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    posted a message on Skyrim Let's Play
    You're not going to get subs with private videos...
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    posted a message on Witch Huts suck
    Quote from doctorseaweed2

    I was really awaiting the addition of Witch Huts the past 2 weeks. And I can safely say now, with the current design, I am very dissapointed. Just look inside them.

    That's it? I was expecting them to be, you know, slightly creepy? They just look like normal houses now. I'll try to organize my thoughts with bullet points.
    • They don't look creepy at all.
    • They are made entirely of wood. No variety.
    • There is no loot inside them at all. Why kill the Witch?
    • Witches are 3 blocks high counting their hats. Huts are only 2 blocks high...
    • They are frankly not big enough. If I was a witch, I would want something a little bigger...
    • As you can see, the crafting table and Cauldrons are floating off the floor.
    • Witches use potions to fight you, yet no Brewing Stands in them?
    • I was also kind of hoping maybe they would have cats in them, but nope. (I know, might be added later).
    Witch Huts need a lot of change in the next update. They are horrible right now.

    It's called a "work in progress" for a reason.
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    posted a message on 1.4 and why I am sick of this community.
    Quote from Knochenbowser

    So we have the 1.4 update on our way, yay! But what's also on the way? The ungrateful, childish community.
    I am sick of seeing "REMOVE THIS BECAUSE I DISLIKE IT" threads all over the forum with the only reason to come in their mind being "IT DOESN'T FIT MINECRAFT".
    Let's see what we have here...
    No. The Wither is an optional boss which is not made for people with wooden swords and non-enchanted bows.
    If you want an easy boss to begin with, go to the end and fight the Enderdragon, you will see how much you can do with all the XP you get from it.
    But they fit in a Halloween update. And how does something in Minecraft not fit in MInecraft? The game Team Fortress 2 takes place in the 1960's and no one complains about the space weapons being out of place in that game. And btw, witches use already in-game features to fight you, being potions and share models with villagers.
    Bats are athmospheric mobs that spawn in caves mainly. Do you see any people in real life killing bats for their wings? No. So shut up. Some experience is good enough for them and I don't really think they need any drop, and so does a majority of the community.
    Same point, it's in Minecraft, so it's Minecraft-ish. You all whined as much about the new sounds in 1.8 and where did this get you? Nowhere, you got used to the sounds and never spoke about them again after 2 months. Oh, and the new sounds that were added now have been confirmed for about 2 years now, in a video by C418. You can find it here:
    No. No no no.
    The wither gives you the drop for one of the most useful blocks in the game for pvp stuff, and building the supporting pyramid for it takes alot of time and iron. Or gold, emeralds or even DIAMONDS.
    You need about 1600 ores to build it, is that still OP?
    This does it for now for my rant on this forum. If you disagree, go ahead and make a "I HATE 1.4" Thread, I won't stop you.
    Btw, I think you should all be a little bit more grateful because they still care for the game. They fix bugs, add new features that are great for the game and even a new boss. If you think you can do better, go ahead, make a great game!

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    I hope this is a joke..
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    posted a message on Slender: Not scary to me
    You HAVE to play it yourself, with headphones on fullscreen and all lights off, otherwise it's not very scary at all.
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    posted a message on School RANT thread.
    Quote from MagicCreeper

    I'm sure your school has done something to **** you off.

    Share your stories here, discuss, and shun the 'politically correct' educators of today!

    My rant:
    Our whole year got locked out of our common room because the CLEANERS found the room to messy. This was they day AFTER one of the cleanest days I have ever seen it.

    Long story short, we was locked out because the cleaner didn't want to clean, and it as raining. Still is, after the second day locked out.

    My friend threw his text books in a puddle and kicked water over them. "Whoops, too bad I don't have my locker to put them in!" Extreme, but really funny.

    If you're going to make a "rant" please elaborate instead of just saying long story short :)
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    posted a message on Do you guys know any jokes?
    You want a joke?
    Windows 8
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    Anyone else think Delvin is really well voice acted?

    and just to change topic, for those who are on pc, how many mods do you use? At the moment I'm running about 50.
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    What are some good texturepacks that look cool/pretty/whatever and are easy to install, also are there any hd packs that don't require modpatcher or whatever it is?
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    I hate this idea!! It brings all the probelms from smp into singleplayer. I personally don't like multiplayer minecraft nearly as much as single player mostly because it is ridiculously laggy and buggy. Singleplayer has almost no lag. I think instead of merging the two they should focus on making the multiplayer more playable and refining it. If it stays like this I'll be thoroughly pissed off. Just my opinion what do you guys think of this?
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