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    Alright, big reply, I'm just going to type "@user" in the order of all the posts, so if you're not sure which post I'm answering, just look at the order and you can find it. :smile.gif:

    @hamtaro426 - Most likely I'll just include something that will warn you if you're installing 2 incompatible mods. Because the class file merging just doesn't seem possible at this stage, however I have already started looking into it.

    @CursedSeal7 - haha Thank you, I'm glad you consider me part of those ranks. :smile.gif:

    @TC_Racutt - Yeahhh. Then I'd have to integrate a bunch of mods again.. I'm also working on an auto-update system for that though, there's no way I'm updating a few hundred mods every update. lol

    @xDivineInsanityx - Yepp, a pop system is in the works for now. With the Mod manager, when you select a jar to install/uninstall from, it will show you a list of installed mods in the selected jar as well.

    @pikachu777 - You can definitely be a help! I'll need several people for bug testing, etc. etc. Testing on one computer is hardly reliable.

    @Ultimate_omega - Sounds good. I look forward to hearing them.

    @happypumkin - I appreciate the enthusiasm! :biggrin.gif:

    @TC_Racutt - Same as above :biggrin.gif:

    @Ultimate_omega - Well, if I was not in Texas right now, I'd have the first few versions out by now. Around the 17th I'll be in fullswing so steady updates can be expected from then on. In the freelancing world I'm known for my speed coding nowadays. :wink.gif:

    @Hethos - Nope, you won't have to install it. There's no reason I would have in making people install the program. Just a waste of 30 seconds IMO, and puts a sense of suspicion in peoples' minds, which I obviously don't want. As for the Let's Play section, could you message me a list of series to include? I never watch them as they don't interest me, so if I do it on my own you'll only be getting a small portion of the top series.

    @Ultimate_omega - :smile.gif:

    @Hethos - I've already got a couple small ones I'm testing on, thanks though :smile.gif:

    @Ultimate_omega - That's one I'm using :wink.gif:

    @TheGrayGoo - Yepp, that's already in the feature list :wink.gif:

    @Ultimate_omega - :smile.gif:

    @Ni - Glad to hear it!

    @happypumkin - lol Now I think that's a bit excessive :tongue.gif:

    @Ultimate_omega - :tongue.gif:

    @happypumkin - Of course, that will be in mod management. It'll be easy to install (turn on)/uninstall (turn off) mods.

    @Ultimate_omega - That's what I would do, but it's up to the user :smile.gif:

    @TC_Racutt - Read the end of this post.

    @TC_Racutt - This technically is not a mod, it's simply a standalone program. But Optimine will be included :smile.gif:

    @Ultimate_omega - That actually brings me to a point that will be explained in more detail when I brighten up the original post. There will be a setting "Pre-download files in the background?" that will allow the MCCP to go ahead and download the mods, texture packs, etc. etc. from my server to your hard drive, so that it can use them later if you are in fact offline. And as for the MC watch idea, I dunno, you'll have to message me with the details again. lol

    @happypumkin - Already in the feature list :wink.gif:

    @TC_Racutt - Sorry, you may have to explain that a bit better. Do you mean like a minimap type deal that maps out everywhere you've explored? Or do you mean for performance issues, like keeping all of the chunks rendered instead of them de-rendering on your client after you get a certain distance away? Also, that's a mod mod, I'm still not sure if I should venture into the mod-making world just yet. However, if I do get some good ideas to my inbox, that may persuade me.

    @xFuzZy_B - haha Thank you good sir :smile.gif:

    @xDivineInsanityx - Uhhmm.. I'll have to wait for TC_Racutt to explain his post a bit better before I can give a good response to that. haha

    @CursedSeal7 - Well, all that would do is cause the lag to all be before the screen comes up. You'd still wait a good bit. I dunno though, something to think about.

    @xDivineInsanityx - ^

    @happypumkin - There will be a ton of things like that in the MCCP, no worries :smile.gif:

    @TC_Racutt - Anything guide-wise you want in the program, PM them to me and they'll be included. :smile.gif:

    @sikcool - :wink.gif:

    @xDivineInsanityx - That's a good idea, just have the program grab the latest item ID's from the wiki.. something to think about.

    @Ultimate_omega - :smile.gif:

    @Ultimate_omega - Thank you for monitoring while I'm gone. :smile.gif: I've got it for now, I'll most likely let everyone know when I'm heading off.


    Alright, that was a lot of replies. lol Now, to the release. Yesterday and today were all screwed up as far as plans go, so I was not able to program really at all, and did not have an internet connection where I was. For the night I'm fine, but won't have a terrible amount of programming time. So, I'd like some people to let me know what feature they'd like added most of all so I can possibly work on that first. Don't be like "I want the feature that includes all features plz". lol Just something small that I can start with.

    Thanks for your patience and support everyone!
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    Hey everyone!

    Some of you may remember my old OCMI (One-Click Mod Installer). Well, unfortunately I had to stop development on that because the fan on my laptop crapped out on me. However, internet marketing's been very great to me lately, so I got myself a nice new laptop. So now I'm working on something called the MineCraft Control Panel. Basically, it's the OCMI without the bugs, and with a lot more features.

    First off, I don't expect everyone to remember what the OCMI was. In short, it was a mod and jar management program. It allowed you to easily install mods, as well as manage separate jars that you could then use any time you wanted. (e.g., if you want to use the Portal Gun mod sometimes, but not all the time, you could use the OCMI to easily manage that) Unfortunately, it was not my finest piece of work, and was riddled with several bugs and a lack of "fullness".

    Now, that is just a small portion of what the MCCP will do. Not only will it allow you to install mods, it will allow you to uninstall them without messing anything up. In addition to mods and jars, you'll also be able to manage your worlds from the program, as well as your texture packs.

    I thought about that for a while earlier today, but didn't feel content with it. I mean, it makes things very simple, and it would be very useful, but hardly a tool any MineCrafter would keep on their Desktop. So then I realized that I constantly have at least 10 tabs open in Google Chrome relating to MineCraft, and I'm constantly looking at the MineCraft Helper app on my HTC Arrive just doodling around. That's when it struck me - why not just make a large central hub for anything and everything MineCraft? Then I came up with the following list of features. These will all be done within the week, 99% bug-free. (as 100% bug-free is barely possible) I'll be releasing a few updates a day. Don't worry, unlike the old OCMI, the program will auto-update itself whenever a new version is released.

    Have a look at the feature list below. The reason I'm posting this now is because I need feedback! I'm not making this for my benefit (although I will use it, of course), I'm making it for all of you that will use it. So if you have an idea, I'll add it in no problem. Thanks everyone! Expect a first version and a thread make-over tomorrow!

    Feature List
    ---Mod Manager---
    *Jar Selection*
    Before you start installing/uninstalling mods, you'll have to choose the Jar you want to edit. These will be in a nice little list. You can also select the jar that you are currently using as your minecraft.jar.

    *Mod Selection*
    A large mod list will be grabbed from my server and displayed. When you click on a mod in the list, a banner, description, etc. will display for you. Then you'll be able to click the "Install" button, and the mod will be installed in the selected jar. If you want, you can also choose a file on your hard drive to install. However, the MCCP will use a custom ".mcmod" file type, which I will explain soon. :Update - you will also be able to choose a normal zip file that you download from the mod's thread to install that way, rather than using an mcmod file. The choice will be yours.

    If you want to uninstall a mod from the selected jar, simply select it from the list, and if the MCCP detects that the selected mod is installed, you will be able to click an "Uninstall" button to remove the mod from the selected jar.

    ---Jar Manager---
    *Adding/Deleting Jars*
    The Jar manager is rather simple. You'll be presented with a list of the jars that you have created, and when you select one, you will be able to remove it, or "use" it, meaning that it will be set as your active jar that MineCraft will use. You will also be able to add a new jar by either creating a new one (and providing a name for the new jar), or finding it on your hard drive.

    ---World Manager---
    *Adding/Deleting Worlds*
    Same concept as the jar manager. All of your worlds will be displayed in a list, if you want to delete one, select it and hit "Remove", if you want to add a new one, click "Add" and find the world files on your hard drive.

    There are hundreds of MineCraft tutorials on YouTube. It's crazy. With the poster's permission, I will be including some of these in the MCCP. The tutorials will be divided into sections, for example "Traps", "Farms", "Redstone Devices", etc. etc. This will provide a much better tutorial experience. All videos will also be transcribed (in text form), so if you have a hearing problem, or if you just learn better from reading, that will be there for you.

    *Let's Play*
    Personally, I'm not a fan of these types of videos, but again, this program isn't about me. I will include these with the poster's permission for your viewing pleasure.

    If you have another type of MineCraft video you think deserves a category, let me know!

    *Forum-Program Integration*
    Simple enough. When I say I'm making a program for all of you MineCraft needs, I mean all of them. I'm going to be integrating the MineCraft forums into the program, so you don't have to open up a browser just to check up on the latest happenings.

    At first this will be very simple, W for wood planks, C for cobblestone, etc., and that's how it will be displayed in the program, but with updates comes advancement. Eventually you will be able to graphically view a schematic in 3D.

    Same as viewing, will not be advanced at first, but eventually you will be able to conceptualize and create 3D buildings, mechanisms, farms, etc. and share them easily.

    ---Texture Pack Manager---
    *Add/Remove Texture Pack*
    Simple enough, as with the jar manager, will allow you to simply remove any texture packs you have installed currently, and add any that you want to with ease.

    ---Favorites--- *Thanks xDivineInsanityx!
    *Mods, Texture Packs, and Schematics*
    Thanks to xDivineInsanityx, there will now be a favorites area, where you will be able to add mods, texture packs, and schematics to your Favorites list, and then be able to easily access stats such as number of installs, number of thread views, ratings, reviews, etc.!

    ---Community--- *Inspiration thanks to xDivineInsanityx
    *Mod/Texture Pack/Schematic Reviews, Ratings, and More*
    The MCCP will eventually have a nice community system integrated - IRC type chat, private messaging, etc. One of the main features will be the ability to review/rate any mods, texture packs, or schematics you've used. There will be top rated mods, etc., so that you can easily see some mods, texture packs, and more that you should try out. Simple concept, but makes for a great addition!

    *Notch's Blogs/Tweets* Thanks to Zaneus!
    Notch's Tweets and Blog Posts relating to Minecraft will also be displayed in the MCCP! This way you can stay up-to-date without having to open up that browser.

    ---Text Guides---
    *Wiki* Thanks to Zaneus!
    I've got to talk around, but I may be able to include articles from the MineCraft wiki in the MCCP. The search will be a lot faster, as will be the displaying. If I'm not able to include the wiki's articles, I'll just have to write my own! :biggrin.gif:

    *Trap/Farm/etc. Guides*
    There are some tidbits such as block depths, farming guides, etc. that can't be described in a schematic or anything of the sort, so they'll need their own special guide, and they will have it!

    You will be able to easily change the colors and theme of the MCCP, among various other things.

    Can you think of another setting you should be able to set? Let me know!


    I apologize if this does not seem very comprehensive. Tomorrow I'll be able to spend a bit more time working on the thread itself. Still, I would LOVE to hear any ideas/suggestions/feedback anyone may have! Remember, anything is possible, if there's something you'd like in a program like this, let me know.

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    Quote from Kman547

    Is it going to have compatibility issues with the 'Modloader' or 'modpatcher' type programs? This sounds like a GREAT idea, but I'd hate to find I can't use it for my favorite mods, like Mo'Creatures, Millénaire, or Industrialcraft. :mellow.gif:

    Of course not! The MCCP is not meant to hinder any kind of experience, and is going to be compatible with everything out there. It's just a medium for it all, something to make things a bit simpler on you. Reduce the time taken messing with files, increase the time playing MineCraft, ya know? The MCCP will not make any mod unusable.
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    Quote from Hostiile

    This is in the released mods, why are there no links?

    Funny story, I thought I would have V1.0.0 out by now, but turns out getting distracted writing a thread kinda takes away from programming time. All I have done atm is a plain-text schematic reader in the control panel, which if you really want I'll link you to. lol
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    Quote from john111898

    Good Luck! I can't wait until it's done. Is is legal to post other's mods though?


    I will not be using any kind of adf.ly links or anything of the likes, and I'll be messaging each author before I include their mod(s) in the program, just to make sure it's okay. Not looking to step on any toes.
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    Quote from pikachu777



    I'm amazed I have enough mind left to type this. This will be the perfect thing for me, especially with the ability to change jars and easily install mods!

    You, sir or madam, will have completely achieved the unachieveable when this is complete.

    In fact, this is so awesome I have no better ideas.

    haha I'm glad you like it so much! :biggrin.gif: If you do think of any better ideas, please do let me know. I want to make this thing as complete as possible.

    btw, completely unrelated, but I lol'd at your avatar. I've seen it before, but that just cracks me up. haha
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