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    posted a message on Minecraft.net is down. Here is why...
    @EvilMilk - thanks for the twitter feed updates! This sort of thing occasionally happens, even on (otherwise) stable servers. Makes sense to me but still very frustrating...
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    Quote from blastissimo218 »

    Think about it, MC used to get daily updates. Daily changed into weekly as Alpha approached Beta, and now we're lucky if we get two updates in one month.

    *Very* good point!

    Quote from rseah »
    The Basic Cycle

    -Player: Notch y u no has update
    -Update comes
    -Player: Notch y u update so much break all my mods

    So very, so sadly, true...

    Quote from Wlffrsether »
    Updates > mod compatibility.


    Quote from ToasterAthiesm »
    Eventually, we'll get an API to make Minecraft friendly mods

    True, this was indeed promised at some point, though it really just makes sense.

    We do need to keep in mind that Alpha updates were usually fairly small leading up to the Halloween update.
    This was followed by an extended period of building the company, settling in, traveling, etc. It seems to
    me that Mojang are building steam which would suggest more frequent updates in the near future, not less.

    In my opinion, this would be a good thing. True, not every single feature update holds interest for me
    (e.g. cookies) but there has always been at least one feature in each that I have found extremely useful
    (e.g. holding SHIFT on a ladder!).

    Admittedly, depending on the complexity of your mod(s), it can be very time-consuming to update to a new version. I doubt that Mojang will slow the update release rate for modders, however. I think the best solution will be mod support, though it will still be up to the modders to keep up...
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    posted a message on Poll : Mines or Caves?
    Quote from KingCreeper »
    If I feel adventurous, I go spelunking.
    If I need some ores quickly, I go to my mine and strip mine for a little.

    ^I agree. I will work on my branch mine for hours straight (omg is that diamond?), then realize I haven't seen the surface in a long time or run out of wood for handles. I reach the surface, breathe in that refreshing air...gather things for awhile, kill some mobs, then head for a nearby cave for the fun of it. With all of the variety in this game, why stick to a single method? Each has something to offer!
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    posted a message on Notch: Wolves are a BAD idea
    Quote from GunboatDebater »
    Quote from steveman0 »
    I suppose double doors are still confusing but not inherently broken. I've never had torches burn out where it wasn't my fault.

    The piston's use in water control is partly what makes me think of boats. There will be many more options for them because we'll have a much greater control over rivers and streams but it won't do us much good if they get stuck on things and randomly explode into splinters.

    People have found workarounds with regards to glass, and grudgingly slow sand in the EATS system. But again, give them credit for what they've done; the game being nonlinear, it's not surprising that development isn't linear either. We still don't have a use for :GoldBar:.

    Honestly, I feel the increased development of intelligent routines would give them direction and make the wolves something more than a side update (and an overhyped one at that). I will admit though, I want world dynamics more than anything, and continued work on weather-- that makes me happy.

    On the subject of non-linear:

    Now that *that* is out of the way, I don't disagree that "intelligent routines" (ahem *AI*) would be an improvement to wolves and other mobs. In fact - I completely agree. The question the OP submitted still remains, however. Should development time be spent NOW on refining AI when so many things remain half-implemented/broken?

    You have defended the OP beyond my own capabilities in terms of tolerating and responding to the off-topic and sometimes completely silly posts. Yet I see AI pop up in many of your posts; an exception, if you will, to the OP.

    Now that an definitive date has been set, all resources between now and that date (11/11/11) are precious. I do agree with an earlier poster that it seems that Mojang is still in the process of becoming a cohesive unit. I see the return of more frequent updates a positive sign that progress is being made in that area - and hope that the updates between now and the release date will show a correspondingly higher degree of attention to bug fixes in addition to the new features. Can better AI be interleaved with bug fixes? I hope so! Let's not neglect those fixes however!
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    posted a message on Thread O' Links
    I ran across this site while looking for inspiration on bridge design: http://mcrft.worth1000.com/contests/268 ... chitecture

    Didn't see a post of this link here; my apologies if I missed it.
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    posted a message on Thread O' Links
    Quote from SniperCharlie »
    I made a video on an alternative an easy way to build them(or any other obsidian construction).Here: viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=266318&p=3734318#p3734318 .Hope someone find it helpful. Again,awesome thread.:smile.gif:

    Thx! In a completely different thread I made a post, failing to account for the molding of Obsidian; it simply had not occurred to me. I love learning new stuff about this game and how other players have adapted the mechanics for personal advantage.
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    posted a message on Notch: Wolves are a BAD idea
    Quote from Mechanos »
    Quote from Freaking wow »

    LOL Epic. A similar thing happened to me.. minus my wolfie narrowly escaped at the last moment (good swimmers?), re-entering my fort through a doggy hole.. only to jump into my trap again >_<.

    Also, On-Topic...
    For all you TL;DR Trolls that keep making unintelligent posts.. Consider the reason for, or possibly the point of, the OP's post. This isn't about Wolves directly. It's about Minecraft getting yet another random update that really doesn't do much for the game. And worse, unlike other random updates, this one may end up requiring more attention resulting in GOOD updates being delayed or never coming out.

    He's defending the game you love so much.

    Woah!! This is really refreshing. There have been a few other voices lost in the noise that replied on-topic and it is encouraging to see rational thought and careful consideration contributing to this post. Too rare, unfortunately...

    @msmit71 Nice to see a sectional moderator is on task. That you agree with the OP is just a bonus! :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Notch: Wolves are a BAD idea
    Quote from ThePorkSword »
    Whilst I do agree that the time developing wolves could have been put to better use

    This is the entire (summarized) point of the OP

    Quote from ThePorkSword »
    I belive (sic) that they are quite amusing to mess with (despite the bugginess) (sic)

    OP and other rationals in this thread are not arguing with this statement at all. In fact, I enjoyed my wolf until he ran into my cactus farm 10 minutes after taming him - and then he died. I haven't tamed another. *shrug* That is opinion, however, and off-topic from the OP.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Tutorial : Double Doors (Hidden Wiring)
    Thanks JonathanWolfe038 for this handy tutorial! I was able to reproduce it (well, once I realized I had dug one level too deep). I just wish I could have that button at eye-level! I know I could do it by running my redstone circuit up one more level but that would mean I have to build fake walls to hide it and that would just look tacky...with my current home at least.

    @jcj64200031 - I tried your design (to integrate a pressure plate inside, button outside) and it worked, sort of. I can only get one or the other to work (either the button works and the plate does not, or vice versa). Have tried moving the NOR one block "down" (not vertically but in ref to your chart of layer 1). Still tweaking the design but wanted you to know it doesn't seem to work completely as presented.
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    posted a message on Notch: Wolves are a BAD idea
    Quote from HamsterPants »
    Quote from braydog92 »

    Where do you get your sense of entitlement? You are acting like a self righteous (insert immature name here). Who are you to tell the developers of Minecraft what is worth doing and what is not? It's almost like telling McDonalds to change the Big Mac because you are a paying customer. It's just stupid.

    I must express my sympathy, since I've seen lots of people like this in the community for Wurm Online(and I mean lots) but I think you took OP's statement the wrong way. He's just showing concern and in a way he was probably trying to speak for everyone.

    We need to have a sense of priority. We are all entitled to our personal preferences and our favorite ways of playing the game, but we have to develop a firm perspective behind which to view the development of this game as to better make suggestions for it. As OP stated in another thread, he's got 15 years of experience as a professional game developer, why would he care so much about his soul benefits in this one single game? I don't think he's that childish.

    I agree. Working with software developers (as I do) does bring a certain perspective to what I see occurring with Minecraft. I can't speak for Notch or Mojang but I do have some comprehension of the time and effort involved in not only creating new features but also modifying/fixing existing ones. Programmers work for a paycheck and that means time and cash (we call that "bill-able time" if they are not a direct employee). Every new feature/fix/feature update, whether it requires five minutes or five weeks, is going to come with a price (time/money). TANSTAAFL. I (and I think the OP is with me on this) am just wanting to bring to the attention of Mojang where we would prefer that cost goes. Even with McDonald's, as a consumer, you influence what they provide - if no one buys a given item on the menu you can expect to see it disappear. I for one enjoy both the MC game and community and feel privileged that Notch and team have given us such a direct line of feedback.
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    posted a message on Show me your EPIC: Part 2
    ^BUMP Great thread, please keep the contributions coming! I find that even if I am not capable of producing such wonderful creations, they do inspire me to do better and have given me ideas that would not have occurred to me. I do hope to contribute at some point in the future myself...
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    posted a message on Notch: Wolves are a BAD idea
    I agree with the OP completely. I managed (somehow) to read every single post. Yes, even the ones that made my head hurt due to bad grammar, being completely off-topic, or worse... A short summary, if I may:

    What this post *IS* about:
    1) Development time (and cash) was spent to develop wolves.
    2) Wolves are here.
    3) Wolves are buggy.
    4) OP is presenting a concern (yes, that is an opinion, folks) that excessive time (and cash) will be spent on fixing/refining issues with wolves instead of focusing on A) bug fixes and :cool.gif: adding content that would improve core gameplay.

    What this post *IS NOT* about:
    1) Hating Minecraft (OP-er has posted multiple times how much he/she loves the game).
    2) Hating Notch (see above).
    3) Hating Wolves (see *IS* #4 above) - Love 'em or leave 'em; NOT the subject of post.
    4) BETA development stage - Yes, we know it is in BETA. The concerns expressed are about FUTURE development time and focus.

    Thank you to previous (rational) contributors. So far I have seen one valid counter-argument in this thread. Yes, other valid points were made by posters (thank you to those who kept it at a debate level without getting ugly) but in almost every case they were off-topic (though I have no doubt that most were well-intentioned).

    Summary: Tame-able mobs are not a bad addition, in and of themselves. However, we would like to see a stronger focus in future updates on core game mechanics and bug fixes. All of us have an attachment to certain features of the game; why else would we enjoy this game so very much? In this update I find the ability to hold Shift to hang on to a ladder probably the most significant feature for me (Two thumbs up, Mojang!). Thank you, that is all for now.
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    posted a message on Thread O' Links
    THANK YOU Paininabox for this awesome collection! I had previously managed to come in contact with less than half of this content (not by intent or lack of trying). Much inspiration to be found here indeed, and in that you have succeeded! Now, back to happily browsing new-found stuff...
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    posted a message on And THIS is why you mine Mossy Cobblestone.
    Quote from eighty_five »
    Congrats on the diamond, but I hate your texture pack.

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    posted a message on Beta 1.4 Update Thread (Out!)
    Quote from YourUsername »
    Quote from ljmushock »
    I generated the most bad-ass map. Found 4 diamond in less than 5 min. Going to keep this world unexplored and play once the update comes out.

    Anybody think we will get new blocks, or new terrain features?

    anyway i could find out what the seed is for it?

    I'd like the seed too, please, if you are willing to provide it.
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