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    posted a message on [1.17.1][Fabric]Pretty, Game-Enhhancing Gobblet (PGEG)Remake
    Hey,boys and girls,I am remaking this mod "Pretty, Game-Enhhancing Gobblet" to 1.17.1 by Fabric api!
    At now you can play the PGEG Mod again!
    The mod uses the ItemBound texture
    At First:
    After 1.14 version, the PGEG mod stopped updating the original version of this mod due to the suspension of the rift mod API. The original author no longer developed this module. In order to play this module in the new version, I remake this mod, used fabric API, rewritten this module based on the content of the original module, and now snowflake is no longer required as a library.
    Mod Introduction

    The new blocks,items
    The infused stones and shards
    The new enchantments(Use it will reduce your mana)
    The new tools
    The food

    The Rune

    Skills(It cost mana)

    Mana reduction

    Two crops, tomato and rice
    The mod combat things
    The survival mana bar

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