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    Wanting to start up a new thread based on TU31/CU19 for the XBOX ONE and this seed. So far i've been playing it for a few hours and have found an absolute ton of iron, redstone, and coal. Lots of horses at spawn, dogs, etc. The map has one large lake in the center of the map with several rivers that join into it. As i find things, i'll post them here. If you start on this map and have anything to add, comment below and i'll update the master list :).


    • -1000, 310 --CONFIRMED--1 Chest-- Thanks iBillerzz
    • -1737, -333 -- Just a well
    • -1850,-1529 -- Just a well
    • -1450.-1675 -- Just a well
    • -960,-845 -- Just a well
    Desert Temples

    • -1726, 2318 --- Thanks iBillerzz
    Jungle Temples

    Witch Huts


    The End Portal:

    Zombie Dungeons:

    • -6,12,553
    Spider Dungeons:

    • -118/54/-49
    • 174/48/319
    Skeleton Dungeons:

    • 213/28/306

    • -31,12,561


    lots found before this thread was started, will post future finds here.
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