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    Australia is relatively cheaper than most places, and really the most populated area's are NSW, QLD and VIC, if it was held in New South Whales it might be more expensive than Queensland but Australia is cheap for the US at the moment and most MC's come from The US, Canada, England, Australia and some from japan
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    Im Going for Sydney because im an Aussie lol, and it takes me about 1 hour and a lil bit to fly down there
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    posted a message on Looking For Dedicated Mature Staff For Bukkit 1.4.2 Server
    I'd love to be either a mod or admin!

    My name's lachlam
    Age: 14 *Just turned 14 on the 6th*
    Skype: lachlan (arbiter6784)
    IGN: arbiter6784
    I've Run 3 of my own servers and have been staff on 3. *back in 1.7.3-1.2.5*
    Im a $50 VIP on wondermine and have been there since the start. I hope i can be on yours too!
    I Record youtube videos on www.youtube.com/arbiter6784 I am the most trusted member on wondermine besides the admins there so, Im looking for new servers to venture on for staff, I know alot with plugins, BUT I can't Configure Ranks. I come from Australia and my email is: [email protected]
    My Xbox live tag: arbiter6784

    Thanks for reading?

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    * Minecraft IGN: arbiter6784
    * Email: [email protected]
    * Youtube Channel : www.youtube.com/arbiter6784
    * Do You Agree To The Creative Commons Attribution: Yes
    * A DETAILED description Of what you would like: I would like a Mincraft version of me on the right, (Holding a bow ready to shoot). A halo 4/reach shotgun on the left sideways, then a Halo Spartan on the left was well! Also ArbyCraftgaming on the right sideways and SUBSCRIBE! on the left, thanks!

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