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    I must say, I'm having too much fun watching the TC5 nodes slowly drifting towards each other. Now only if they would spiral towards each other and start rotating as they slowly merge, culminating in some thaumic fireworks display...

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    Looks to me like it's more gliding then flying (could give yourself a short upward burst of lift at the cost of slowing down a bit). I'm seeing networks of shulkers to give the player a boost in flight (like an updraft).

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    Quote from MentalMouse42»

    Amen to all this! I'd also like to underline that the "basic" mana system should not be able to permanently damage large areas before you know/see what's going on. And I'd really like it if you don't need to strip large areas of resources to build a base.

    And beyond Large biomes, it would be nice if you could do a more-or-less-functional world within a single biome (flatland, Myst age).

    (Disclaimer - I may not be 100% up to speed on Thaumic Lore regarding vis, primals and flux. :p)

    I agree, too. I never did like the mechanic of "you can drain vis from the entire world", especially early on. That should only be possible very late game (besides, it makes it less fun for those on multiplayer servers if someone's just starting out and there's no vis to draw from, because someone accidently started drawing vis non-stop). What I also didn't like then, was that (as far as I understood it - I wasn't too far into TC2) you really couldn't nicely map out where the vis was and how much was in each chunk. I also don't like intangible nodes. I certainly don't want to build my base going all tech, only to find out I have a nasty (hungry?) node in my nuclear power plant room. :) I didn't like the process of moving a node in TC2, either. TC3/4 was much simpler in all you needed was a multi-structure around the node to capture it in a jar.

    I also kind of like the eerie and taint biomes (as long as it doesn't spread non-stop to other biomes/chunks - I also like scanning taint biomes for life aspects). Maybe make a way, as some have said, for it to be more dangerous. Maybe the block/machine/item that drained the vis would create something similar to a hybrid of a hungry/sinister node, creating an eerie biome. If it goes unchecked, it creates flux (indestructible unless you have certain early-midgame research). That flux can create taint spread and other nasty effects. It could be a temporary flux/taint that stays until the vis in the area stabilizes.

    I much prefer nodes being something tangible that represent a phsyical manifestation of vis. An area with 0 vis would start draining the primals from notdes (but not to 0) until things stabilize.
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    posted a message on Microsoft buying Minecraft/Mojang what will happen to youtubers, modders, etc?
    Quote from 1337Walrus»
    Bad 13 year old youtubers die off.

    The entire universe rejoices.

    Or bad 14 year old youtubers who like to troll 6 year old kids and make them cry (I'm an older gamer, and I'm surprised at the... "choice vocabulary", to put it nicely, of 6 year old kids. "Why, in my day..." :p).


    Obviously there's the extreme end of "everything will be ok", where everything remains as is, and "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!11!1!!1!!!!!1!", where everything dies. (the scariest thing I read that a reporter/commentator - WSJ I think - wrote was to imply that Minecraft "only does a pay-once" approach and that it should be a monthly subscription. Kind of doubt that would happen. If Microsoft does say, and I'm not too familiar with how Microsoft's games and YouTube work, "All ad revenue goes to us", I can see the following happening -

    1 - Major YouTubers - They'll still be around, just not playing Minecraft. Most of the major ones play other games, too, and get just as much revenue from those games. In fact, some of the major YouTubers don't even play Minecraft as much. Granted, the Yogscast might take a hit, since I think they still play Minecraft almost exclusively.

    2 - Average YouTubers (ones with 30,000-500,000 views total per video) - If they only make Minecraft videos for a living, then yeah, they'll take a hit and the channels may go down. Also, some of them that do make videos of other games still make most of their income from Minecraft. Popular servers that have LP'ers on will probably still be around, but you might see far fewer videos if they're relying on YouTube as a main source of income.

    3 - Smaller YouTubers (ones that just do it for fun) - If they're not making any money off of it anyway, they'll still make videos. Mostly, i'll be the 8-14 year old range posting videos to impress their friends, without a care of who the money is going to (much less they probably don't even monetize).

    Maybe Microsoft might do some sort of deal, like a 50/50 split, or if they do make Minecraft 2.0, then they'll "grandfather" the old YouTube community (either they can still monetize, or all videos before 9/15/2014 (or whenever the finalized deal date is) are allowed to be monetized, but not after.

    As for modding, I did a quick check on AoE3 and HALO. It looks like "modding" in those games are just changing skins or stats (I consider this configuring, not full fledged modding). I think the jury's still out on what effects Microsoft will have on the community. Technically, they now own Bukkit, and could strictly enforce the EULA. Even for other APIs like Forge, in the short run, it could hurt if they're not allowed to mod Minecraft, but Microsoft could still develop an API.

    As for Minecraft 2.0, I wouldn't be surprised if they did a total rewrite to the .NET platform. (Ironically, Infiniminer was done on XNA, kind of a cousin to the .NET platform). So, in one sense, Minecraft's kind of coming full-circle. It's also possible that they leave the Windows version alone, at least the JAVA version (i.e., let the remaining (former) Mojang employees work on it), while they take the reigns on the xbox/mobile versions. Who knows, maybe for the current version, it'll be a "Minecraft Retro" type deal where Dinnerbone and Jeb continue to work on it, but use Microsoft resources for an API. Meanwhile, Microsoft works on the Windows 8 (.NET 4.5.1?), XBox, and mobile applications of it.

    Long story short, I guess we'll have to wait to see whatever the contract is, if we get to see it, or read about what's in it.
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    Quote from Annysia

    The rainbow eucalyptus logs have other colors in them besides blue and are based on the image below....which looks almost identical to our logs/planks to me in as far as you can do within Minecraft using 16x textures. It contains blue, red, yellow and green in a mottled look like the image on which it was based. We already have had plans to add some of the other colors such as the green or the orange.

    That's an actual tree!? :o Learn something new everyday. (It's not my favorite type of tree, though) Speaking of planks (from the earlier posts), I like the planks that don't look as "washed out". One wood type I'd like to see is a rich reddish mahagony color, like this -
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    Quote from ClockworkHearts

    I've finally had it with Biomes O Plenty... Taking out the good biomes, not listening to configs, only reason I was using it was because Ebxl wasnt updated.

    I'd love to exclusively use Highlands and EBXL. Any plans to add new biomes? They took out the overgrown greens biome from BoP which was my favorite. Maybe you guys could snag it.

    Just took a look at that in 1.6.4. Yeah, that is a nice biome. I also like the Origin Valley of Biomes O' Plenty. What I like to do is install both Extra Biomes, and BoP, and just let EBXL generate, but use some biomes from BoP in Mystcraft ages (like the origin valley).

    Also, if there was one biome I could add, it would be "Shallow Lakebeds" (for a lack of a better term). Can't quite describe it, but it would be like those large sandy areas back in Minecraft Alpha that you'd spawn on that sometimes had grassy islands. The best current picture I could find is from another terrain gen mod, which would look something like this (without that quicksand) -
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    Quote from Annysia

    That is one of my favorite biomes as well. =) I had a seed one time where it was a meadow surrounded by our red rock biome. It was pretty awesome.

    That's my favorite combo. In fact, I often decrease the number of generated biomes just to increase the chance of a Meadows/Red Rock biome combo. I had one biome (either on a 1.5 world, or a 1.6 world) that looked eerily like a favorite combo I saw on a server I played on (except the Red Rock biome didn't extent 750 blocks to a green swamp biome - it did have taiga on one side - maybe it was a similar random seed). Instead, I was able to make a tunnel to the coast on the other side.

    The larger the meadows, the better, too! :D (Sometimes I wished there was a mod where you could customize what biome you spawn in, and how large that particular biome is).

    Secondly, I enjoy the meadows biome in combo with the Forestry bees mods and add ons. There always seems to be more hives in Extra Biomes XL than in BoP (probably because of the excess foliage BoP has).

    Quote from Annysia »
    We have talked about making the self planting work on vanilla trees and even the possibility of it working on trees from other mods, but I'm not sure if this is possible or not. If it is added, it would of course have an option to turn it off/on so that people have a choice of what they want.

    I recall a very, very old mod back in the 1.1 days that did that. Also, I believe PnuematicCraft actually has self-replanting plants. I think with the other mod, they might've added seasons, and every Spring, a sapling would grow (on the leaf block), pop off and plant itself after falling somewhere. I never got to play that mod, but my guess is that it would go like this -

    1 - Tree grows.
    2 - After X Minecraft days (ticks), a random leaf block changes to a Leaf Sapling block, and starts to grow. (I know there's several mods where the leaf block can become "tainted" or "mutated" into another type of leaf block - Forestry and Ex Nihilo being two examples).
    3 - The seed reaches full growth, and after a random update tick, it spawns a sapling entity which goes in a random direction.
    4 - After maybe 1000 ticks or so, the sapling plants itself. (not sure how a group of saplings would work, or those 2x2/3x3 trees).
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    posted a message on [1.7.10]Soul Shards: Reborn (Original Soul Shards remake) - Update rc3!
    Nice! Just added it to my private modpack. I actually like the shard graphics better than SS1 (those looked more like eggs or something), and the fact that tier spawning rates are configurable/can be capped. I also noticed that when the mobs spawn (was testing a tier 5 spawner), they spawn in the exact same spot all the time.

    Also, I suppose for the sake of those who might like the SS2 model of having to break the spawner (since SS1/SS:R can break spawners to gain 200 mob kills, too...), have a config option to only count mob kills from breaking a spawner. i.e.

    "Allow Kills from mobs: false" would only allow kills to be added when the player right clicks a spawner.
    EDIT: using a soul shard on a spawner that isn't the same mob as the soul shard doesn't seem to work (i.e., skele shard on a zombie spawner). I thought that worked in the old Soul Shards mod - guess not, or maybe an older version.
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    posted a message on [1.5.x / 1.6.x] Applied Energistics [ rv 13 c ] - Exploiting Quantum Mechanics
    I have a request (obviously for the 1.7 version) - Ranged Level Emitters. That is, emit a redstone signal when it reaches a max level, but doesn't turn off until it reaches a threshhold.

    Example -

    Lever Emitter Max - 256 (Redstone emitter turns on when level is reached, and stays on until the threshold is reached.)
    Level Emitter Threshhold - 64 (If the redstone emitter is on when this level is reached, turn it off - i.e., so that say, more obsidian is generated in the system, rather than a constant on/off for 1 item at a time).
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