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    posted a message on what creative things did you add to ur house?
    Quote from DwarfishMiner

    Still impossible. You can't place .609344 of a block in minecraft.

    acually 1.609344 KM = 1609.344 meter blocks so you cant place .344 of a block in minecraft
    lrn 2 math
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    posted a message on Beta 1.8 Discoveries
    Quote from Stitchx9

    I want to play 1.8 now!!! The suspense is killing me! :blink.gif:

    lol i read this as "the sunrise is killing me!" and i looked at your avatar and it was a creeper and i was like NO creepers dont die in the sunlight :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] [] ExtraBuildCraftPipes
    wondering if you could add in a pipe called a diamond encrusted wooden pipe *name?*

    crafted like this
    :: :Diamond: ::
    :wood: :Glass: :wood:
    :: :: ::

    it would have a filter in it and would only take things in the filter from the chest so i could have a double chest and have some things taken one way and other things taken the other way also would help with a better than wolves cauldern where i only want to extract cooked food
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    posted a message on The Collector: Reborn
    Quote from jagualar

    0/54 stacks
    7/54 stacks
    Clay (balls)
    54/54 Stacks
    Clay (Blocks or 4 sets of the clay balls made into a block)
    8/54 Stacks

    Went hunting for clay and found several deposits that gave me 5 to 6 stacks of 64 clay balls. I already had 3/4 of a chest full of the clay balls.
    I love it when a plan comes together:)

    my first thought

    *not the t-shirt* :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Quote from RedStoneFox

    How do I get rope if I cant get axles to make mill stone?

    millstones take 8 smooth stone and 1 gear to make and can be powered by a hand crank which takes 2 cobble 1 gear 2 sticks no axles needed till you want to automate it
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    posted a message on "THE FAST ONE" elevator - from bedrock to skybox in 12.5 sec
    Quote from kazzkaa

    Can somebdoy make it go down too?

    make a 1x1 shaft add water over sign at the bottom jump enjoy going down the fastest way possible
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] IndustrialCraft [v8.55]
    hello i have used this mod sense it was updated for 1.5_01 and i love it but i wanted to add another mod Nether update but i dont know if its compatible if i used MC extended and autoid?
    thanks for any reply's :biggrin.gif:
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