 or later
    In the C:/users/[username]/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/bin directory, replace the minecraft.jar by this one.
    Obs: Backup your original minecraft.jar if needed.
    :ISWORD: The texture pack fixer, scroll down to the Download section to get it.
    :ISWORD:SMP basic configuration

    texture-pack=https://sites.google.com/site/arkantoswarmc/home/minecraft-images/v2 TFDA - default.zip?attredirects=0&d=1

    :ISWORD: Commerce
    :ISWORD: Combat
    :ISWORD: A Dungeon (in development, but already stable)
    :ISWORD: Boss fight
    :ISWORD: Puzzles

    :ISWORD: Do NOT break blocks
    :ISWORD: Do NOT place blocks
    :ISWORD: Do NOT use Ender Pearls inside the dungeon
    :ISWORD: Do NOT leave the main island (where both cities are)
    :ISWORD: Play on Adventure mode (already default in the save)
    :ISWORD: Play on HARD
    :ISWORD: Play on MOODY (recommended)


    World Map:


    :ISWORD: If you own a texture pack, or have the authorization of such an owner, you may declare it and ask me to upload yours/his texture pack version for this map, send me a message if you do.
    :ISWORD: I want to add a video category to this topic, if you are interested in making one, please make it and post as a reply here, I will watch and if I approve, I will feature it in another spoiler window of the first page here. Make sure you follow the game rules above or it will not be approved. :Skeleton:
    :ISWORD: In case you accidently place a block, use the creative mode to break and reclaim it, that won't be considered cheating and will even be acceptable in a LP video to embed here.

    :ISWORD: World (1.2.0)
    In the C:/users/[username]/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/saves directory, unzip this file there.
    :ISWORD: Texture fix (updated: November 5, 2012)
    In the C:/users/[username]/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/texturpacks directory, MOVE this file there, do NOT unzip, just move. Open minecraft, click on texture pack, select TFDA.

    Previous Versions:

    :ISWORD: 1.1.0
    :ISWORD: 1.0.2
    :ISWORD: 1.0.1
    :ISWORD: 1.0.0
    :ISWORD:Old texture

    :ISWORD: 1.2.0
    New Features:
    [Feature] Configurable enchantment table, credits to Xisumavoid - . Allows any level of enchantment.
    [Feature] Added three reward chests in Ashndar, with small challenges to obtain them.
    [Feature] Added item spawns throughout the world. Most spawn items every 5 or 10 minutes if a player is within 64 blocks of it, and spawned items don't despawn until enough time has passed for a replacement to spawn.

    Minor Changes:
    [Feature] Added wall clocks
    [Aesthetics] Hall of Elders: Bold sign text, ceiling pattern
    [Aesthetics] Minor redecorating around town
    [Feature] Additional chest in Inn
    [Aesthetics] Thawed bricks in Ashndar surrounded by lava
    [Aesthetics] Made Ashndar slightly snowier... Will do more later
    [Annoyance Fix] Hid ice in Ashndar

    Changes/Fixes to Traders:
    [Bug Fix] Made villagers and golems properly invulnerable (they can no longer be hit, and don't have particles anymore)
    [Bug Fix] Freed trapped pumpkin and tunic/leather saleswomen in Hall of Elders
    [Aesthetics] Made last trade offer not look like a bug
    [Feature] Added gold nugget/ingot/block conversion offers to salespeople
    [Feature] Added villager to sell 'wait'
    [Feature] Made general store sell 'strad', as it is Armuskhal's theme
    [Game Balance] Nerfed wool offer
    [Feature] Gave patrol towers fairer offers for mob drops, to make up for wool nerfing. Also gave them food offers.
    [Aesthetics] Gave Summoner subtle green particles, since he's slightly magical

    [Annoyance Fix] Minor block fixes: Fixed exposed sand near Inn; removed extra wall near university; removed sandstone outside town
    [Annoyance Fix] Added a lake under Hall of Elders to reduce squid spawning within the fountains
    [Bug Fix] Removed mellohi from jukebox in spawn house
    [Annoyance Fix] Removed floating snow and stray obsidian and leaves from mountain
    [Bug Fix] Removed floating mineshaft near mushroom island
    [Bug Fix] Removed stronghold and cavern chunks
    [Bug Fix] Removed random hole in ocean
    [Anti-Cheat] Made paintings and item frames immune to griefing
    [Bug Fix] Fixed books in Ashndar (authors; grammar)
    [Annoyance Fix] Made diamond key event look less buggy

    Texture Updates:
    [Aesthetics] Gold-colored golden item textures
    [Bug Fix] Wait music disc texture
    [Bug Fix] Zombie Head item texture
    [Feature] Purple Dye texture
    [Annoyance Fix] Better Iron armor textures
    [Feature] Tool textures
    [Aesthetics] Fishing rod textures
    [Aesthetics] Woman hair texture
    :ISWORD: 1.1.0
    (feature) The "house" in Armuskhal is now an inn, you can skip the nights in multiplayer now! ;)
    (feature) Added teleportation altars, one in Ashndar and one in Armuskhal, they need a minimum level to be used, and will spend some. An altar teleports you to the other
    :ISWORD: 1.0.2
    (bugfix) Command block in shops now only work if player stand withing 5 blocks from it, avoiding accidental teleportation glitch
    (bugfix) Orb Mazes now have a lot of xp orbs in it, to avoid running out
    :ISWORD: 1.0.1
    (bugfix) Patrol towers can no longer spawn hostile mobs
    (bugfix) Default spawn point was previously in Ashndar, it's in Armuskhal now
    (annoyance fix) Command Block output now off
    (anti-cheat) Breaking a block now won't drop itself
    (bugfix) New system to retrieve accidentally thrown money in shop counters
    (feature) Armuskhal golems are now immortals

    Remember to give feedback! :)
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    posted a message on RIP Adventure gamemode.
    When Mojang first released the Adventure mode of minecraft, I weeeeee-ed, I got really happy, I could make and play maps without being worried about breaking a block when a rule said I should not. And let's be honest, at least 40% of the custom maps today have this "do not break/place blocks" game rule.

    Then Mojang released a 1.4 snapshot update which stated that you can break blocks with corresponding tool. Okay, Adventure mode just got to look a little more like survival, but it's ok, we still can play custom adventure maps.

    Then November, 19. Adventure mode just got "destroyed", you can now break torches with your hand, and glass too! So this means I can just go and play a generated survival map in adventure mode because it's the same thing, the only difference is that you can't break a stone block with hand, OH WAIT! Who does that in survival? See? It would be just the exact same thing.

    Lets look at this example, you have a map with tiledrops gamerule off (blocks won't drop itself), and the Gamerule is set to Adventure. There is a custom village in this map, with some torches in houses and in streets so monsters won't spawn in it, then you accidently left click a torch, yeah just do it, a simple an inofensive left click on a torch... Boom! This torch will break and not drop itself, monsters are now able to spawn in this village, kill the villagers, and the map is literally destroyed by hostile mobs, all because of a left click on a torch.

    If someone at Mojang is reading this, then please, PLEASE, if this new (and in my point of view, useless, sorry) adventure mode is intended, at least make a "Gamemode 3", which would have the same properties of the 1.3.2 "Adventure Gamemode". I'm sure many map makers around here, including me, are being forced to use bukkit plugins and/or mods to make their maps functional the way they should.

    Thank you for reading, and if you agree, please drop your support, and upvote this.

    Have a good week, everyone.
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    posted a message on The Red Moon
    I've been playing minecraft for a long time by now, and n :iapprove: tch said once about adding an update that makes every night has a small chance of having it's moon bright red, becoming many times more dangerous. Never happened as you can see.

    So my idea is to hope for someone to make a mod that adds this red moon in the game, I'll give more details, keep reading.

    *Every night has a 15% chance of being Red Moon.

    *The first night in the world have 0% chances of being Red Moon, let's be honest, nobody wants to face hell in the first night, lol.

    *You can always predict this night one day before, as this day will have a red apocalyptical sky (the day itself won't be more dangerous, it's just a warn).

    *During the Red Moon night, the amount of mobs spawned is increased by 6 times.

    *You can't sleep.

    *All hostiles sees you from 10 blocks further.

    *Creepers explode blocks to reach you, your house will only be safe if it's made out of obsidian (or bedrock, but I don't think you will achieve this without cheating).

    *Zombies runs as fast as pigmen.

    *Skeleton arrows set you on fire for a short time.

    *Spider attacks slow you down for a short time.

    *Nether Portals become unstable, trying to enter in one during Red Moon, or even the red day before, will just fail, and instead will cause an activity in Nether dimension that will call attention of the entities, spawning many Pigmen and maybe even a Blaze around it in real world.

    *The same happens to the End Portal, Endermen spawns around it instead.

    That's it, this idea was built by me and my brother-in-law, we just have no idea about how to mod. If a modder is interested in it, go ahead and program it, I'm definitely playing such a thing. Thank you everyone for reading, leave some feedback if you want.

    Thanks. :)
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