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Hello everyone who is stumbling across my page! So my name is Appleslinky, but I also go by the alias of Slinkycraft. Anyway, I love digital art, even if I'm just starting to grasp the ropes of it. What else to say? Um, well I texture Minecraft with my texture pack, Isolation; whilst I'm on the topic, I should also say I'm an admin of the Texture Artist's Union, an ever-expanding group of texture artists banded together to protect each others work and help each other out. If you're a texture artist, you should definitely consider filling in a quick application!

I also love computers, having built my own rig, and I love to draw, as you may or may not have guessed. You can see some of my other art I make on my Deviantart account below! Oh, and whilst I'm here I might as well say to anyone curious, I'm a brony too and colourful ponies are a massive past-time of mine, often resulting in insomnia, so yeah... I make pony art on Deviantart, so go look at that! (I think of that as shameless self-advertising, but then I realise this is my profile, so I guess it's alright... right?)

Well, I guess that'a all there is to say. Thanks for looking at my profile!


NOTICE: My Youtube account, Slinkycraft, was unexpectedly deleted. Please go to my new channel, appleslinky, where new videos will now be uploaded.

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Interests Photoshop, drawing, gaming, ponies, computers.

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