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    Quote from seronis »
    Not to be an ass (just blunt) but you're complaining that a mod explicitely labeled as only working for client version 1.2.x isnt working for you when you are using client 1.3.x? REALLY ?


    You seem to miss the version label in the name of the mod, the version label in the filename of the mod, the compatability list at the top of the first post AND the big giant red paragraph at the very very beginning. Im sorry but i really cant make the compatability requirements any more obvious. The only mod updated as of this instant is the phobia mods and thats because Ric was kind enough to maintain it the past two client updates. Today is the first day i've been back at my own house in almost 2 weeks. I'll probably have time to get one or two of the mods updated before I have to leave again.

    i realize this but one the front page you posted "Index of Mods == Beta v1.3_01 Compatible

    * Server History
    * Worlds Omega
    * Better Food
    * Tool Repair
    * Celestial SunDial
    * ChainMail
    * FireStarter
    * Charcoal Torches
    * Phobia Relief
    * Tele Compass
    * Debug Toggle
    * Nyctophobia "

    so i just thought that you didn't change the name or something

    but if you say they weren't updated then fine but it is a little misleading (at least for me) and i just realized the diamond was there my bad but when i was looking for the mod there were no diamods so yea sorry about that. i have to learn to read things more clearly :Zombie:
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    Yea umm the celestial sundial mod is not working for me and yes i deleted the META-INF file and yes i have mod loader and the auido mod and api settings mod and i did update to beta 1.3.01 and yes i have modded before
    also the nyctophobia mod get stuck al like 99% building terrain and then crashes minecraft :Notch:

    and i just want to let u know before the update these mods were the bomb :SSSS: :VV:
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    when is cobblestone to stone mod going to be updated for beta 1.3.01?
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