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    [Quick note: if you are for some reason, offended by girly things, pastel colors, puns or the brony fandom in general, please move your mouse up and to the left, click the back button, thank you, and have an awesome time browsing]

    CanterlotCraft is a texture pack inspired by the hit TV Show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's girly, it's fun, it's got pastel things all over the place. The world is colorful and bright, not unlike the world of Equestria depicted in the show!

    Screen shots!


    [Extra thanks to the peeps who remade the Texture Pack Test Track!]


    You can download the vanilla pack here [via adf.ly cause eating food is nice, as opposed to nothing]

    3/14/13 Redstone Update Added in all the new stuff for the Redstone Update.

    10/23/13 Updated post to add in imgur album and new stuff from 1.7, download link is updated.
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