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    Dragon cave is an internet game where you raise dragon eggs by helping their avatars get clicks and views. As your eggs get more views, they will hatch and mature, but if you expose them to the world too quickly, they can get sick and die. It is your responsibility to take care of your eggs and hatchlings, and help them mature.

    Official Site
    Your Scroll.
    The Ultimate Guide To DC
    Dragon Types
    Which egg is which ?
    Breed specific actions
    Index of Click Sites
    Neglected Dragons Science Forums - - > HowTo-Thread 1 - - > HowTo-Thread 2
    Let's have a discussion. Show us your rare dragons, or discuss game mechanics. Let's try not to have this devolve into a click-begging thread. Dragons usually grow up just fine with few clicks anyway, mine all matured with less than 20 clicks each, just from sitting in my signature.

    Feel free to post eggs or hatchlings as well, but keep in mind - we cannot prevent ourselves from viewing the page if they get sick, and if you do not watch them carefully, they may die. I have lost many eggs to the minecraft forum, and with just signatures, it is easily possible to pull in enough views to kill and egg in under an hour.

    Tips and Tricks

    • It is allowed to post your eggs in your signature so they can get views and clicks

    • You can disable your signature in posts (either globally in the UCP or on a post by post basis) in order to control the view rate.
    • The amount of views an egg can have without being sick increases daily, and the threshold for a brand new egg is very low. You might consider waiting a day before exposing them.
    • Don't leave eggs or hatchies exposed over night, or over any time you can't check on them.

    Help clear up confusion and spam
    Lots of other redundant, out of place dragon cave threads get started in other places on the forum. If you want, you can help clear them up by adding a link to this thread in your sig.

    I have conferred with the mods, and they have agreed to allow this thread to exist. Thank you RiverC, Cliff Racer, ShellOnTheBeach, and LightWarriorK and anyone else involved in this decision for helping me work this out. If you object to this decision, send a PM to RiverC, who gave me permission to make this thread.

    - User Scrolls -

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    I've updated most of my mods for 1.0.0.
    P.S. I love how anchors don't work. It really is charming

    Previously known as ScreenAPI, this api has been expanded to allow overriding and overloading of dimensions. I am including a mod written for it later. If any modders find themselves interested in WugApi and would like to request a feature, you can leave me a PM here or on the IRC (My nickname is 'Wug'). It's still in its infant stages and is still rough around the edges, but contributions and feature requests are very welcome. Several other mods in this thread depend on WugApi. You need modloader to be installed to make this mod work.

    DerpWorld uses this API
    TabComplete uses this API
    Download Section

    This is a quick and simple mod that adds the popular IRC feature "tab completion" to SMP. Tab completion used to exist in minecraft classic. When typing in the chat, type the first few letters of a user's name and press tab, and tab complete will fill in the rest of the name for you. If more than one user's name matches, it will display a list for you to pick from. If no user matches, it will print a notice. Prefixes like [admin], {mod}, @, etc are ignored. From a coding standpoint, it's one of my best mods. 0% notchcode, 1 class derivation, 1 method override, no base classes modified, <3kB source code. This mod requires WugApi to override screens and minecraft will fail to load if WugApi is not installed.

    Download Section
    There are no screenshots of this mod in action. It's really hard to take a picture of text. :tongue.gif:

    Flexible Portals

    HORIZONTAL PORTAL SUPPORT IS FINALLY HERE! This mod allows you to have portals of any shape or size (so long as its flat). Simply place the frame and light it up!

    Download Section

    I converted this mod to use the dimension overriding capabilities of WugApi, which would make it more compatible with other WugApi mods (which there are none of :tongue.gif:). Adds a new dimension alongside the overworld, the nether, and the end. Portal behavior is changed a little bit: portal frames made of obsidian will take you to the nether, those made of smooth stone will take you to the overworld, and those made of glowstone will take you to "DerpWorld," a harsh wasteland of dangerous mountains and sheer cliffs but increased resources, including and up to diamonds visible from the surface (sometimes) and coal plentiful at all altitudes. If you die while in the wasteland, you respawn in it, and it may be very difficult to get back to where you were, so be careful.
    *** Important Note: This mod comes with flexibleportals built in. If you install and try to use both, it will not work properly.

    Download Section

    I decided not to update DynamicWater, since it was really only an experiment anyway, and Minecraft 1.0.0 has similar water tinting built in. (Though I liked mine better.) If there's significant interest, I'll update it.

    No up to date download

    *** Note: All of these mods depend on Modloader. If for some reason there is significant demand for a non-modloader version, I may update them as needed.

    Flexible Portals



    (Without DynamicWater, for comparison)

    Older versions of some of my mods are available. To keep things tidy, only the most recent version is linked here.

    DOWNLOAD WugApi (Requires ModLoader) [MC SSP 1.0.0]
    To Install:
    1. Make sure ModLoader is already installed
    2. Open minecraft.jar with an archive opening program like winrar or 7zip
    3. Extract, open, and read the "readme.txt" file
    4. Move everything except "src" and "readme.txt" from the zip file into minecraft.jar
    5. If present, delete META-INF from minecraft.jar

    DOWNLOAD TabComplete (Requires WugApi) [MC SSP 1.0.0]
    To Install:
    1. Make sure ModLoader is already installed
    2. Make sure WugApi is already installed
    3. Extract, open, and read the "readme.txt" file
    4. Place the downloaded zip in the mods directory in the minecraft folder

    DOWNLOAD FlexiblePortals (Requires Modloader) [MC SSP 1.0.0]
    To Install:
    1. Make sure ModLoader is already installed
    2. Extract, open, and read the "readme.txt" file
    3. Place the downloaded zip in the mods directory in the minecraft folder

    DOWNLOAD DerpWorld (Requires WugApi) [MC SSP 1.0.0]
    To Install:
    1. Make sure ModLoader is already installed
    2. Make sure WugApi is already installed
    3. Extract, open, and read the "readme.txt" file
    4. Place the downloaded zip in the mods directory in the minecraft folder

    DOWNLOAD DynamicWater (Requires Modloader) [MC SSP 1.8.1 (outdated)]
    To Install:
    1. Make sure you are working with minecraft 1.8.1, this mod will not function with later versions.
    2. Make sure ModLoader for minecraft 1.8.1 is already installed.
    3. Place the downloaded zip in the mods directory in the minecraft folder

    Risugami's Mod Thread (Get ModLoader Here)
    To install:
    1. Read and follow the directions on Risugami's Mod Thread about the installation of ModLoader.

    If you're having trouble with black screens, force update to restore minecraft to an unmodded state and try again. Not all mods are compatible, your mileage when using with other mods may vary.
    To force an update: open the launcher. do not login. press options (above login). Click the "force update!" button. click done. THEN login. Make sure to delete meta-inf.

    Software Terms of Use and License Agreement
    Paraphrased: Please don't flaunt the license. Please pay for the software if it is provided for a fee. Please don't try to steal the source code of my non-open-source mods. Please give credit where credit is due. This license is inherited into child projects. Dont use this software to break the law. This is not your homework. As the author of the software and the license, I reserve the final say regarding license disputes.

    Feedback is appreciated. If you want to see a picture from another angle or something, go ahead and ask.
    The seed that I used for the DerpWorld screenshots is "derp", no quotes.
    Please tell me if I posted a broken link or something.
    I commonly hang out on the minecraft IRC channels. I most frequently use the nickname "Wug".

    This used to be specifically about FlexiblePortals. The old text of this post can be found here: http://pastebin.com/Lyw7Bjsx

    == Changelog ==
    • Fixed bug with WugApi that caused a crash in SMP upon using a portal
    • Fixed bug with TabComplete sometimes allowing color codes into tab completed usernames. TabComplete will not work on all servers and sometimes conflicts with mChatSuite (a bukkit plugin that manages usernames and chat)
    • Updated DerpWorld to make use of updated wugapi
    • Radically changed how WugApi manages dimensional travel, should be more flexible and less arbitrary.
    • Added a software license
    • Created TabComplete due to popular demand
    • fixed portals that were more than one block thick
    • Added much anticipated support for horizontal portals in flexibleportals (fixed the odd 1 block wide portal rendering issues as well)
    • Implemented DerpWorld as a seperate dimension instead of as a replacement for the overworld
    • Radically changed how portaling is handled in WugApi (and DerpWorld by association)
    • Forgot to change most of the version numbers in modloader's debug output, they probably all read 1.8.1 still
    • Updated mods for minecraft version 1.0.0

    == Buglist ==
    • Internal version numbers are wrong
    • From flexibleportals, lighting horizontal portals derps sometimes. This cannot be fixed without significant changes.
    • In DerpWorld, you will not necessarily end up in a portal that will take you back to the same dimension you came from (you always will on your very first journey however) [NOTSUREIFBUG]
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    If you have any issues with a save file not working correctly, post it here.

    Myself or anyone else who knows their way around MCEdit and other editing programs can clear up some types of map corruption. Keep in mind that there is always the possibility of losing structures or resources when doing this, make sure you back up your worlds.

    Speaking of knowing your way around MCedit - it's a lot of work juggling a life and maintaining this thread at the same time. If you wish to be indoctrinated into the ways of save fixing, please send me a PM and I'll get you all set up.

    This is a list of things we can fix -
    - corrupted chunks (causes very high chunk updates or very low fps for seemingly no reason)
    - holes in the world (giant square holes through everything, including bedrock at the bottom of the map
    - spawning in lava or deep caves
    - crashes on level load (if it is the level's fault and not an issue with the client)
    - other things not listed here

    Things we cannot fix -
    - holes in manmade objects (but we can fix the terrain under them)
    - world chunk errors (caused by changes in the levelgen algorithm, causes large sections of the map to not match up properly
    - incorrectly rotated sand (it would take FOREVER, and they don't always match up right anyway)
    - corrupted metadata (but we can replace it if you have a working backup)

    Someone pointed out in a post on page 2 that you can sometimes recover an automatically backed up version of your world in windows vista or 7. right click on the world folder, choose properties, and open the 'previous versions' tab. you may be able to restore the world to a previous version and not even need to post.

    Maps fixed so far: A lot
    Maps partially fixed: A couple
    Maps that couldn't be saved: A few

    Just upload your save (preferably zip'd or rar'd so people can open it) and we will try to fix it. More info on how to upload a save below.

    If you get attached to a save, make regular backups. Like every day or so. You only really need 2 backups (in case one is bad as well). See the next post for info on how to make a backup.

    What Info Should I Provide In This Thread?
    You should post a save file, your system specs, your OS, your version of java, and any other details about the particular problem your save has. They have a number of different failure modes, so be as detailed as possible. If you only experience issues in a specific location, use F3 to get the coordinates and tell me exactly where it is.

    I am developing a tool which will automatically attempt to scan save files for corruption and repair them. It will do such things as metadata merges and comprehensive chunk corruption restoration.[/farnsworth]

    I have earned 8x :Diamond: from this thread.
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    I'd also like to see infinite height to maps. it would be a bit difficult to implement with the whole skylight thing, but I bet that could be worked around. maybe a system that allowed skylight to spread outward gradually - like regular light does. After 64 blocks or so, you could stop doing skylight computations because they wouldn't matter for anything less than that, as long as there was a neighboring skylight block to spread from.
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    Quote from TheAnswer42 »

    I thought I was doing okay at 20 fps.

    What the hell computers are you people using?

    umm desktops, as opposed to laptops?
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    Quote from pratstercs »
    EDIT: I've fixed my save, so it's fine now. I'll have a go at others', see if I can help too!

    more like this.
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    Turn off antialiasing It looks like it's on x2. I can see from the picture that it is on. Minecraft doesn't agree with it for some reason. which is unfortunate, minecraft could do with smooth edges

    I don't know how to do it from ATI/AMD cards, but I do know that it can be done from the nvidia control panel for nvidia cards. change your 3d settings for minecraft to 'let the 3d application decide'.
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    5000th viewer of this thread.

    it is 30°C in my room right now.

    Also, I should warn you that if I ever become a mod, this will be the first place I am coming. >:biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [FAQ] Extremely Common Problems (Read Before Posting)
    I thought I'd make a thread that addresses common problems and their solutions. It would be cool if this thread got stickied so people actually see it. If something in this thread helps you fix something, please bump. We appreciate free bumps.

    Table Of Contents

    Common Problems I am Currently Aware Of:

    Things Everyone Should Know How to Do:

    Saves Disappear from World List
    You were playing minecraft, something unexpected happened which forced the client to close, and when you tried to start playing again, minecraft no longer recognized your world. This can also happen to the level if an SMP server stops unexpectedly.

    Rarity: :Diamond: [] [] [] [] (extremely common)

    Fixable: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: (extremely easy)

    How to fix:
      [*:33mvfr4w]Close MineCraft
      [*:33mvfr4w]Open your saves folder. On windows, this folder is called:
      On mac, the folder is called
      ~/Application Support/minecraft/saves

      [*:33mvfr4w]Find and open the file of the save that minecraft doesn't recognize.
      [*:33mvfr4w]Find the file called 'level.dat' and rename it to 'corrupt.dat' (The file extension may not be shown, the file may appear as just 'level', in which case, rename it to 'corrupt')
      [*:33mvfr4w]Find the file called 'level.dat_old' and rename it to 'level.dat'
      [*:33mvfr4w]Reopen minecraft and try again. You have lost some items that were in your inventory.

    How To Find Save Files or Minecraft Program Files
    You need to find your save files so you can do back them up, share them, fix them etc..., or you need to find minecraft's program files and install a mod, back them up, delete them, etc...

    Usefulness: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: (extremely useful)

    Doability: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: (extremely easy)

      [*:33mvfr4w]Close MineCraft (you shouldn't do anything with any of these files, including your saves, while minecraft is running)
      [*:33mvfr4w]If you do not use windows, skip this step.
      The minecraft data folder can be found at the following location. Copy and paste it into the address bar of any folder window to go directly to the minecraft data folder.

      The variable %appdata% denotes a special system folder where a user's applications can store data. Save data is stored in the folder called 'saves', and the minecraft program files are stored in the folder called 'bin'.
      [*:33mvfr4w]If you do not use mac, skip this step.
      The minecraft save data is stored in a folder in your application support folder. Navigate to the following folder to access them.
      ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

      The ~ in the folder name is a special folder built into the system denoting your home directory, and is usually equivalent to '/users/<yourusername>'. Save data is stored in a folder called 'saves', and minecraft's program data is stored in a folder called 'bin'.
      [*:33mvfr4w]If you do not use linux, skip this step.
      ***Linux instructions go here***
      [*:33mvfr4w]If you do not host an SMP server, skip this step.
      most SMP servers use their own internal libraries to run minecraft, and do not rely on external program files like those in minecraft's 'bin' folder. The saved level for an SMP server is usually within the folder from which the server is running, and is specified through the server configuration.
      [*:33mvfr4w]if you do not use any sort of special launching conditions for your installation, skip this step.
      Minecraft can be tricked into saving data almost anywhere by changing the values of the special variables it uses to find the save and data folders. If you use any special settings when launching, keep those in mind when searching for the minecraft's folder.

    I can't figure out how to download a texture pack

    Rarity: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: [] []
    Fixable: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    How to fix:
      [*:33mvfr4w]Right click the link to the texture pack and select "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Firefox or Chrome)
      [*:33mvfr4w]Select where to save the file.

    I can't figure out how to install a texture pack

    Rarity: :Diamond: [] [] [] []
    Fixable: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    How to fix:
      [*:33mvfr4w]Start Minecraft.
      [*:33mvfr4w]Click on 'Mods and Texture Packs'
      [*:33mvfr4w]From the client's texture pack interface, click the 'Open Texture Pack Folder' button
      [*:33mvfr4w]Move the file you downloaded into the folder that opens.
      If the folder doesn't appear, follow these instructions to open the minecraft data folder, and open the folder called 'texturepacks'.
      [*:33mvfr4w]From Minecraft's interface, select the pack.

    My Internet connection stops working when I connect to or run a server.
    I'm very laggy and lose connection after a few minutes in SMP.
      [*:33mvfr4w]Your Internet connection might stop working when you join or create a server.
      [*:33mvfr4w]You can't talk or edit blocks in other servers.
      [*:33mvfr4w]You disconnect from servers after a few minutes.
      [*:33mvfr4w]Other people can't connect to servers you create (note: this can also be caused by many other problems)

    Rarity: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: [] (very common)
    Fixable: :Diamond: [] [] [] [] (hard to fix)

      [*:33mvfr4w]Try the steps in this post.
      [*:33mvfr4w]If none of those work, try disabling your antivirus software, as certain antivirus products have been known to cause extreme lag. If you have a router or other firewall, these can interfere with Minecraft as well.
      [*:33mvfr4w]If neither of those work, then you may need to use a different network interface. If you have both wired and wireless connections, then try using whichever one you aren't currently using.

    How to Check if a Port is Open on My System
    This is a very useful think to know how to do if you are setting up a server, and may help troubleshoot issues you may encounter trying to configure your system to run it.

    Usefulness: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: (extremely useful)

    Doability: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: (extremely easy)

      [*:33mvfr4w]Go to http://www.canyouseeme.org/.
      [*:33mvfr4w]Enter the port number for your server into the 'What Port?' box in the upper left, then click 'Check'.
      [*:33mvfr4w]If the site can connect (the port is open), you will see the message:
      Success: I can see your service on <ip address> on port (<port>)

      if the site cannot connect (the port is closed), you will see the message:
      Error: I could not see your service on <ip address> on port (<port>)

    *Pro Tip - canyouseeme.org also displays your IP address in the upper left corner.

    Oops. That part hasn't been written yet.
    Feel free to write it for us! I check this thread frequently and add people's contributions to this post. Even if you have just a problem and no solution, we will add it to the list and try to figure it out.

    Usefulness: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: (very useful)

    Doability: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: (easy to do)

    The following users have contributed entries in this FAQ:
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    Quote from zoran »
    You also need to buy the game...

    Don't be an ****.

    the person is asking because he/she is wondering if his/her computer can play the game, and thus whether or not BUYING IT would be a waste of money.

    only play that card in threads like 'why is my game not werk frownyfaic' or 'look at this giant castle i builded' or 'whats a portal why cant i make it'.

    @op -
    if you can play classic, you have the hardware to play beta. Decent CPU helps though.
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