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It's April 1, 2021 as I'm typing this.

So, I've been away for like 10 years, literally joined when I was like 18 or 19 or so, and had long since lost interest in the game. Maybe about last year, I suddenly started getting back into it thanks to people like Dream, BBH, Technoblade, Philza, and so many others, I got back into it. I actually had seen "Manhunt" trending on Twitter and had ignored it, but then after a bit, clicked it on a whim, and got super into MC again.

Since then I've been messing around with builds here and there, ADHD making that difficult at times but I keep at it, and sometimes it results in something awesome!

In any case, I hope to be a part of the community and contribute some time, and share what I end up creating!


If there's one thing I enjoy a lot, it's tinkering. I always want to change things, make things, improve, engineer, draw, paint, build, prototype, code... whatever, really. If you dug through the figurative trash can, you'd find memes, dad humor (I'm not a dad though!), puns, and then a whole lot of creative and analytical things. I used to or still currently draw, paint, sculpt, do web design, build furniture, cook, bake, compose, and so on. It depends on where my interests happen to fall, and they often bounce around depending on time or what I want to do.

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