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    Quote from zombiecrafter115

    too much lag for me on that server

    sorry i dont run it
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    Ok so i just found this server from a post on the forums and i went and MAN the people were SO AMAZING and so super nice. I go on it all the time now and it is amazing.
    mc1841.servercraft.co:1733. This is not my original post and I'm not a bot. I just love this server!!!
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    posted a message on can someone make a weapons modpack mixed wiht the now thats what i call minecraft mod pack
    yeah i would like this i would do anything accept pay
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    Quote from just_dont_do_it

    Well, if you do want some shooting action, but still want to stay within the bounds of generic Minecraft theme, this is a mod for you!

    It adds four different flintlock-style pistols into the game - they are very deadly, yet cumbersome and require quite a lot of preparations to actually use them to any good extent.

    Also, I do recommend that you use some other mods which add more monsters and/or challenges into the game, namely Mo' Creatures, Nightmare mod, and the like. Vanilla monsters are easy enough as they are, you don't need guns to bring them down!

    From left to right:

    1) A "stone-made" jury-rigged one-shot pistol. Shoots pebbles, which means that you don't have to create actual bullets. Low damage, though -- and it also have quite a good chance of exploding right in your hand! That's what you get for using cheap kind of materials.
    (There's also a little "easter egg" thing available with it. Feel free to either find it in game, or decompile the code.)

    2) An iron flintlock pistol. The proper variant this time - this one does a lot of damage, and is capable of killing every vanilla and most add-on monsters in a single shot. A single shot is all that it does, though - you have to reload it each time. Or keep several of them ready in your quickbar.

    3) An exquisite diamond-encrusted six-barreled pepperbox. Obviously enough, it is able to shoot the whole six times before reloading. It's more ammo-hungry if you do reload it in the field, though. Also deals less damage with each bullet, compared to #2. Also a bit less accurate. But hey, you will get six shots!

    4) Ye olde "shotgun" a.k.a. blunderbuss pistol! A gunpowder-hungry beast, this thing is capable of dealing quite a lot of damage at the point blank range. Not so much on any significant distance, though. But, now you have some options with it!

    Load it with gravel for a "normal" weak-ish shot, or try some more exquisite materials: netherstone will give you a weak, but flaming shot, capable of setting creatures and things on fire! Or just use some obsidian to get a significant boost in raw damage - with some lucky shot, you may even be able to dispatch several enemies at once.

    Remember, though: blunderbuss is a single-shot only. Bring some spare ones with you!

    Of course #2 and #3 also require bullets, and all guns require gunpowder! There are also recipes to make that as well.

    Also, you should keep your gun in a really nice and clean state, if you want good results with it. Each and every gun (except the jury-rigged stone gun, which isn't repairable) can be repaired with some clever application of some iron pieces and a little bit of cloth. Don't use guns in a bad condition, you have been warned!

    This mod requires ModLoader and AudioMod installed.
    (So grab those from Risugami's thread if you don't have them yet)

    Detailed recipes information is available inside "recipes.txt" file that come with mod. Be sure to read it! For those who don't want to deal with text-made recipes, here are some pictures!

    Stone-made pistol and its reloading:

    Iron flintlock and its reloading:

    Diamond pepperbox and its reloading:

    Reload as the iron flintlock in the field (1 bullet and 1 gunpowder required for 1 shot), or reload at the workbench:
    :: :tnt: ::
    :: :arrow: ::
    :: :GP: ::
    Where :tnt: is bullet(s) and :arrow: is the pistol. This variant allows for 2 shots per 1 bullet and 1 gunpowder.

    Blunderbuss and its reloading:

    Reload as iron flintlock, but using either gravel, nether rock or obsidian as the "bullet", and 2 gunpowder per shot.

    How to make bullets:

    How to repair a gun:

    How to make gunpowder (in addition to the "normal" way of getting it):
    :Coal: :: :Coal:
    :: :Flint: :: ----> :GP: x4
    :Coal: :: :Coal:

    Disclaimer: I'm not a painter, so please don't bug me about the quality of icons. 64x64 icons are done all by myself, so they are quite lame. If you can do better - please do. Otherwise, don't bug me.

    Link: the mod for Minecraft 1.6.6 (64x64 textures are in the archive as well, in case you need them)

    If you want some 32x32 textures, pick them here.

    Outdated links:

    - beta 1.6.6: compatibility update.
    - beta 1.6.5: balance update.
    * Recalibrated pistols a bit. Nerfed pepperbox -- now it's really inferior to iron flintlock in almost everything except ammo count; buffed handcannon, now it's a lot better than just a 3-shot blunderbuss.
    * Stone pistol now uses cobblestone in its recipe (instead of smoothstone).
    - beta 1.6: compatibility update.
    - put a link for 32x32 textures, many thanks to CrazyErik!
    - beta 1.5: compatibility update.
    - beta 1.4: compatibility update. Thanks to 303 for keeping this mod alive on beta 1.3!
    * Just a note: I'll be quite busy up to late summer, so it is highly likely that future updates will be somewhat delayed. Also, it's very likely that I won't be able to update without the neatness of MCP, so add enough time for MCP to update in that.

    - beta 1.2: compatibility update, plus:
    * guns won't shoot if the shooter is submerged (and in fact, you'll lose all the ammo);
    * new recipe system;
    * new uber-weapon for very successful players (or INVEdit users, not that I care);
    * improved chances on the "easter egg" event with stone pistol a bit;
    * (for other modders) refactoring and implementing some mob-balanced guns so that the gun mod can now be used to arm your mobs.

    - added recipes' pictures, thanks to Kira!

    - beta 1.1_02: compatibility update, plus:
    * gun conditions and consequences for using badly damaged guns;
    * blunderbuss with three ammo types.
    * accuracy changed slightly to the worst on pistols;
    * stone pistol now doesn't explode that often, also it got a very minor damage boost.
    * new, much more decent bullet icon, thanks to irishladdie727 for the base image!

    - beta 1.0.2: no changes required, things work fine.

    - beta 1.0_01: added tooltips, added flint to pistol recipes (flintlocks without a flint, duh?), added new 16x16 pistol icons, courtesy of Captain Crazy!

    - beta 1.0_01: updated MC compatibility, nothing more yet.

    can you make a war server to use this on
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    okay message me when you get hamachi
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    what ip
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    i will help if there is toomanyitems for me too use so i can have unlimited supplies
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