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    posted a message on Java process refuses to kill when stopping/restarting server

    I'm currently on Ubuntu 20.04 and running a Paper server for 1.15.2.

    This problem I have:

    I want to restart the server every 12 hours or so and I'm currently using AutoRestart on Spigot, however when I attempt to use the 'restart' command manually, the server simply stops (Java continues to hang in the background).

    I've also tried adding more lines to my .sh file:

    while true


    java -Xmx2G -jar paper.378.jar nogui

    echo Starting in 5

    sleep 5


    And the server does start, however it simply 'Fails to bind to port', because the java process continues to hang in the background.

    I end up having to kill the process and manually starting the server again.

    Is there any work around or fixes to this?

    Thank you!

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