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    posted a message on 》 Don't Drop the Soap! 《 [Classic Prison] ⬤ [24/7] ⬤ [Accepting Staff] ⬤ [24/7]

    It has been a week or so, i am counting every single day in hopes to not... drop.. the. soap.

    ((day XII without dropping the soap))


    In all honesty, minecraft was a really good game back in the day where everything was challenging and all, now most prison servers have op gear, you start out with a diamond pickaxe with eff 50 and unbreaking 9999 and it was for like 10 minutes cus its so boring and i really didn't feel like i was progressing in any way. I wasn't in particularly looking for a server that is og like this one but this server has taken many hours out of my day that i wouldn't normally even spend on gaming. I really recommend you try it out if you have a chance to!

    The in-game drug system also made it way more fun then it already was once you're out of prison ;)

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