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    posted a message on Looking for some staff for a few minecraft servers 24/7 bukkit
    Why you want to be a staff? To be a better mod then most

    How many hours per week you think you can dedicate to moderating the Server? It depends on what I am doing but at least 2 or 3 hours

    What experience with being a staff on a Server? None but I have been on many servers and noticed what mods do

    What is your age? 15

    Do you have Teamspeak? I recomment having Teamspeak I don't have teamspeak

    Whats your Skype? builderpenguin

    1. Redstone 7/10
    2. Building 7/10 (I can build small to medium sized buildings)
    3. I am a pretty nice guy and funny too
    4. Plugins no experience
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