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    Disclaimer: this is just some ramblings about my mainworld in minecraft and my experiences in it in regards to the new additions. if you're not interested don't bother reading on.

    So when the pre releases started rolling out I think starting with 1.8 I had been taking a break from minecraft. I really wanted to try the new stuff coming out, but didn't want to abandon my old world since I had built some cool stuff.

    I had built a lighthouse where the light actually rotates at the top, a reservoir, workshop with underground redstone lab for experiments. had started making a layout for an epic castle on top of a natural hollow mountain I found etc.

    so when I got ahold of the pre-release my first task was to find some new biomes and hopefully strongholds and/or abandoned mineshafts. So I picked a direction, west and started walking. a day later came across an evergreen forest across the river from a desert complete with ravine that I immediately explored. found so much cool stuff "underground lava ravines, tons of ore" that I set up a small base camp and planned to connect to my main house by railroad.

    I literally spent an entire weekend mining the iron/gold to build the railway and completed it. quite proud of it although it does need a bit of touch up and support beams added at the start.

    then a long comes 1.9 pre-releases with animal husbandry, potions etc. and I'm still in search of strongholds, villages/old mines.First task was to create a farm. so I made a couple holding pens, even filled one with mud/soulsand for the pigs and scoured the surrounding forests to collect all the animals. My farm is functional now but I'm still building my barn which is just wood and scaffolding now. Really wanted to try alchemy next so I figured I'd do a two for one. hop through my nether portal explore till I found new nether strongholds a long with new mobs and collect alchemy ingredients, then create a exit that would plop me down in a whole new area of my world to explore and have a better chance of finding some structures.

    So I did just that, walked one way in the nether building catwalks and dropping torches as road markers so I could find my way back until I came across a stronghold. I made an exit portal which took me into another destert. next task, make my way home.

    I must say the journey was epic. about 4 days travel ingame across desert,tundra with frozen river, 2 huge bodies of water, but still no structures.

    so I made it back, resupplied and took the nether portal back to the new continent and here I am, collecting nearby trees to build another haven before the journey back with my alchemy supplies. great fun and if anyone is interested I can upload screenshots of my world and the structures I've built all legit. lighthouse, cottage, underwater railway tunnel, several km long railway etc.
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    Quote from BarJack34

    With the change to how water and lava interact in 1.9, we will now be able to form stone slabs without having to use furnaces and placing blocks.

    Dig a hole the size you want your floor or road etc. Fill it with water. Put a border around it to prevent lava spreading. Pour lava from a block suspended over the water. Clean up the lava, and voila, you have a new smooth stone floor.

    so when you pour the lava all the water blocks change into smooth stone? am I understanding this correctly? if so thats pretty nifty I hate having to smelt so much cobblestone back into smooth.
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    posted a message on Exploring ravines... Fun or just a death trap?
    Quote from plasticslug

    I have a huge ravine near my my fort, its so long and huge that it even goes under a mountain range at one point.

    The sheer cliffs look like a death trap... but possible with ladders, blocks ect... But wondering if these ravens are worth exploring or just staying the hell away from.


    I like ravines. I've found 3 in my world so far. one on the surface that I set up a base camp in and 2 underground with a river of lava at the bottom instead of water. not the most efficient place to mine but certainly the most exciting.
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    posted a message on HUNGER OPTIONAL
    Quote from ChacaFlocka


    yeah really, you don't speak for everyone. I love the new hunger system and I don't like self righteous players believe they decide how the game is made. its like looking over an artists shoulder criticizing each brush stroke. It's his art, not yours. if you don't like it don't play. you're welcome to voice your opinion but don't be so demanding.
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    posted a message on enderman leaked footage?

    found this on break, checked twitter, google+ and forum search, didn't find anything so thought I'd post it.
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