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    posted a message on I dislike this unnecessary change, any way to revert it while keeping an updated client?
    Minecraft lacked a good illumination device (torches and glowstone don't illuminate big areas well unless you cover 80% of the structure with them).

    The biggest problem for create big structures was the lack of illumination it had.

    But with beacons that was fixed.

    They looked good and provided a great illumination.

    Sadly, for some reason developers decided to remove it and change it with a very bad faint light with a white stick in the middle.

    I dislike the new beacon.

    Is there a way i can keep the old beacon while having an updated client?
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    posted a message on World creation is dull in new versions.
    I stopped updating my client a long time ago, around the introduction of villagers.

    Recently i updated to the latest version and decided to create a new world.

    I was disappointed about how dull is the new world creation.

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    posted a message on Minecraft is not an indie game anymore, why there aren't any official servers?
    The whole "minecraft is an indie game" was the perfect excuse for not having official servers for multiplayer, but right now minecraft is one of the most popylar xbox360 games and a very successful PC game.

    Why there are no official servers?
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    posted a message on The main reason why i can't make big structures.
    When i build something in minecraft, i try to make it very big.

    So big it would take weeks to get all the materials needed for building, some hours of planation and many days to build.

    But in minecraft there is a very big problem with this, unless you are using glass for build stuff.

    This is how illumination works in real life:

    A window can illuminate a whole room in the day.

    This is minecraft:

    Even in the day, a window iluminates nothing.

    the only solution is put hundreds (or thousands) of aesthetically bad looking torches/glowstones/lamps that in most of cases won't illuminate the room efficiently unless they occupy 2/4 of the room.

    Its a pity that in a game where a player can build very big stuff that is no possible because of illumination problems.
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    posted a message on Monster drop rare items. Which?
    Quote from DemonCrusher36

    The forum does not "lag" that is your fail connection, or your own stupidity clicking twice.

    You are trying to sound smart without any kind of proof or argument.

    Server can't handle all the connections.

    Forum performance decreases because the server can't handle all the people refreshing or posting stuff at the same time.
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    posted a message on Monster drop rare items. Which?
    -Added rare drops for mobs.

    What exactly are monsters dropping and which droprate they have?

    Different monsters mean different (or better) drops?

    Edit: there was a double post, this forum is quite lag.
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    posted a message on Monster drop rare items. Which?
    Double post.

    I can't delete it.
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    posted a message on Redstone lamps are good...but quite useless.
    Quote from CVGX

    they are only useless if you can't see potential. the only reason they exist is to make working lights. this could be used for actual displays

    But its quite weird.

    A natural glowstone produces the same light as a lamp powered with redstone.
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    posted a message on Redstone lamps are good...but quite useless.
    There are few reasons of why redstone lamps are quite useless:

    1. The ilumination is exactly the same as glowstone, it isn't brighter. Why would i spend redstones and glowstones in an item that is the same as glowstones? I can use a texture pack if what i want is to make glowstone to look beter.

    2. A player can't put redstone in a vertical position which means that the redstone can't reach a redstone lamp in the ceiling.

    3. Redstones are block limited (can't be used in all the blocks).

    For the point 3, i use one of my builds as an example:

    I really like to use glass for build stuff (the other blocks look...plain) but can't put redstones in glass (for some reason)...which makes the whole concept of redstones lamp impossible for this specific build.
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    posted a message on So, minecraft world is bigger than neptune.

    But i wonder...whats at the end of minecraft world?

    Probably no one reached it (in a legit way...that means walking).
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    posted a message on It seems villages now have diamonds.
    The max i got per chest has been 5 diamonds.

    And is easy to get diamonds in flat maps:

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    posted a message on It seems villages now have diamonds.
    The minecraft wiki doesn't say anything about this, but it seems that villages now have chests with diamonds.

    I was looking for villages in 1.1 and found this:

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    posted a message on "I completed my creation, now what?"
    After complete a very big creation, what else there is to do?

    I think minecraft lacks something to do.

    The whole "building an awesome creation" is good, but after that there is no much to do apart of explore for no reason.
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    posted a message on Sky glass island completed (many images).
    One of the most difficult things to do in minecraft is illumination, apart of torches and glowstone, there isn't a way to illuminate things.

    Most of the areas can be easily illuminated with glowstones, but the garden is the hardest part to illuminate.

    For illuminate the garden, there are hidden torches in the grass, so it looks like if it was illuminated without torches or glowstone.

    But if get close its easy to see the torches:

    The land is quite dark in the night:

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    posted a message on Sky glass island completed (many images).
    First of all: I did not used any kind of infinite item tool, so all the glass cubes and other cubes were made manually with a lot of sand and other items, which made it slow to build (have to get coal for convert sand into glass with the furnance). I posted before a very small version of sky island, but it was unfinished.

    Sky island:

    Its completely separated from land, the only way to get there is using nether portals.

    This is a nether portal near a village that connects to the sky island:

    The 2 portals in the netherworld:

    Sky island: Nether/land portal room.

    Probably the emptiest room of sky island, there is not much to put there since the only use of the room is connect sky island with the netherworld/land.

    Sky island: main room, library Floor 1:

    The first floor of the main room of sky island, all the other rooms are connected to this one.

    Sky island: main room, library Floor 2:

    The second floor of the main room of sky island library, with and enchanting book and a bed.

    Sky island: corridors.

    All the rooms are connected by corridors to the main room, since all of them look similar and are decorated with paintings, its pointless to post all the corridors so im posting just one.

    All the corridors have signs saying the name of the room they connect.

    Sky island: garden.

    Probably the most complicated room of sky island to build, the garden. While making it had to connect the dirt to the grass blocks and wait until grass grew in all the room. Used bone meals for make grass, flowers and trees to grow.

    The world map is a snow area with a little of forest so i had to build a roof so the map didn't affected the garden while snowing.

    Sky island: alchemy room.

    A room for make potions, with a lava pool for destroy items.

    Sky island: storage room.

    A room with furnances, crafting table and chests. The whole room is divided by two pools.

    The snow world below sky island:

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