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    posted a message on Is 1.8 Lagging for you? POLL - Let's settle this issue!
    My FPS with the new update has gone over 100fps for the first time ever, with any game! But as you move chunk loading can bring your fps back down. Chunk loading is the only problem now!
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    posted a message on What am I to expect at z: -1,000,000
    What do you mean by working on it?, like what would happen at -1,000,000? lol

    Lol I wish MCEdit would cooperate more! XD Because I am the only one working on it, and it
    doesen't help having oceans being over 30,000 blocks in size, a pop that I have to cross, considering I have to walk the whole 1mil journey alone, because iv tried to open this map to LAN (Crashed Almost Instantly, - As Minecraft Ran Out Of Memory, and just plain failed to open in LAN in Any occasion....)... XD lol
    I don't plan opening this map to server as of right now, as I want to build this myself, with hardly no help at all, and it would be just a pain in the butt anyway. As the latest version of the map Alpha 1.3 will have a teleporting Spawn. Making it really ment for up to about 4 people playing at a time for the best experence out of the map anyway! :D

    MCedit almost crashes almost every time I try to use it because the map is just too long! XD
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    posted a message on What am I to expect at z: -1,000,000
    Well thats noat bad, but would the map itself cause lag being its only maxed at "2,000" blocks wide,
    and it's (Going to be) -1,000,000 blocks in lenth. It's almost to long for MCEdit to open it... XD
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    posted a message on What am I to expect at z: -1,000,000
    Im just worried because the Wiki says even at 500,000 block's, effects from the far lands can already be felt...,
    And my graphics card already sucks nuts, and to remember no-one has built a railroad this long, or big before! XD lol
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    posted a message on What am I to expect at z: -1,000,000
    So there wont be any serious lag, or glitchs I should be worryed about having a map/railroad going that distance?
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    posted a message on What am I to expect at z: -1,000,000
    This is a very simple, but yet complex enough question, to get you guessing...
    ....If it is even possible to answer. XD lol

    Im creating The Largest, Biggest, Most Baddest Railroad Ever Constructed! "The Railroad =Of= -Notch-"
    It will hopefully pass the (-1,000,000 Block Long) mark, by the time the project is complete.
    Here are "2" problems I am just wondering to expect!... :D

    A. What type of graphical glitch's am I to expect being at that distance?...
    ( Assuming im at that distance! :D )

    B. What am I to expect of "Vanilla Minecraft" with a map, over
    "1,000,000" blocks (1,000mi) in length?
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    posted a message on Weird Massive Loss Of Chunks When Saving? (?Error?)
    This seams to be re-occurring error that happens every so often, but still very rarely.
    Luckily I keep 10 backups, of two different versions of my map! :P
    Just in case, because of the map's sheer massive size...

    The chunk loss was just a small peace of an ocean. That section of my project was not built yet.
    I was just prepping, by spawning chunks to create another 4th Massive 10,000+
    Block sized bridge. The Project is called The Railroad =Of= -Notch-.

    It's a HUGE handmade Railroad currently just under by 1500 blocks from the map size in length
    as it is the Longest railroad, and project in Minecraft in total length :P -

    Here's the map specs, as I just want to know what the chunk problem is?...
    There is no error/crash report I can give you, so here's what I can give you. :P

    Anvil Format - (Minecraft 1.4.5)
    Map Size: 118,128L Blocks x 1,392W Blocks x 256H Blocks - Blocks in size
    Total Spawned Chunks: 175,767 Chunks
    Total Regions: 476 Regions
    Day's Played: 1,200 Minecraft Day's (About 1 Month Total)
    Grap Card: AMD Turd BSOD Premium XD lol <--- Not really... -> (AMD E-450 APU-HD Radeon™)
    RAM: 4.00GB
    Windows 7 - 64-Bit Processing System
    Average Time To Open Map In MCEdit: 5 Minutes... XD

    Here's is my main problem.
    I go to fly across the ocean at a decent speed, slow enough that chunks can
    load perfectly. I get across the ocean, about 10,000 blocks in size, it's the 2nd,
    or 3rd biggest ocean in my map. I quit, and save as like normal. Then, I go to open
    MCEdit to get ready to spawn the bridge for the railroad, and reststop's.
    I notice im missing the last 1,000 block's of chunk's in length of ocean.
    BUT!, My character is still in the same location, from where I saved from,
    over the now empty, and non spawned chunks.

    This has happened to me twice, and im getting worried that this will happen, over where im building next, and im not so lucky as iv have been.... As it is not very easy to edit my map.
    It seems that glitches, and weard random errors/game crashes, are getting to be getting more frequent as the closer I get to the 500,000+ mark where glitches, and map distortion start's to be noticed. At least lasted checked, as its not everyday that someone's project, someone in general travels past the 100,000 Block mark in ANY map and can test that.... XD

    Thank You, and I hope you can help! :D
    Happy! 12/12/12 lol :D
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    posted a message on Stride-Creative [Freebuild][24/7][No-whitelist][Creative][Anti-Grief][Mature Staff]
    arcadeportal32 , I am the creater of a sweet build on your server and I would like the builders rank :D
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    posted a message on > Xbox360 Questions Answered
    I wish the Xbox 360 version had an infinate world like the PC version!, as everytime I get to an ocean, I cant walk any farther! :C And almost my ENTIRE square map I had was a huge tundra biome so I had a hard time finding trees, and stuff! :/
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    posted a message on [32x,16x][1.3.1] Mixcraft - SemiRealistic (v47) Emeralds and Trip Wires!
    The texture pack still looks broken! Especialy when I look a netherack, it looks like water? Any sudgestions, im using 1.2.5, with version 47
    which I think is the correct one to use? XD maybe?!?! :D lol I don't know if its the water shader im using, but I doubt it.
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    posted a message on [32x,16x][1.3.1] Mixcraft - SemiRealistic (v47) Emeralds and Trip Wires!
    I remember using this textur pack back when I had Beta 1.2.1! :D I still even have the file!!! XD
    I downloaded this when this texture pack was first made! :P And I still love it! :D
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    posted a message on The Railroad =Of= Notch Project
    Please leave comments!!!!!! :D bump* :D

    TY FOR READING!!! :Notch:
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    posted a message on The Railroad =Of= Notch Project
    WELCOME TO!!!.. .


    CLICK HERE :Notch:

    Curently 35% Completed, as of 6/8/2012

    This is my latest, and most TIME CONSUMING project I have EVER made!
    Currently about 30 to 35% compleat! I will probabliy by done by Next Year!
    This is "The Railroad =Of= Notch :Notch: " Currently the Worlds LARGEST Railroad ever made in ANY game! mesured in a 1:1 scale (1 Block = 1 Cubic Meter). :Logs:

    The ENTIRE lenth of the railroad was HAND BUILT, and created by me, and im not EVEN CLOSE to being compleated, I WILL reach a goal of over 1500+ miles (about 2414.016 km) of track by the end of this projects compleation!!! :D

    It is CURRENTLY bigger, at least in total lenth, then the current biggest Minecraft scale project "Project 1845". A HUGE 1:1 scale replica model of the ENTIRE city of Bejing in 1845C.E.

    Size of BOTH projects in comparison! Current sizes as of 6/6/2012 :D Showing in 1:1 Mesuring!

    "Project 1845" - (116 Square Kilometers) about 72 mi (Currently 1.85 GB Uncompressed)

    Its currently in size " 11,600L x 10,000W Blocks " Of course this project is suposed to get ALOT bigger! :D

    "The Railroad =Of= Notch Project" - (931 Square Kilometers) about 578 mi (Currently 630 MB Uncompressed)

    Its currently in size " 66,896L x 1392W Blocks" Will get ALOT Bigger as well! :D ' :Notch:

    ,as seen on Youtube! :D

    ================================ ================================

    The map IS currently in Anvil format. Took FOREVER to convert! 7 Dam Hours!

    YOU THE PLAYER WILL SEE EVERY BIOME IN THE GAME!!!, Including Mushroom Island Biomes *About 5 of them to be exact! :D . YOU will cross the BIGGEST ocean biome crossing in minecraft! Over 200 Miles long,
    100% natural! Maybe a record braker!!! XD!!! lol.

    ALSO there is a STRONGHOLD next to the track for you to explore!!!

    As I have yet to explore it!!! I even made a pathway into it for you guys to find it easier! :D

    BUT WATCH OUT!!! Herobrine put some TRAPS around the map as well so watch out!!! :P lol!!!

    I have also made an ENTIRE 2D Sky image of the railroad so far! :D
    But it is unfinished, but I uploaded it anyway!

    Click Here! :D

    Note!: VERY BIG PICTURE!!! Size: " 59033 x 1328 "
    ....Thats one big FU3KIN OCEAN BIOME!!!! XD :D



    Thanks for reading about my project!!! I can't wait to upload, and compleat it for all of you to see it! :D
    Make sure to give me lots of diamonds! on Planet Minecraft!, and give good comments! :D Ty!!!! Lol!!! :P
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    posted a message on I need a Experienced minecrafters opinion on distance! XD
    The teleporting 300 to 800 blocks at a time thing may be iffy is it possable to just teleport to the end of the railroad?
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    posted a message on I need a Experienced minecrafters opinion on distance! XD
    I need someone to help me with distance :D
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