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    Quote from Imonobor»

    Well, I haven't really done much, besides changing stuff to what it looked like in previous updates...

    But you wait, I have some great ideas in mind, if only I knew how to work with CTM without texture sheets...

    Maybe I could post my textures here and someone could fix them with CTM?

    another question: How do I use these? I remember better leaves being in
    Optifine or Shaders mod, now that they're one it's gone.

    And those item stacks look neat, but I have no idea how to use them (I haven't even seen such mod)

    The pathways look awesome, but I still have no idea how to use them.

    The item stacks and leaf textures require MCPatcher in order to show up, but MCPatcher hasn't been updated to 1.8.8 yet.

    The pathway blocks are only available when using the latest Minecraft Snapshot.

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    How did you create that?

    Regardless, it's still amazing and somewhat reminiscent of this render:


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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    This mod completely proves that old saying to be true:
    "Good things come to those who wait."

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    Quote from Steelflame

    Well, the cheapest way to do that would be to make a new BoP worldtype with a size of 1 to maximize the biomes per square foot, and then just run around in them. Other than that, you just would have to go and re-visit all the ones you had already seen.

    Cool, thanks!
    *Sorry for not getting back to you earlier :I *

    What would be neat is for the Biomes o' Plenty sunflower models override the new ones; they have a much better texture! :D
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    Quote from 13thMurder

    Today i did the snowman (or snow golem if you prefer)

    "They said it would never work... combining a cremulator and an ice machine into a single contraption... Ash and ice, together at last, who WOULDN'T buy one?!"

    It's a strange idea i had... since in my pack snow biomes are basically a mini-ice age caused by ash blocking the sun and resulting in a freeze, why not make a snow golem on the same concept?

    This here was a terrible invention, a cremulator and an ice machine combined into a single automaton. What's a cremulator? It's the thing that grinds up any solid bits left over after a body is cremated... or anything else that you've burned to charcoal and want to grind up. A butler who doubles as a dirty ice machine... but sadly lacks limbs, making him a terrible butler. There's really no practical use for one of these. Seriously, don't buy one.

    As for the texture itself... it's a rusty metal thing with flaking white paint, a fancy logo on the front, and cooling coils in the back. I was aiming for something of an art deco style for the face.

    I've got another idea for the snow golem. It could be some kind of ash-collecting robot designed to clean up the waste. However, they have fallen into disrepair and ash constantly pours out of holes in its sides. The story behind the urn-chucking thing could be that it's designed to fill itself up, and then spew out the waste into garbage disposal areas, or at people getting in the way of its goal-collecting ash.
    This and your current snow golem both fit well with the pack, and I would like to hear why you did/didn't choose one idea or the other for the pack.
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