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    Frankly, I am not having much fun anymore. I take increasingly long breaks from the game and only ever turn it on lately to play for nostalgia or with my baby cousins. I do not think the game is dead, the community does number in the millions after all, but I do think it's lost its spirit, and I think that is a product -of- the massive community.

    There's been almost this 'dilution', where players interested in creating anything beautiful or interesting have been all but drowned out by the colossal group of players, new and old, who have no interest in anything but waiting for the next update and occasionally setting something on fire or cloning something they saw on Yogscast or Sky's LP videos.

    The game does not have a goal, I cannot fault people for doing what they enjoy in the slightest, but I do feel that the game has lost its meaning to me over the years. Maybe it's also large changes in my life, like coming out to my parents as transgendered or moving to a new home and struggling to find my place in a hostile world, but overall it's hard for me to feel motivated to play or be involved in the community at anywhere near the level I used to.

    Developmentally, the game is still pretty stagnant. May I remind the thread that the Modding API has been promised for two years, but never delivered? I don't know if it's still maintained, but last time I checked a very large mod had been released as almost an 'expansion' for Minecraft called Better than Wolves and was created to vent the frustration of a player who felt that the additions were superficial, unnecessary, and faddish and that they could have been done with much more grace. Personally I prefer Vanilla play, as it's less stressful on both my computer and myself, but I can understand the mindset born of waiting for update after update to a game in (then) perpetual beta, and being consistently disappointed.

    Do I dislike Minecraft? Not at all. It's a fun diversion and something that brings my aunt and uncle and cousins and I closer together as a family. There's been so many collaborations and shenanigans and arguments and fistfights and reconciliations over this game between a group of five alone, to say nothing of everyone I've played with, those of them I kept in contact with far past the game, and all the monumental undertakings and petty squabbles of the community as a whole. Because for better or worse, we have become a community. And I'm grateful for that.


    And those statistics Alexcamostyle posted were enough, but I had to eviscerate your opinion, sorry.

    Forgive me for nitpicking, but this statement bothered me a lot. One of the major divisive forces in our community is the need to silence naysayers. It creates this sort of flock mentality, wherein someone's opinions are a target to be dismantled rather than respected and then artfully debated. I do not agree with OP's opinion, but I do respect his right to hold it, and while I will debate it to the sun goes down, I will not insult him or insinuate that his feelings are something to be picked apart for my own internet glory (back in mah day, we called it e-peen).
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    The best way to fight corruption in society is to stop caring about whether other people are corrupt and start caring about whether or not you are corrupt. Do your best to be a good person and provide an example, and others will look to you as a leader and follow your example. There will always be bad people, but for the most part, strife in the world is caused by good people working at cross purposes.
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    As a young man, I respect my elders, my mother, and my instructors for a reason. They respect me. If I am treated well, I treat others well in return. They regard me as a person with my own ego, my own goals, and accept me as another human being with hopes, dreams, and ambitions, and so in return I respect them and follow their warnings and advice. On the other hand, my father doesn't consider me to be a person but rather a liability and inconvenience, and expects full subservience from me while giving nothing in return, and so I do not respect him and make a point of being disobedient and recalcitrant. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. If an elder is kind and wise, he has my respect. If he is hate-filled and foolish, I will not obey or respect him, it really is that simple.
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    Live ammo is dangerous, regardless of where it hits. You see knee and shoulder shots on Cop dramas all the time as the 'good guy shot' where the villain isn't killed, but just hurt. In actuality, a bullet will usually shatter your kneecap/shoulder/elbow and destroy the delicate ball-socket joint, ruining the limb unless a surgical prosthetic followed by months of physical therapy can be administered. If you're using a gun, you're already shooting to kill even if you don't mean to. That's not to say you shouldn't use guns to protect yourself, only that the injury inflicted by one is serious and permanent, and warrants incredible self-restraint during use.
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    Quote from Akantares

    I know, but feeling like you're the different gender, so much so that you need surgery to make yourself feel better? Sounds like a mental illness to me.

    If it's an illness, why withhold the cure? Four of my friends turned out to be transsexual (three MtF and one FtM), and they're all a lot happier post-surgery.

    As for my own case, a cisgendered (identifies as birth sex) male bisexual, I don't expect special treatment from anyone because I happen to be attracted to both sexes. Likewise, I don't expect to be taken issue with over my sexuality, since it's really nobody's business save my own or anyone I enter a romantic relationship with. Don't start stuff, and we won't complain. It's really that simple.
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    Actual 'liberal' perspective.

    if you have it, I want it.

    If you have vast resources beyond not just what you need to live comfortably, but more than you need even to live extravagantly, I expect you to pay back the debt to the society that raised you to that level on a reasonable basis. I grudge you nothing so long as you pay your fair share.

    If you do it, I'll control it.

    I care not if you marry someone of the same sex, own a gun of reasonable calibre for a legitimate purpose, practice any religion or no religion at all, have opinions that differ from mine, and so on. Do as you will, so long as you -cause no harm-. If you deliberately hurt someone, you should not have a weapon. If you pollute extensively, you should not have a factory. If you bilk your followers, you should not have a multibillion dollar church.

    And if I don't get my way about everything, I'll whine like a five year-old.

    If people are left to starve and freeze in the streets while you swim in a pool of champagne, I will call you on it and work to ensure that absolutely everyone has what they need.
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    Quote from KyleTheBoss95

    I have determined that people who use the steve skin are just noobs. So far, I have been mostly right.

    Hating Steve? is a sign of a weak pick arm.
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    Quote from Emerald9Creeper

    Darwinism is only a good idea when you put it to evolution and leave it there. Social darwinism should NEVER be applied to society.

    Social Darwinism isn't even a thing. Objectivism would be a better word, considering it's an entire philosophy based around glorifying sociopathy.
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    I don't give a damn if someone griefs, just as long as they do it with class. Some of the best moments for my friends and I have been fighting off raiding bandit clans or putting out fires. Half the 'lolItrollu' griefers are just stupid kids and an unfortunate result of Minecraft going mainstream. You can't avoid it, you can't stop it, so the best thing to do is grin and bear it. Let them have their fun, I'll have mine chopping off their heads and wearing their faces like masks.
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    What is your In-game name?: Aranamor321

    What are you looking for in The Bulwark?: Dependable and stalwart allies to lend my bow to.

    Why do you play Minecraft?: For exploration and high adventure.

    What are you proud of doing?: Building massive halls and temples in natural places of the world, defending my brothers and sisters on the field of battle.

    What do you enjoy doing?: Living in peace in a small grove, until it is time to cast down the hoe and pick up the sword, whereby I live for battle and might.

    What would you want others to think of you?: I wish to be known as a champion of the common folk, standing up for the farmer and his family, being a heroic Knight-Errant to which the children may all look up to.

    How would you approach a dispute?: Calmly, I am a mediator at heart. When mediating fails, I cleave and smite.

    What experience do you have of organisational politics?: I led the Institute for Paranormal Research before handing it down to my CEO, Shamulizard. I take leadership roles when necessary, but have no love for them.

    If threatened, what is your typical response?: Defuse the situation, either with words or my blade.

    What does the concept of Heroism mean to you?: Protect the meek, defend the innocent. We are the thin white line between the defenseless villagers and the forces of evil. Mercy tempers Justice, all must be presented the opportunity for redemption.

    What does the concept of Nobility mean to you?: Nobility is self-sacrifice and the acceptance of burden for the sake of the group. The Brave Knight who dies to defend the local serfs or the Wise King who shrewdly builds alliances and brings a golden age for -all- of his people are examples of true and noble heroes.

    How much of yourself do you put into your creative projects?: Everything I can. I often build utilitarian structures for purpose, but beautify them with personal relics and keepsakes when resources provide for embellishment.

    Would you be interested in joining The Bulwark's government?: My only desire is to protect the people. I am content being a soldier.

    What would you most like to see come from the Minecraft clan world?: Unity amongst the Free Peoples, the destruction of bandit clans and marauders.

    What environment are you most happy in, in Minecraft?: A quiet, forested fjord or a keep on the plains.
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