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    posted a message on Minecraft Minigames
    It pretty much depends on how much time do you want to spend and how big your group is. Those are some of my ideas:

    Creeper Soccer: Build two simple structures (boxes will do) Make sure you use obsidian floor (unless you wish gaps) and highly blast-resisting materials for the structures. Just like soccer, arrange the players in two teams, one goalkeeper each. Then drop a single creeper on the middle of the field. Armed with bare hands (or a simple stick), players havr to lure the creeper into the enemy goal, and make it detonate there. If it detonates somewhere else, spawn another creeper. If a player dies, it has to wait (let's say 30 seconds) to join the match again. You can change the rules as you wish as it is a very simple game.

    Mushroom Hunt: it's mushroom season and everyone goes into the forest to gather some! Pick a forest area (quite big) and enclosure it with fences. Then, place some mushrooms into the forest, just like easter eggs. Also make sure there is a door to leave the enclosured area. Every player has got a chest outside the area. Basically, the player with most mushrooms wins.

    But beware! To make it a thrilling game, there is a troll loose in the forests! The troll is equipped with a decent sword (stone for longer pursuits, iron for shorter). You can also give him vines to clim up trees. If the troll kills a player, that player is out. The troll can keep the mushrooms the player was carrying and save them in his chest hidden in a log. After a set amount of time (5-10 minutes will do), the player with most mushrooms wins. Of course players can't steal from the chests (not even the troll one) and the troll can't normally gather mushrooms.

    -Human Hunt: Everyone goes into a big, enclosured forest (just like in mushroom hunt) and have to survive the hunter, a player equipped with stone sword, bow and arrows. The last one standing wins.

    -Salmon Race: You just need a waterfall and two boats to play this. There are two game modes: Being the last salmon staying in the top of the waterfall (going outside the water flow counts as a defeat) or being the first one to climb the waterfall. Matches will either be really short or really long, depending on the waterfall, luck and skill
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    I hope you read this post. Your mod seems very good, but it doesn't support Mac any longer. I would really appreciate it since I don't own any copy of a Windows OS I can run on boot camp and I am not willing to download a pirate version.

    Hope it comes out soon! :biggrin.gif:

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    posted a message on KazCraft[Factions][SMP/PvP][24/7]
    Excuse me, but I am having some connection issues with the KazCraft server, since every time I try to connect it denies the access saying I am not in the whitelist. Thanks for reading (and yes, I was in the whitelist before, my app is in this thread)
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    posted a message on KazCraft[Factions][SMP/PvP][24/7]
    IGN: anpoca
    Age: 16
    Minecraft Experience: I started to play recently, but I play as much as I can and I know almost everything about Minecraft
    Why should u be accepted: Because I love minecraft! Also because I progress really quick and I work hard
    What can u offer: Fun, tons and tons of buildings and a roleplay spirit
    Did u read rules? Yes, obviously :SSSS:
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    posted a message on ---Trollscience Community Server Forum--- NEW DYNMAP!
    Hiiii!!! I would like to join the server as a builder because I think I am a quite creative person, and I would like to build some monuments on the server (and also a whole town, but that will requiere time) If I am accepted as a builder, I will appreciate it a lot.

    BTW it would be great to activate monsters in the server, it is always fun to kill them
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