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    seeing as obsidian is a distant cousin of shale it would fit well plus give enough difficulty of making one. Plus I don't see how bad boat breaking is seeing as it is only at top speed that it does so. Also the lava boat is easiier to break because of pressures building.
    PS maybe even a diamond involved...or many?
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    Just a notice that I will be starting a let's play as soon as possible. It has been planned and in the works for quite some time and I finnaly have my chance :Pig: :tnt: :obsidian: :Notch: :happy.gif:
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    ok i think i get it. I was thinking you were saying grab the blck and put it in maybe a4 block square, size it down and put it back in. Anyways it's starting to look descent so thanks a bundle.
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    So your saying once i create whatver the texture is for the block, resize it and modify. ok ill try it just starting now.
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    I have been setting up to make a texture pack for awhile now and now that it is nearly in motion I want to ask "What usefull tips cold you give me to make it look smooth". I do want this on 16x16 so don't suggest HD. Mainly I just want to know some good ways for formating certain blocks and such.

    P.S. What should i reskin apples into? I'm thinking of grapes of wrath :biggrin.gif:
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    After error and error again of making my own skin I have resorted to getting someone sane to make a descent skin for my prancing pleasure. :tongue.gif:

    I wouldn't be able to find a picture of what i am pondering but do your best from what i describe.

    I would like for my character to have the following in whatever legible detail you can get...
    -elven ears
    -emo hair black with a large white streak anywhere in the front
    -purple shirt with a black jacket that has a hood in the back*
    -blue black pants with pockets
    -white sneakers
    -green eyes
    -mouth sneered into a kitty face :3
    -my left arm to be similar to a squid tentacle white
    -my right arm having a green uppercase Q on the sleeve**
    -pale caucasin skin

    *it would be nice to have one skin with a hoodie down and another up(not required)
    **If it can't fit on the sleeve put it on my back

    [edit] this is what i made it's a little different from the request but it's the first skin i really worked on
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