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    Hello, Zeno410!

    There's problem (bug) in UBC-0.8-beta49.

    UBC should run as late as possible (as it selected in config by default). But with Realistic Terrain Generation (in RTG world types) this mod runs before RTG.

    I noticed that, when I found desert village with sandstone and UBC cobblestone variants. (Without UBC this village in RTG world with the same seed generates correctly - only with sandstone blocks). And I also reproduced this bug in another world.

    All information and screenshot: here (in last two posts)

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    Firstly, great thanks for your mods.

    Secondly, I have problem with EnderStorage. This mod incompatitible with newest Forge (build 1355+).

    When I open creative tab with blocks from EnderStorage, my game crashes with NPE at:


    And I can't downgrade Forge version in my modpack, because other your mods (such as WR-CBE) require LATEST Forge MultiPart (build 331), that requires Forge 1355+.

    Please, fix this bug.

    P. S. Sorry for my English. I'm from Russia.

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