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    Hi guys

    I'm creating a server on xbox one to build a SOCIETY, like real life! Rules, properties, houses, economy, jobs, market, constructions, laws and fun time.
    It's a survival and normal difficult mode. Standard texture. No skin required.

    Every player signed up gets:

    - a terrain (500x500, you can choose where) to construct whatever you want to, anytime, any style. It's your PRIVATE PROPERTY!

    - a basic chest with a start kit (tool, food)

    Law and order (rules):

    - Respect other's private properties. Do not steal, destroy ou build inside it.
    - Do not attack any others players

    - You can hunt any where, except players's farms and animals closed areas.
    - Respect the community


    - You can create things, farm, develop animals etc, to sell in your market.
    - You can trade.

    - You can work (get minerals or resources) to trade or whatever.

    - You can be rich and have a life in a virtual world and have fun

    There's a big free zone to hunt, build and explore. But still do not attack anyone there.

    And there's another big area to total free activities. In this region, there's no rules. Take your own risk there.

    Let me know your gamertag to add it.

    Minecraft Society!

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