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    posted a message on ** Sanctuary Shores ** [New Server] [SMP] [1.13.1] [Vanilla] [18+] [Whitelist] [Friendly Community] [Discord]

    IGN Name (required): Antonz

    Discord name (required/include #0000): Anton#5545

    18+ Age (required): 20

    Country: Canada

    Usual Time/Day Availability Per Week: On PC majority of free time when not busy at least a few hours each day, will be trying to spend any downtime playing as long as I am motivated or not playing with others

    How long have you played Minecraft: Since very early beta been many years, have been taking a break recently but want to get into the newer patches

    What are your Minecraft strengths and enjoyments: My main thing I like to do is build and mess around with redstone after getting set up

    A little about yourself (optional): Just a dude who likes playing games with other people, hoping to find a mc server/community to get involved in and maybe find some like minded people to play minecraft with and maybe branch to other games.

    Any questions for staff (optional): Not really, you seem to have a good understanding of how to run a server

    How will our community events be announced?: Agreed upon times on Discord

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    posted a message on Elementos - Semi-Vanilla - Civilization - Nations - Realistic - Mature Community

    Hey could you post a working dynmap link? The one on the original post isn't working

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    posted a message on KINDRED - Small community/OP builds - looking to add a few players

    1: IGN: Antonz

    2: Age: 18

    3: Skype: atlanticshocker

    4: What time zone/part of the world are you from? EST

    5: Are you going to school (and what type) or are you working (what's your job)? Working full time currently, Electrical Engineering program at university next september

    6: Have you been banned on a server before(wont effect your chances, so just be honest)? Yes a handful of times, some for being toxic on PvP servers. Others for standing up to admins abusing powers on PvP servers. Tbh I've only been banned on PvP servers as that's all I used to play back in Beta, have not been banned on any survival/building servers.

    7: A little about your life: Where do I start, born and raised Canadian. 100% Polish background, avid gamer and outdoorsman. Love camping and mountain biking. Anything water related brings me joy from swimming to sailing. I can keep a conversation going on a topic I have very little knowledge about making me very adaptable and easy to get along with. Played HS and rep football. Used to have numerous online friends met through minecraft and other games which I mainly played with now they've all dissipated from the internet, still got a couple groups I bounce around between but looking to gain some new groups which I hope to call some people friends in.

    8: What’s your experience with Minecraft? (when did you start, how long have you been playing?): Thousands of hours, been playing since alpha, fond memories of the good ol basic online experience that's now evolved into the game which I still love but has changed sincerely. Overall good game knowledge well above average and I bet I could beat you in quizup on minecraft ;P.

    9: What are some great stuff that you've built, What would you say you're best at? Redstone? big buildings? etc.? I've had quite a few building from many servers, all my better builds have been lost through server closures and just my inactivity after months of dedication to a single server. I've got this old thing but I've grown greatly as a builder since http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/anton12350/ . I have a very adaptable building style and love to try out new things and incorporate redstone and hidden things into many of my builds.

    10: How often will you play? Are you daily? once a week? and for how long? As I do work fulltime right now I hope to be on the server at least 4 times a week if not more. Much of my nights are used for gaming instead of sleep so you'll be sure to see me on in those later hours more than early. Got this year to just work and a few classes rn. I plan to be active for at least the next 6-7 months if the server and community reach my expectations which I hope they do.

    11: If you have a YouTube channel, please post it's info here.(how often do you upload, subs, etc. etc.) Oh boy not gonna post a link that old wreck, had around 250-300 subs when I stopped though lol. Willing to help out with editing for server videos but not gonna reignite that old fire.

    12: Past experience on other vanilla servers? Oh too many, over the years I've spent months at a time helping set up servers building spawns, mob farms ender pearl/exp farms. All to watch the player bases slowly die until I lose interest myself.

    13: What is your favorite block? Mossy Brick or something like that, why have a favorite when they all look so good tho ;)

    14: Anything/extra information? Feel free to post pictures of your past builds here! If anyone plays league hit me up I'll feed in all ur games :) Uhh other than that I should probably let you know that I have applied to another server, as I haven't played for a while just trying to find a good server currently. But nothing to fear if your server and community are better I will likely be playing here instead of there. Hopefully my application meets your expectations. I'm on skype almost every day so expect a response from me there within the day.

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    posted a message on Elementos - Semi-Vanilla - Civilization - Nations - Realistic - Mature Community

    About me: Interesting and adaptable person who enjoys building and helping out others. Avid gamer bouncing between numerous games but always returning to minecraft every so often. Sometimes I'm a smartass but most of the time I find pleasure in doing group events and hoarding everything. And with a good sense of humor to boot. I also put in way too much work into the small things.

    Age: 18

    In Game Name: Antonz

    Name or Nickname: Anton

    Having read what we're about, what're your plans on our server? What do you seek to accomplish?: I see that you've successfully managed to manipulate and change up a lot of vanilla rules and mechanics which interests me. I'm seeking to either join a town or help set up a town somewhere on the map. Most of the time I end up playing solo but am always down for group builds and helping out others. Basically I'm probably gonna go solo for a few days then start building after gathering some resources.

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    posted a message on OrionSMP [1.9] [Map Reset] [Mostly Vanilla] [McMMO SMP] [24/7 No Lag] [Looking For Mature Members]
    Youtube channel (If you have one) and if you plan to record: I might start recording again. Its been a while though.

    Minecraft username: Antonz

    Your age:

    How often do you get on Minecraft?:
    Probably daily if not daily around 4-7 times a week.

    Why do you want to join this server?:
    I'm looking for an interesting server to play on with a good and active community that I can interact and do things with. Hopefully this server clicks with me and I can be a happy member of its community :)

    Tell me a little bit about yourself:
    I used to race a variety of dinghy class sail boats. I play football and ultimate frisbee. I'm a nice guy and super easy to get along with, I like being honest and straight forward. Sometimes I stretch the truth a bit but it's normally to help other people out or avoid hurting feelings.

    Do you have any problem hearing swearing/profanity?
    Not really

    Have you read the rules and do you agree to them?:

    Do you have teamspeak and are you willing to use it?:
    I would be willing to start using teamspeak again. But just wondering why aren't you guys using Discord instead? It seems easier and free nowadays. Also I just don't like the teamspeak interface :P

    What is your Skype?:

    Were you referred by an existing Orion player?:

    What would you do for a Klondike Bar?:
    I'd put in the effort to unwrap it.

    Alright so there is 2 guys at a bar,

    First one: "If the world was going to end in 1 hour what would you do?."
    Second one: "I'd go and **** anything that moves, how about you?."
    First one: "I would stay very still."
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    posted a message on [Youcraft SMP] Community Based Survival! Apply now!
    1) What is your age?: 18

    2) What is your playing style? Ex: Builder, Redstoner, Industrialist, etc.:
    Honestly I change how I played based on what I'm feeling at the time but mostly I prefer to be building larger scale projects, and I love incorporating small redstone contraption from hidden doors to traps and passages throughout my builds to add to the coolness and uniqueness.

    3) Do you have a skype account? If not are you willing to get a skype account? DM Skype name: atlanticshocker

    4) Are you willing to contribute time into making the community a better, more fun place to play? How so?:
    Yeah I am definitely interested into contributing to help out the community as finding a good community is why I am looking for a vanilla SMP server as of right now, along with finding something to be dumping all my excess summer hours into :P

    5) Will you be recording YouTube videos? If so please provide a link to your channel:
    As of right now I don't believe so, I used to have a channel a while ago but I ran out of motivation to continue posting as I got busy with racing and football leaving me almost no time to do anything for it.

    6) What is your time zone?: EST (UTC -5)

    7) Favorite aspect of minecraft?:
    I love how it can be an output for a creative person where they can create anything that they imagine (almost), and along with that the randomness of everything. I love just exploring finding a really nice mountain/plains/river imagining something and bringing it to life upon the perfect scenery. Along with this being able to interact and show other my creations and view their creations and play minigames made within the game are also up there on the list of things I love about minecraft.

    8) Are you a part of, or have you ever been a part of any other SMP servers?:
    I have been apart of numerous SMP servers, as of right now I'm trying to find one that meets up with my standards because I haven't played in a long time and my older server have been either shut down or are completely empty.

    9) How often do you plan on being on the server?:
    As of right now I plan on staying an active member for at least 2 months until my summer is over and it's time to go back to university. But I will definitely keep playing after that but not as frequently.

    10) What makes you the best candidate for this community? Sell us on you:
    I think I'd be a great addition to the server as I am super easy to get along with. I'm very down to earth and understanding and I like to put effort into the things I do especially if they are for others always going the extra mile in my attempts and efforts. Overall I believe I'm a good player and building and most of the time willing to help out others.

    11) Name to call you?: Anton
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    posted a message on ~EDGE OF ETERNITY~ [MATURE COMMUNITY] [DEDICATED 64-SLOT SMP] [Anti Grief] [Online for over 5 years!]

    Minecraft Username (IGN): Antonz



    What you think makes a good Minecraft server:
    I believe for a minecraft server to be good it has to have dedicated owners that actually want to play the game. Along with this it has to have a good and trustworthy community. Finally it has to be a friendly environment and allow players to do what they want from going it alone to playing with others. Along with being reliable and now having to worry about the server going down all of a sudden.

    Why do you want to join us?
    : I want to join because I believe that this server meets all of my criteria for a good server, along with this I believe that I will be a good addition to the community and hopefully fit in along all the diverse personalities. I just want a good vanilla smp server that I know I can come back to whenever I want. Along with this I haven't played for a while and have quite a few ideas that I'd like to build.

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    posted a message on Not Accepting
    Ingame Name: Antonz
    Where are you from?: Canada
    Skype: atlanticshocker
    Do have a Youtube Channel?(Not Required): No but may start one.
    Why do you prefer playing in a small community?: Doing group events and getting to know everyone on the server is a lot more fun and viable when playing on smaller servers compared to the massive servers where you have little to no connection to the mass amount of players.
    What is your favourite aspect of playing on a server with a vanilla gameplay?: Vanilla is the original and I love the required creativity and work that is needed to be put in to achieve goals that I can set for myself. From building grinders, to massive structures, to even small towns with multiple buildings everything just feels so much more rewarding.
    Tell us something about yourself: I have a very addictive personality that makes me play games for extended amount of times. Other than that I'm pretty generous and helpful. I haven't played vanilla in a while so really looking forward to getting back into it.
    Why should we accept you?: I think I should be accepted because I'd be a regular player and would be good asset to the community :)
    Did you read the rules?: Yes sir!
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    posted a message on EvianCraft 1.8 -| Custom Plugins | Towny | Brewery | MobArena | MCMMO | Puzzles | Much More! |-

    In Game Name: Antonz[/i]
    Age: 17, Mature for my age[/i]
    Country: Canada (EST timezone)[/i]
    What Guild are you looking forward to?: The Combat Guild or Forge Guild, depending on the activity of each[/i]
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: For over 6 years now[/i]
    Looking for RPG or Casual gameplay?: Somewhere in-between I enjoy participating in RP but don't mind casually playing/building/fighting. All in all just trying to have fun :)[/i]
    Looking to join a Town or start one?: Normally I love starting my own town, but in this case I plan on just joining one and helping out in the community.[/i]

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    posted a message on Craftcraze SMP ♢ Whitelisted ♢ Looking for players!

    Such a great server, everyone is nice and helpful :)

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    posted a message on Craftcraze SMP ♢ Whitelisted ♢ Looking for players!

    IGN- Antonz (used to be anton12350, idk if you need old or changed version)

    Skype- atlanticshocker

    SMP Experience- Well I've played minecraft since when it was still in alpha and played like a madman for around 4 years from when i got it. I have just recently i've been into some other games (Diablo, Runescape, Wow, League, Etc.) but i wish to return and start playing again. I was pretty good at redstone and building and love this creative grindy game!
    Why do I want to Join?- I want to join as i would love to come back to minecraft to play survival and build and just have some fun.
    What can I bring to this server?- I can bring a creative fun guy that loves to help out and is ready to pour his hours back into minecraft
    Anything else?- As you are asking for skype names I'm assuming that you will be creating a skype group for us all to communicate important things and server updates together, if not do that please :)

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    posted a message on Vanilla SURVIVAL - Mature 18+ Whitelist 24/7/365
    Name: Anthony, but I go by Anton
    In Game Name: anton12350
    Age: 18
    Country: Ontario, Canada
    Favorite aspect of SMP gameplay: My favorite aspect of vanilla is that every build is not a build, it's the time and work you put into collecting resources, planning, and then building. The feeling of finishing a build is my favorite aspect of vanilla, along with the chance to go back and look over it remembering all the time and work you put into it.
    Least favorite aspect of SMP gameplay: Over the past 4 years I have played on a few different servers, and the most annoying thing I find is when I try to login one day and find out the server is offline and the owner doesn't plan on putting it back online. Seeing how your server has been going for 3 year's I can hope this doesn't happen.
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    posted a message on {♜} MIRAGE {♜} -- ► 1.16.3 ◄ ➜ MCMMO ➜ TOWNY
    Your IGN: anton12350

    Your Age: 17

    MC Age:
    4 Years this September

    Additional Whitelistees:
    I have a few more friends that might be willing to join eventually, at this current time "Madman9669", "iceblades11", "Xperit", "Zurgio", and "Yoshlazer"

    A little about yourself:
    My name is Anthony, not Anton as many people assume because Anton is my name i use for almost everything internet related. Over my years of minecraft i have been on numerous servers some being PvP servers others being Roleplaying severs, I've played on Prison servers and even been on Creative servers. I have been admin on numerous servers and helped many servers flourish and then eventually die. My last Survival server that i have been playing on for a while finally died, the owners after many months stopped paying for it because of lack of activity from the community and lack of interest. So now i am here looking for another server to enjoy myself on and interact with the community. I plan to hopefully gain the trust of some of the clans on the server and hopefully build a Neutral town of some sorts that different things can be done at.

    Why MirageMC:
    Well while explaining about myself i answered this question.

    Will you follow the rules:
    I plan on it :)

    Desired IGN:
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    posted a message on DD BETA 2.0 discussion Thread ➨ Acepting Staff Applications!
    Well it was fun until i reached the point on the dream island where i had all the map pieces and over 2k and i couldn't put the pieces into the item frames to leave the island, would love to keep playing on the server but you have to fix the permissions on the starter island :S. Also couldn't place saplings in the tree area.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Personal Information:
    Name: Anthony
    Age:(Prefer not to Share)
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Interests: Football, Art, Architecture, Gaming

    Character Information:
    Name: Azen Virtinus
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: He is just above average height , his hair is dirty blonde and long, he has ponytail along with the starts of a beard. He wears leftover plated leather he scavenged from a village.
    Azen born and raised in the northern mountain village of Zentar. He trained daily to be just like his father a true chivalrous knight, he had the support of the entire village and in 3 weeks he would be anointed as a true knight of Zentar. But his village was throw into a war between two neighboring villages. They were attacked on the week of his promotion and along with his father everyone he knew died that week. Some managed to flee but most died, when it looked hopeless his father told him to flee so he did giving it no second thought. He took refuge in a shelter cave he used to play in as a child just south of the village. After the enemy troops left the village he realized that he abandoned his family and friends, his thoughts began to tear him apart and he decided the only option was to die with his clan. He found a blade and held it up to his throat as he began to apply pressure he saw his idolized fathers dismembered head jammed on a stake. Upon seeing this he vowed to himself that he would do something useful with his life....
    For the next 3 years of his life he roamed the countryside doing odd jobs for what money he needed to survive and searched for some reason to continue on. Wandering the woods one day he was hungry and cold he hadn't found a village for the past week and had been running without food for the past 2 days. he developed a sickness fell unconscious. He awoke 2 days later by the warmth of a fire in a carpenters home who had found him unconscious by the road. Over the next 2 years he became this carpenters apprentice and developed a bond with him. Over the 2 years he learned all he could in construction and carpentry and on his 21st birthday he left the carpenters home and made himself a goal to start a town for all to live in where he would form his own knights guild and aid all of those in need. That is how his journey led him to Asmalur where he plans to start develop relationships with others and soon start his own small outpost for all to take refuge along while aiding the protect the weak.

    Sorry if this seems a little to much, I just really enjoy the creative part of minecraft and want to build a small keep that is open to the public and could possibly even include some form of market.

    Account Information:
    IGN: anton12350
    Time Zone: EST
    What roleplaying experience do you have: I have played on numerous roleplayer servers before not only in minecraft but other games also including but not limited to WoW and RuneScape.
    Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes
    How did you find this server: I was looking for a RolePlaying server to play on because i wanted to get back into rping

    What does roleplaying mean to you: To me Roleplaying is like an alternate life that i can be apart of and develop in.
    What does metagame mean to you: Metagame is when my character acts as if he knows information that i shouldn't because of OOC chat or other means.
    What does powergame mean to you: Powergaming is where you act as you are the most powerful and cannot be beaten through RP by doing something that your character would likely not be able to do. (EX: Escapeing capture against impossible odds)
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